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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Lol I knew I'd find this thread on here. He'll get the hang of it. It's about 360 pounds of dead weight and Tensai has an awkward body shape. Stop trying to find ways to insult The Ryback until he actually does something that deserves insult.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Ryback is strong but he ain't Lesnar or Goldberg
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

He's green as hell, technically very ungifted, not nearly as strong as he looks (reminds me of HHH) and Tensai is a huge guy, so yeah, didn't really expect otherwise.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
Couldn't even get Tensai on his shoulders after TWO attempts and we're supposed to buy him as this monstrous powerhouse? Lol.

Once again proving that he is nothing but an incredibly fucking poor imitation. Goldberg would have thrown Tensai up there like a balloon.
Exactly this.

Ryback is a JOKE. A fucking JOKE. Nothing but a cheap immitator of Goldberg.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
And do you know how hard it is to lift 300(estimate) pounds of human weight?
say this to a REAL powerhouse like Bill Goldberg

Jackhammer on fucking Reese! BAH GAWD!

or Brock freakin' Lesnar.

still say that Mason Ryan > RyBerg
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Didn't catch RAW but by the pages of this thread it must have been a really bad botch.


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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

I never looked at Ryback as someone who's legitimately strong, he always looked like Mr. Olympia but I never thought that there's some amazing power behind all those muscles. That being said, f* tht sandbagging p.o.s. Tensai.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
Haha, I am a fitness & wellbeing advisor/personal trainer for a company called Nuffield Health based at K-College, Kent. But then again I couldn't give a fuck what you think and don't have to justify anything to you.

I haven't displayed any terrible knowledge whatsoever, I haven't needed to use it. You are the misguided fool spouting crap like "bench press is the most common measurement of power" and then attempting to back it with some seriously embarrassing drivel about asking "buff" guys what they can bench and saying that no one cares about squats and dead lifts.
Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
But... but... if you want to know how strong someone is you just need to ask a "buff" guy what they can bench? Squats, dead lifts and other compound lifts don't matter? One rep max bench press is the universal measurement of overall strength?

You're dumb as hell dude.

First, I will debunk your terrible straw man argument that you keep trying harder with and are repeating multiple times.

I never said bench pressing was the best form of measuring someone's strength. I never said it was a universal measuring tool either.

I only posted bench pressing stats because those are the only weight room numbers I could find to compare (something I already said too). You know, doing research and posting facts, rather than talking out of my ass like you are?

I have already addressed your dumbass straw man argument before you even started using it.

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
Those actually are substantiated numbers. I even checked multiple sources first before posting.

Also, the comment about "it doesn't mean he's more powerful over all", and that benching power isn't a catch-all definition of overall power (which I never said it was), doesn't actually help you make a point about Goldberg being any stronger.

You cannot use "what ifs" as a logical argument, nor can you use a generic belief that "just because he can bench more doesn't mean he's stronger" as a good reasoning for saying he isn't. But if you can find confirmed lists from reputable sources about their power numbers in various forms of lifting, then that would be a good point to make.
I literally said I wasn't saying benching power was a catch-all definition of overall power the first time you tried to pretend like that's what I was saying since you had no argument against what I actually said.

I also clearly said that you can't use "more than benching matters" as an argument without posting their numbers in other categories.

You had no point to make about it. Just some meandering, useless thoughts from a Goldberg mark. I don't even know why you stuck around to argue about it when you had nothing to say to begin with.

I also still seriously doubt you are a personal trainer. Several reasons why:

1: You think a fireman's carry is the same thing as Ryback's finisher's setup. Ryback isn't doing a fireman's carry to set up his finisher, dumbass. It's more difficult. So due to that:

A: You clearly have zero wrestling experience.
B: You're even too dumb to even realize that it is more difficult by looking at it.

(Then you began lying about your occupation in the hopes it'd your stupid, illogical, non fact-based comments seem more believable.)

2: You don't know the most common (and annoying) question actual personal trainers and weight lifters get when asked how strong they are. That question being, "How much do you bench?". It's one of the biggest pet peeves they have after "do you use steroids?". Yet, somehow you don't know that's the most common (popular) question? As a personal trainer? LOL? You expect me to believe that?

The reason you don't know that's the most commonly asked question when most people ask how strong someone is, is because you've never heard it. You haven't heard it because you aren't a personal trainer, and because you don't even go to the gym and probably don't even hang out with anybody who works out. I wouldn't be surprised if you've never even known anybody who has.

3: You thought Goldberg was stronger than Ryback based on nothing but your dumb fanboy memories of a dozen years ago. Posting weight lifting stats, you tried to pretend they didn't matter since they favored Ryback (as a personal trainer with obviously zero wrestling experience, one would think you'd argue in favor of gym work, yet you don't)

In truth, you're a Goldberg mark, therefore logic involving Goldberg doesn't apply to you. When facts are posted, you pretend they somehow "don't count", and will post no reasoning behind your claims that they don't count besides that "it's stupid", or some other juvenile bullshit even though they statistically prove you to be wrong. And yes, I've seen you sucking Goldberg's dick in other threads. Here's an example of your already established Goldberg dick suckery:

Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
Goldberg was the best powerhouse the INDUSTRY has ever seen. As fair as intense, muscle bound, high impact wrestlers go nobody comes close to Goldberg. No one had the natural presence he had, no one had the intensity he had, no one had the look he had and only Lesnar could compare to the explosive power he had.
Conclusion: You've already made up your mind that you didn't like Ryback before he even botched. You were just looking for an excuse to call him a "cheap Goldberg immitation" since you're a Goldberg mark, and it was a matter of time before he did botch something. So here we are, you lying about your occupation, saying stupid shit, posting no facts while acting like every fact that is posted "don't matter" when they do, and inevitably bashing Ryback while simultaniously blowing Goldberg. I'm surprised you're even able to speak with his shlong lodged so deep down your gullet.

Originally Posted by Nacila View Post
It looked horrible and really hurt Ryback. But I love how some people can't comprehend the fact that lifting a person with firemans carry is A LOT easier than the way Ryback does it. Plus Tensai sandbagged.
They can't make the distinction because they have zero wrestling experience and probably next to zero if not zero weight lifting experience. Such as NathWFC for example.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Warren Zevon View Post
Well, this is the same clothesline that has been set up as the second strongest move in his moveset. We've seen countless local jobbers get folded in half by it, so I don't think it was a bad choice for improvisation.
He did it two minutes before. It's not improvisation if you choose the only other move you have.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

^^^It was still a very convenient improvisation for all parties involved. The Meathook lariat gets put over and Tensai took two of them. Worked out surprisingly well actually.

Are people saying that Ryback isn't very strong forgetting that he's already performed that Musclebuster on Tensai last Friday?

It's a bit unfair to compare the guy to Lesnar. That bloke is a freak and an absolute athletic marvel. And let's not forget the infamous Holly powerbomb botch where even Brock Almighty couldn't fully lift the guy into position. Mind you, I don't think Tensai sandbagged it to the point where he was 300 plus pounds of dead weight for Ryback to manoeuvre onto his shoulders.

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