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Randy Orton's position; is it misleading?

It's no secret Randy hasn't had the best year of his career. Actually it's been over a year since his last title reign and there seems to no indication that he'll get it back soon. He's seemingly gone from the company's number 2 guy to forth (at best) dropping well below CM Punk and to a degree to Sheamus.

To be fair, even before his suspension he wasn't being treated like THE STAR anymore, performing in non-title matches within the first hour of Wrestlemania 26, 27 and 28, and he hasn't main evented a PPV since Survivor Series 2010.

However he's still been perceived as one of WWE's elite, and looked to become the franchise guy on Smackdown before Mark Henry, Big Show, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett started to build momentum.

Then there were injuries that had him off and on and of course the suspension, him publicly saying he's prefer being a heel, and speculation that he may make that turn soon or after WWE feel's comfortable with Sheamus' drawing power.

However, I'd say his ring work is at his peaking and he's only 32, unless something major happens he'll be in WWE for probably another decade if not more, but his recent booking has seen him tap out clean to Del Rio and has been beaten by Big Show insuring he won't be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Hell in A Cell.

I'm sure many will say this is his punishment for the suspension, and it won't be long before he's back in the title hunt after he's "learned his lesson", but could Orton's new found vulnerability actually be slow building storyline?

Before Orton's suspension a feud with Sheamus was being teased, and if rumors are true Orton could be turning heel soon, and WWE could translate that into a a feud with Sheamus which would increase Sheamus' drawing power. (A good heel makes a great face, IMO, what's Batman without the Joker? Who would Hogan be without Piper, Dibiase, Savage, Sheik, Slaughter...)

While the brand split is essentially dead Sheamus really only has 2 big matches available to him right now CM Punk, which will occur on Main Event's premiere, and Randy Orton. Of course Ziggler and Barrett are good options too, but aren't as big marquee matches as Punk or Orton.
So, could WWE be holding on to that until Mania while continuously having Orton misfire in his opportunities? I mean seriously, why blow it in October?
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Re: Randy Orton's position; is it misleading?

You're certainly on something that has been discussed. I don't think They're punishing him anymore, but they aren't over booking him atm because he's going to film that movie. Orton vs Sheamus is probably Vince's big match for Mania on the SD side, and I think that the build is exactly how you mentioned it. Sheamus is becoming better than Orton (kayfabe wise) and it's beginning to piss Orton off because Orton wants the title back at all costs. They booked Show vs Orton well, with Orton being attacked before the match and Show having to use 2 choke slams to put him away. And Orton went over Ziggles, Vince has a hard on for Del Rio and he needed to look strong for Sheamus so he won clean against Orton.

I think once Orton is clear from filming the movie and back on his game, he'll be booked back in to the ME and build towards facing Sheamus @ Mania 29. I don't know what will happen with Ziggles tbh maybe he can get the title at NOC and Sheamus can win it back later? The booking is gonna become tight down the line, because WWE probably wants to book all these guys strong at the same time.

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Re: Randy Orton's position; is it misleading?

They never punished him. He comes off a suspension and continues like he just normal.
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Re: Randy Orton's position; is it misleading?

While his not getting punished, WWE does not want to push him as if he screws up again his out of the company. Say if he won a championship or was part of the ME, it would screw up booking
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Re: Randy Orton's position; is it misleading?

He's not below Sheamus. WWE is trying to force Shaemus into the number 3 slot but the crowd won't accept it. Orton is still more over than him.

He can't be in the World title picture all the time. Otherwise it gets tiring. It's good for him to take a back seat for a little bit. He's always a guy that can fill in for anyone if something happens.

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