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Arrow Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

Originally Posted by wwe.com

With an injured John Cena vehemently declaring he will be at Hell in a Cell, and WWE Champion CM Punk now finding himself in Ryback’s sights, what will happen on Monday’s Raw? Here are five key things to look for as the month of October rolls in with Raw episode 1,010.

What will Ryback do next?

When WWE Champion CM Punk was still feeling the effects of being whacked with a lead pipe by John Cena, he took out his frustrations on Mick Foley. But before he could inflict more suffering on the WWE Legend, he was confronted by the hungry Ryback — a beast who has normally crushed every Superstar who has crossed his path. The stare-down lasted only moments before Raw went off the air.

How will the WWE Champion respond to this blatant challenge? Will Ryback come looking for more of Punk? Is a match between the two only a matter of time?

Will AJ have an answer to Heyman’s wedding proposal?

To most men, getting slapped in the face after asking a woman to marry you is a clear "no." But will Paul Heyman take AJ Lee’s slap to the face as a "no" to his marriage proposal? Just how determined is he in pursuing her?

As for AJ, technically she didn't say "no." Could she possibly be mulling over Heyman's offer? Certainly, they'd make quite the power couple.

Is Big Show done making a statement?

Well, that didn’t take long. On Raw, Big Show returned and decimated big Brodus Clay and Tensai. On SmackDown, he knocked out Randy Orton to become the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

With his sights now set on World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, what will The World's Largest Athlete do next? Will he be content knowing it's only a matter of time before he challenges for the World Title? Will he continue to destroy any and all who stand in his way?

Is Team Hell No’s time running out?

Last week on Raw, the newly formed Team Rhodes Scholars attacked the WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No. Then in a Tag Team Tournament that kicked off on SmackDown, Team Rhodes Scholars found themselves firmly in the championship hunt after claiming the first victory in the ongoing tournament.

Considering their anger issues, is Team Hell No's time at the top ticking? Will Dr. Shelby's treatment help them stick together? With a target now on their backs, how will the WWE Tag Team Champions respond?

Will Punk be looking for payback against Cena?

After John Cena was attacked once already by WWE Champion CM Punk earlier this month in a Falls Count Anywhere Match against Alberto Del Rio, Cena came prepared last week, wielding a lead pipe ... and he didn't hesitate to use it against the WWE Champion.

Cena has already declared he will be at Hell in a Cell. But, is he only engaging in wishful thinking? Will he be ready to compete at Hell in a Cell? How will Punk respond to last week’s vicious attack?

We were certainly left with a cliffhanger last week with the Punk/Ryback staredown. That brings up the question of when and where is that match going to take place? I do believe Cena will be ready to go inside Hell In A Cell but in the meantime Ryback posing a threat to Punk is intriguing to say the least.

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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

First ever first


Looking forward to tonight. I guess. We'll see i suppose. May be no Cena so that's a big plus, but he may be replaced by Ryback, hmmm, not sure about that one.

What's going on with MNF?
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

Punk and Heyman. That is all.

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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

Punk vs. Ryback. Joy.

Credit: GOATviaDQ
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

Hopefully Ryback gives Punk a beatdown and the match ends in no contest, if they have a match. I'm doubting they'll even have a match just yet since both superstars are well protected.

Looking forward to Team Hell No stealing the show as usual, hopefully they get a match or Bryan gets a singles match.
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?


Pleasestaythefuckawaypleasestaythefuckawaypleasestaythefuckawaypleasestaythefuckawaypleasestaythefuc kaway


I think building the whole show around a main event of Ryback/CM Punk would be swell and would be a solid band-aid to avoid resorting to bringing Cena to Oklahoma City, whether it be in-person or via satellite. Maybe WWE can... experiment and see if their whole "Universe" falls apart with no Cena for an entire week. Yeah, right.

Is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to the very likely "reset button" treatment of a returning Jack Swagger? Maybe the main event goes down, Ryback's tearing Punk apart, Miz shows up and hits Ryback in the back of the head with his championship belt. Ryback is groggy for about five seconds, then turns around and sees Miz. Miz runs away and Ryback chases him. Earlier in the night, Jim Ross was on commentary as he's being celebrated by everybody and at one point he makes an innocent comment about CM Punk being a not-so-nice guy. Punk goes apeshit with Ryback now gone thanks to Miz, and grabs JR from the announcers' table and throws him into the ring. Punk threatens JR physically while Ross stands up for himself to the cheers of the adoring OKC crowd. Suddenly, Jack Swagger~! shows up and saves Ross from the evil Punk! End of show.

Or maybe Cena will return and hit Punk with a funny-looking pipe again.

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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

DAT RYBACK. I'm intrigued to say the least, more so about whether they'll actually go through with him and leave Cena off the show or panic and pull a via satellite on us lol. We shall see.
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

why push Ryback to quick and it will be the fall of Ryback along with WWE...
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

The most thing that's important to me about this week's RAW is that I'm hoping the meme version comes out this week too.
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re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

As usual the interest for me is seeing what happens around Punk and Heyman.

And it's with almost morbid curiosity I'm looking forward to the Punk vs Ryback storyline since I just don't see any outcome of that that either doesn't cheapen the HIAC match (which is a type of match that needs people to look really strong going into it) or disrupts Rybacks momentum. Not that I care the least about the latter but I can still think rationally around things I don't like.

I also hope they learn to balance Team Hell No better so they don't just flat out kill it by overdoing the whole thing.
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