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Re: Ryback a draw?

My guess? He'll get a short title reign and fall off the face of the Earth like Swagger.

Ryback is pretty cool though. I seem him as the likes of a Lesnar or Bautista. If they could somehow recreate what they had with Lesnar, that would be decent.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

if and ONLY IF ryback could get rid of that stupid singlet he would at least be more likeable in the looks department for me
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Re: Ryback a draw?

His Ring attire is that of RVD's, and hes an animal like Batista (i could overlook that)he looks and sounds abit like a tit. Not a Draw for me

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Well he already puts my ass on the couch. One of the main reasons I watch RAW/Smackdown is because of him.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Yes. I want WWE to lock someone in a cage with him.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

all i can say is there is potential

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Re: Ryback a draw?

i think Ryback has the potential to be big, they are pushing him hard and at Steady pace. Ryback , Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro add Sandow and Rhodes to mix and there`s the future of WWE. looks good

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Re: Ryback a draw?

I personally think that closes to ME Ryback will get is as close as Bobby Lashley was. The dude can't cut promos he isn't entertaining at all. And WWE are building him slowly which is a good thing.

But now a days people prefers guys like Punk and Bryan because they're entertaining to watch. Ryback constipated look when he comes out to his music is the best part of his entrance. Other than that. He ain't no different from all of these muscle heads in the WWE.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

I don't understand how this company is actually trying to get away with not drawing inspiration from, but EXACTLY copying Goldberg. It's really pathetic. What's even more sad is that some fans will go along with it.

Has there ever been more lazy creative ideas?

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by Pink Princess View Post
His Ring attire is that of RVD's, and hes an animal like Batista (i could overlook that)he looks and sounds abit like a tit. Not a Draw for me

Honey, if Ryback's singlet, appearance concern you so much then you should perhaps pay closer attention at that little pink pipsqueak in your signature.Doll Ziggler's persona as a wrestler suggests that he probably suffers from bouts of MPD from time to time - an observation even Good Ol' Jim Ross had alluded to in the past .That your favorite WWE star bears close resemblance to Mr perfect/Billy Gunn is something you shouldn't overlook while attempting to undermine an Egg head like Goldberg..err Ryback

Now dont tell me you see Ziggler's tendency to oversell as talent .Barring one or two signature moves like the fameouser(popularized by Billy Gunn) his total number of offensive moves are limted and comparable to orton,Punk,batista's arsenal of moves. Nothing special.It aint as if he brings in every week tons and tons of different movesets to the ring .

Him wiggling his ass every week is what?Tribute to billy Gunn?Heck,Mr.Perfect's booger or Billy Gunn's fart had more talent than an overselling piece of joke like Ziggler.Too bad the said former stars never got to be WWE champs though they were the complete package unlike Ziggler.Ziggler without Vickie is like fish out of water."Skippy" is quite decent and comes off as credible on the mic .Whereas Ziggler on the mic sounds like a pre-adolescent kid on the verge of hitting puberty.

No wonder they dont let him cut promos although his character is quite flexible to deliver promos every week despite being the MITB winner.A Tyson Kid or an Alex Riley would have prolly fared much better if Ziggler's gimmick was given to them.

Why ziggler,bryan,punk's marks are so deluded?Is it 'cause Ryback's success spells a near certain mid-cardish career for your favorites.Well in that case i sure hope Vince brings back The WORLD Cruiser-Weight Title and drives guys like Ziggler,Bryan to fued over it for the rest of their career.

Dont forget Ziggler is prone to botching.This to me is the Botch Of The Year .Shitty hilarious ,really.How can you build credibility in the eyes of his detractors after botching like this


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