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Re: Ryback a draw?

Its too early to say if he's a draw or not because they've not really tried to make money out of him. Wait until they start making his action figures and tryna sell merch and ppvs based off of him. I think he will be a draw for the WWE though when they finally do start selling hs stuff to the masses.



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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by BehindYou View Post
To whoever mentioned Crimson, ryback has a far better (tho less unique) look and is a much better worker.
Crimson is just a well built 240 lbs dude. Nothing special about him.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Everything Headliner has said. Ryback is one of the most boring wrestlers on the roster and I do hope he goes no where because he's generic and basically terrible.

As for the question, lol. No, not even a little. Way too early.


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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by jeremystcyr View Post
Anyone think Ryback is a draw? and will be a draw in the future? or does everyone think he will be another Albert? not used right.. i think by way WWE is using Ryback they doing good at the momennt personally myself i call Ryback, Goldberg 2.0, Goldberg was a good superstar during his time, i think this is where WWE is going with Ryback.

Why use "Albert" as a comparison? I don't exactly count down the seconds to every Ryback appearance, giddily waiting for him to show up, but by any objective standard, Albert wishes he had ever been as over for one night as Ryback has been for several months now.

WWE would have to go out of their way at this point to make him into another Albert, and with Vince practically adopting the guy as a replacement son for Shane McMahon, that isn't happening.

Is he a draw today? Probably not. I can't think of any substantial reason to believe he can't be in the future, though.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

See no reason he couldn't be a draw in the future, he's way over and personally one of the few reason I still watch Raw or Smackdown.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Except Ziggler has talent. One of the top three workers in the company.
Pretty lame excuse you put up there to insinuate Ryback as untalented.
Look, just 'cause you really like Ziggler you may go ahead and state he is an incredibly gifted,ultra-talented wrestler,[insert other lavish praises], but to dismiss Ryback as the Paris Hilton of WWE simply reeks of childishness.

A trend here that is worth mentioning is that most if not all the guys marking for Ziggler,Bryan,Punk are anti-ryback. #2

Ryback got "over" squashing jobbers which imo is nothing but talent.Squashing is damn easy for any wrestler.Getting over by squash matches is not.
Iirc legends like Undertaker,Goldberg ring a bell when you mention people who got over by squashing jobbers early in their career.Ryback is only getting bigger every week while guys like Bryan,Ziggler consistently prove that they are a major threat to TV ratings.
Ryback is being built as one of the foundation for the future of a company ,albeit rather slowly and fwiw that said company is fortunately not ROH or other indy chain wrestling company.
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Re: Ryback a draw?

Originally Posted by Cack_Thu View Post

Ryback got "over" squashing jobbers which imo is nothing but talent.Squashing is damn easy for any wrestler.Getting over by squash matches is not.
yeah, you squash 30 something of them
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A draw? Apart from what you find in a dresser/wardrobe there is no such thing. How can 1 man draw ratings? Will he draw people who currently aren't wrestling fans? Is he gonna make people love wrestling? No!

The reason wrestling ratings are so poor is because wrestling isn't cool. Most people grow out of wrestling and it's not interesting enough to attract every single kid like it used to. Between that and the Internet, it's all but killed wrestling from the ratings aspect. That's why the ratings are down. Not because 1 man is champion or getting a push.

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Re: Ryback a draw?

These strong, kick ass wrecking machine types do usually become a hit with the public. IF the push isn't halted or they can't wrestle. Reeves is competent in the ring and can be entertaining promo wise, as seen by his Skip Sheffield stuff in FCW.

He doesn't have the charisma of Sid or the presence of Goldberg, but he's better than your average meathead. His physique will be impressive to kids in the era of wellness.

If he goes undefeated for another year, it could be a draw for people to see who can beat him. His pseudo terminator character (from FCW) could be made in to some decent merchandise designs.
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