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The Crowd Edits

I haven't been in the Smackdown thread, and I don't even know if this deserves a whole thread.
But my goodness, the crowd edits have gotten worse!!
During MIZTV (HORRIBLE segment btw), there were fake cheers, fake boos, and fake LAUGHTER! The laughter sounded worse than anything, straight from a laugh machine for a sitcom that doesn't have a crowd. You could hear individual laughs like they were in a studio or something. Absolutely embarrassing! I cringed a ton during MizTv, can't even believe I sat through it.....

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Re: The Crowd Edits

Didn't watch, but I'm gonna guess MizTV is a throwback to his reality days?

If that's the case, wow. That sucks. Thought Miz went beyond that already.

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Re: The Crowd Edits

Originally Posted by Natsuke View Post
Didn't watch, but I'm gonna guess MizTV is a throwback to his reality days?

If that's the case, wow. That sucks. Thought Miz went beyond that already.
no it wasnt, the fake laughs were for sheamus. it was horrible.

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WWE needs to fucking cool it with the piped in crowd sounds. If you want more and/or better reactions from your crowds.. improve your fucking product. No one honestly cares about Sheamus, nor does anyone care about the Miz. So many characters get zero reaction or very little reaction at all now, because there simply is no reason to like or dislike any of them.

And the segments seem poorly planned, disjointed, and end up being unentertaining. Miztv last night wasn't going that well BUT Miz said some awesome shit (pun intended) and Ziggler came out.. but WWE fucked it up as per usual with Sheamus left standing over everyone for absolutely no reason.

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Re: The Crowd Edits

The fake boos don't sound too bad in my opinion, could have fooled me if I didn't know the SmackDown crowd better. They need to improve the cheers, or at least stop using the same sound effect over and over and over again, because it sounds like a vacuum cleaner turning and it sounds awful.
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Re: The Crowd Edits

I just love it when the crowd "roars" over something happening in the ring, but if you look in the background behind the wrestlers, literally everyone within the camera shot is sitting and watching the show.

They should start throwing in computer generated fans too, just so the cheering looks realistic

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Re: The Crowd Edits

Thats how much Smackdown sucks.

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Re: The Crowd Edits

MizTV is still on? lol
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Re: The Crowd Edits

Did they do this thing in 1999 for SD, when it had star power and good booking?
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Re: The Crowd Edits

Gosh i am glad i stopped watching smackdown a while ago.
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