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Re: The Crowd Edits

Originally Posted by Arcade View Post
Blame the dead crowd. The more the crowd is dead, the more piped cheers you get.
Blame the WWE. If Smackdown weren't a sad remix of Raw without all the biggest stars, the people might not sit on their hands the entire time.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: The Crowd Edits

Originally Posted by WHAT DA HELL View Post
This was partly the reason I stopped watching Smackdown. The piped in reactions when you can clearly see the crowd just sitting there with a blank stare made the show painful to watch.
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Re: The Crowd Edits

Yeh, nothing is more obnoxious than the piped in boos when you look at the crowd and see people with no reactions lol
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Re: The Crowd Edits

This here is a better crowd job than SmackDown:

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Re: The Crowd Edits

Theyve used the same pathetic laughing that Sheamus got for years. Back when DDP was on Smackdown he got the same lame ass laughs. Man no wonder I have wanted to quit watching WWE lately. This stuff is getting ridiculous.
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Re: The Crowd Edits

this smackdown.
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Re: The Crowd Edits

Wow... these edits in the Diva Match...

..and when Booker appeared in the backstage segment...

"But here's a big difference between me and Aj Styles.
I got the better hair now... I'll have the better hair tomorrow.
And If we ever cross paths and I beat him in the ring I'll have the better hair the next morning too."

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Re: The Crowd Edits

I still haven't seen that MizTV segment as it was edited out of the Australian broadcast for some unknown reason. They've been using the piped in stuff for a long time. I first started noticing it on Smackdown probably about a year ago. It has likely been used for a lot longer than that. I was watching some old Velocity match a little while ago that had piped in reactions too.

For the last month or two I've been noticing that the edited reactions don't even flow or fit well with what is happening sometimes. They appear to be getting sloppy with it. Like someone will punch another guy a few times and for some reason on the 3rd punch the crowd will pop randomly. Also I noticed Wade Barrett hit a power move and got a face type reaction for it. It has always been pretty obvious though, maybe they have just slipped up a couple of times and I'm noticing it more.

The crowd this week seemed pretty dead when there was no fake cheering. I think the Smackdown taping event might be getting too long. They tape Superstars and Saturday Morning Slam before it. And now they tape Main Event as well don't they? That's got to be 4 hours in one night. 3 hours at the very very least.
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Re: The Crowd Edits

The piped-in crowd reactions is one of, if not, THE reason why I haven't watched SmackDown in a long time and will probably never watch it again. It's extremely annoying to hear the exact same piped-in noises that have been used since 1999.

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Re: The Crowd Edits

Watch Main Event when Sheamus puts Punk on his submission the crowd is fucking dead,the edit was very evident there.

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Probably Bray would slap you for saying that, fans this days have no fucking respect for the Undertaker.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
As they shouldn't, he hasn't earned it. He took a dump on the face of the best talent on the roster and said "fuck you, I don't have to do SHIT but show up and pin you after you carry the entire program". Disrespect begets disrespect. Undertaker is a selfish, arrogant, broken down old has been who can't give it up, who doesn't give one shit about the next generation of stars and helping the company that made him thrive. It's always all about him.
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