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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

Ziggler doesn't need a manager at this point in his career. He needs to take the spotlight for himself. They could easily do backstage packages/vids to get over "The Show Off" gimmick and it could also hide his weaknesses in mic work.

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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

"Ziggler is expected to become champion before the year is over."

*insert you don't say meme here*
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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

I'm all for Ziggler having a manager, I think Vickie has been tremendous for him but maybe it is time to move on now.

But coming from a different angle, i'd like to see him paired with a 'bodyguard' which was mentioned a couple of months ago. I remember reading that Mason Ryan was being paired with him during live shows as an enforcer and I like this idea. It reminds me of when Diesel was a bodyguard for HBK. I think it works well especially with the show off gimmick. Ziggler can take the majority of the mic time then, shoot his mouth off and get himself into trouble for Ryan or someone else to clean up his mess. It wont make him look any more weaker than he has at times lately (getting beat up after attacking Orton & Sheamus) but instead will allow him to gain the upper hand which he needs to start doing if he's going to be a credible champion, which I believe he will be.

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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

I feel lik ewe've been having this discussion for 2 or 3 years. Vickie is HORRIBLE! She is a one trick pony and the one trick is horrendous and her presence is so annoying, it makes me not want to watch. Compare Paul Heyman as a manager to Vickie and you see who the more ideal performer is.

They keep teasing that Vickie & Dolph are going to split, but like I said, that has been 3 years in the making. I am not going to count on it happening til it actually does, and I hope that it is sooner rather than later.


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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

I’ll see it to believe it, Dolph Ziggler has been with Vickie I believe since 2009 which is four years, that’s just ridiculous. That’s making Ziggler look so terrible because they don’t trust this guy on his own. They are not doing anything but the same old routine for the last four years of introducing him before his match while Vickie screaming throughout the entire time as what Tyrion pointed out in a result of ruining his matches.

Me actually changing the channel does not mean you are doing a good job being a Heel. Vickie is terrible and I want her off my television ASAP but unfortunately I got to suffer a few more years unless Wade Barrett or Damien Sandow get released.

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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

At this point I'll take anyone over Vickie. She's that bad. Although, and as already pointed out, these type of reports have been going around for months now and nothing has changed so I won't get my hopes up. In my opinion though, I don't think he needs a manager anymore. He needs to go it alone and prove he can be a star by myself, I think he can do it, and he needs to prove to the doubters that he can do it, so I agree with Headliner.
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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

It's not that Ziggler can't hold on his own on the mic, its just a much better and safer option to have him go into main event with someone like Ric Flair as a manager. Cm Punk looks much better with Paul Heyman then he did on his own, so will Dolph Ziggler with a manager. In fact for him its almost necessary cause many fans still don't see him as that credible, he's too much of a pretty face like The Miz, he needs a manager at first.

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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

So show is #1 contender now, I see a DQ for Whitey win, Show gets pissed and a WMD, Zig cashes in.

Looking pretty obvious.

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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

I think it can easily just be the opposite as well. How awesome would it be if he were to show up on MizTv as the new WHC, and dump Vickie on Raw live? Fans could easily pop for him big time, and he goes over big time as a fresh "face". Meaning he gets rid of his manager. His mic skills are fine, and I think a bit underrated to be honest. He needs to get rid of the Billy Gunn boots.
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Re: Ziggler Getting A New Manager Soon?

Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
I can't see Flair working out as a manager for Ziggler. Flair would just go on barely coherent rants, elbow drop his jacket, and overshadow Ziggler.
That is 100% true, but at this point, I'd much, much, much rather see Ric Flair overshadow Dolph Ziggler than watch Vickie Guerrero overshadow him.

Vickie's managing of Ziggler and Vickie in general is simply one of the stalest elements of the whole product. Every time she comes I simply groan. A one-note character that overshadows Ziggler and does next to nothing for anyone anymore.

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