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I can see Ambrose, McIntyre, McGiilicutty, and Jinder Mahal as the next top heels in the future, and Riley, DiBiase, Rollins, and Steamboat as the next top faces.
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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

if the show is gonna be revolved around sheamus then i'm seriously dumping wrestling , and no this is not an angry mark rant "IF DA ROCK LOZEZ FROM CENA I'LL STOP WATCHING WWE" , because the truth is I can muster that

I can't however , digest three hours every week promoting a smiling bland goof who has nothing special about him and can talk me to sleep each monday

i'd much rather have Cena be booked as the underdog in his 40's , at least Cena is watchable and can actually talk

Sheamus is a red button pusher, i feel sorry for anyone watching Smackdown this year and sitting through that horrible hell-ride of a feud for 6 months

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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

They need to stop focusing on grooming one guy like they did with Cena and groom multiple stars. That was what caused the issues in the first place.

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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

Sheamus is "the bridge." He's not being built up to take over for Cena. He's not going to be the long-term top babyface. Let's not forget how they pushed him with unbridled alacrity with not a moment to lose. He was pushed as fast and as hard as possible, even given the WWE Championship before the audience had the chance to remotely get to know him. He's not designed to be a top guy for long. At best, he'll be the stopgap, the bridge between Cena whenever Cena turns heel and the next top babyface who rises up. He could theoretically occupy the top dog role due to circumstance for a while. A year, eighteen months, maybe two years, no more. He could be to the transitional era what Shawn Michaels was from 1996-1997 or Triple H from 2003-2005. But overall, Sheamus is meant to be a #2/#3/#4 guy, depending on how strong the roster is. He will not be the next #1 star, the "face of WWE," at least certainly not for long.

Vince McMahon has always been rather consistent when it comes to Ryback. He views him as the next #2 babyface of WWE. So, he's going to be huge, and unless there's a Magnum T.A. situation, it's going to happen. But Ryback is a monster, a brute, a beast. WWE, especially in the last 20 years or so, has wanted their truly top protagonist babyface to be more easily empathized with than a monster generally is. But Ryback will be a figurative monster as well as a literal and physical one, and he's on the road to becoming the next era's Batista. But he won't be #1 for the aforementioned reasons. Of course, there's always the possibility he won't reach what Vince wants and the other, somewhat more farfetched possibility that he even surpasses that expectation and desire from Vince, but for now he's doubtless going to be plugged in as the #2 star at some point in the near future.

Alex Riley most certainly possesses "the look," but he remains a long shot due to a legion of missteps. After a self-elimination from a Royal Rumble match, being unable to lift himself up for Jack Swagger on Raw and for Tensai at numerous house shows earlier this year, a DUI, talking back to Cena... He's going to have to earn their trust. He does have potential due to his look and raw connection with the fans.

But "the look" is a significant matter; if Daniel Bryan looked like Alex Riley, he'd be set as perhaps the new face of the company. But he doesn't and perhaps you could argue that if Bryan did look like Riley, he could not have enjoyed the avenue of success he has this year, too. Bryan is going more the Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho route and there is nothing wrong with that. He's still astonishingly over.

In developmental, there are candidates ranging from Adam Mercer to Bo Dallas to Roman Reigns to Seth Rollins and many others. But you can't fully evaluate any of these men until they have at least logged some time on the main roster.

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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

Originally Posted by SteenIsGod View Post
It's gonna be Seth Rollins obviously. They got a fucking boner for the guy.
Then why is he on NXT?

I don't see Rollins as anything more than a very over midcarder, ala Kofi Kingston.

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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

From a business point of view,it is going to very tough to replace Cena.Sheamus replacing Cena as top face is disastrous.I can say that Sheamus is even less interesting than Diesel as Champion.
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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy


RYBACK 327-0

All Hail the King
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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Then why is he on NXT?

I don't see Rollins as anything more than a very over midcarder, ala Kofi Kingston.
the key word is grooming, as in training or developing, I doubt seth rollins will appear on raw/smackdown for a long time, cena is nearing 40 but there's 5 more years for that, at lets not forget rollins is 26 right now and WWE brass don't make a habit of super mega pushing guys at that young of an age
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Re: Backstage Talk About WWE Grooming Top New Guy

Do people need more proof Sheamus is Cena #2?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic he is a Swedish hero!
On a free from PSG he cost us fucking zero!
6ft 5, hard as fuck, he gets the Reds excited!
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