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Re: Newly formed tag team.

I don't think they are a long term fixture. Its a random team of guys who have nothing to do, but yet WWE doesn't want them to fade into obscurity with no direction, so they are made a tag team. Hell No will probably beat them at HIAC and then the team of Rhodes and Sandow might be done. I for one don't like the pairing of Rhodes and Sandow. They just seem so different. But if it allows them to be on TV then I am all for the temporary pairing.

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

As cool as this team sounds, it basically seems like Kofi and Truth a couple of months back, WWE had nothing for them and figured the tag team division is always open (it basically is if you can't Primo and Epico, the Uso's and Kidd/ Gabriel as jobbers) and this annoys me. A proper feud at this point would be much better.

Still, yay for the tag team division, this is another, quite good team being a proper team doing real feuds so that's good.

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
Neither Cody Rhodes or Damien Sandow are gonna be main eventers. Calm down.
Well, thanks for that info, but if there's one thing I know, it's that whatever you think, the opposite is what actually happens.

Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
Rhodes & Sandow aren't even a real team, so Pyro's "Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty" argument doesn't apply.
They have a name, they're a team.

If you think a world title reign is required to be a legend then you are an idiot. That's like saying Cena is more of a legend than the Undertaker because Cena has had more title runs.
I didn't say you had to be world champion to be a "legend", being a legend is meaningless. It's not an accomplishment, success is only measured by accomplishments, not who people remember fondly. And Cena IS bigger than Undertaker. I love Undertaker but he's never been the top draw, ever.

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

I love this combination. I'm a big fan of both and it's really entertaining and satisfying to see them working as a tag team.
I do hope it'll last, though.

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

Teaming them was a good idea IMO...Your mid card champs are the Miz and Cesaro...Neither Rhodes or Sandow are feuding for any mid card gold any time soon so why not establish a common friendship between the two and have them work a program with the tag champs.

At least these two will be able create a storyline as to why they are feuding with the tag champs...The only other team that could would be PTP which would simply be a personal vendetta against Kane and Bryan for taking their spot. Who's to say that Rhodes and Sandow couldnt even have a tiny run as champs to highlight the difficulties Kane and Bryan have with each other but then they overcome their differences to recapture the gold whereby Rhodes and Sandow can then go back to solo stuff, but not by way of them breaking up. They can keep their friendship and re-unite or team up every now and then when neither are in a solos program.
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Re: Newly formed tag team.

In some ways this makes sense. It gives both wrestlers a nice spot against Team Hell No (most sucky name ever) for the tag titles while making the tag divison relevent again.

But on the other hand I'm not too pleased with it. Sandow is getting some good momentum on his own as a heel and I also like Cody as a heel too. I don't agree that one of them is going to have to get buried, in fact I predict a singles title run for both before the year is out.

That only usually happens with what I call real tag teams (Rockers etc). Not two singles competitors thrown together cause 'they have nothing to do right now'.

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

yeah, they are going to make a pretty good team, but i would rather see Cody as a WH champ. Hes main event material for me.

Sheeee looks good to meee
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Re: Newly formed tag team.

I don't consider them a legit tag-team, just two thrown together guys to feud with Bryan/Kane. To me at least, a tag team consists of more than one storyline, or until they lose the tag team titles, been done far too often in the past in the WWE and I don't think they are similar enough, nor have enough dynamic to make a good long time tag team, they're both better off as singles guys in the long run imo.
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Re: Newly formed tag team.

The gawd would rather see Cody start breaking into the main event scene while Sandow continues gettin built up... But I don't feel like this tag team is a bad thing. I doubt they'll be together long enough to give either one of em the title of "tag team wrestler".

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Re: Newly formed tag team.

I like them as a team, as long as they don't end up being like Ziggler and Swagger and lose every single time, yes. I do see them being successful. I think they have chemistry together.
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