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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: How does Cena do it?

It's been seven years since Cena started getting booed. In that time the WWE has not altered anything about his character. Are there really some people who think the WWE don't like the split reaction? They mention it in commentary, in feuds, Cena even mentions it himself, of course they like it.

Why do people start cheering for Cena at the end of promo after booing him at the start? Simple answer is that he is very, very good at what he does. Does he pander a bit? Sure but all baby faces do. Some guy mentioned the Rock an tried to say he doesn't pander to the crowd. The guy who calls himself the People's Champion and his fans Team Bring It doesn't pander? Are you kidding me?

Talking about the promo in Montreal specifically, the cheered him because it was a hell of the promo. It was intense and focused which is something severely lacking in the WWE at the moment. He spoke a few truths about CM Punk that hit home with the audience so they started to cheer him.

But what really shocked me about this thread is that people still think that booing Cena means people are bored of him. Not the case. If you're bored of something you do nothing. The guys who boo Cena buy $80 tickets, a $30 'Cena Sucks' t-shirt, spend time making a 'Cena sucks' sign and then boo him for his entire 30 minute match. That's the opposite of apathy, that's called passion. That's called being a draw. Those guys actually like Cena so when he starts saying things they agree with they're going to come around to him fast.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: How does Cena do it?

because the guy is smart and knows what he is doing

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Re: How does Cena do it?

Originally Posted by rockymark94 View Post
Every time he gets more boos than cheers in the most hostile smarky cities like Chicago at extreme rules or Montreal two weeks ago where he got " you can't wrestle" and "fuck you chants" he goes off on a tangent and then kisses the crowds ass and they begin to give him a 95% positive reaction.
Its called getting paid millions.
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Re: How does Cena do it?

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
As for why, he knows how to work a crowd.
Except, he has no idea how to work a crowd in a match. He has a formula he goes to in EVERY SINGLE match he wrestles in to get the crowd on his side. The shoulder blocks, spin out powerbomb, and five knuckle shuffle. Every single time. That's it. That is the extent of him working a crowd in a match.

The man is clueless as to the psychology aspect of putting together a wrestling match and relies on his opponent to handle that part. But in reality no one pays attention because until Cena hits his formula moves of doom, the whole crowd is chanting "Let's Go Cena", "Cena Sucks". So in reality I guess it doesn't matter anymore in wrestling. Watered down is acceptable now, I guess.
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Re: cena does it again

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Your wrong, they ALL kissed up to get over, they ALL did, not ONE of them would be over if they did not kiss up

Lets see here
"Finnly the rock has come back to ____" (As if he really cares about evrey city like that) huge kiss up

the "pepoles champ"
the "pepoles elbow"

He is full of kissing up to the fans, and I'd ask how do you know if they could of goten over if they did not do it?
the awnseR? you can not.

Also Cena is over with a lot of the cword, that "Cena" sucks chant dont mean shit, its like "Yes yes yes" half the pepole doing it dont CARe either way its just a chant, if you said
"monkeys were pants" half the cword would chant it.
What a stupid post.

It was the crowd that started kissing Rock's ass when he was he heel. Not the other way round.

Rock never needed to suck up to get over.


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