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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

The only reason smackdown was good this week is because of this.. imo.

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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

Originally Posted by Oxitron View Post
I'm all for WWE pushing Bryan and Kane and the tag team division, but they took up a total of 40 minutes of this weeks Smackdown.

That's roughly half of the show (don't count the adverts, DO count the RAW recap).

Personally I think 40 minutes of an 80-90 minute show is way too much.
Notice how every single minute not inside those forty was mind-numbingly, paint-dryingly boring.

It is quite funny that the tag team championships have been booked over the WHC, but deservedly so.

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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

Honestly, it was something very different from the norm and I liked it. The story behind the World Heavyweight championship doesn't need to be the focus of EVERY show. And Team Friendship is certainly a hot enough angle and Kane/Bryan good enough performers that they can be the focus of an episode of Smackdown. Plus I got to see funny interactions with them and Edge and Sandow pretty much got the most screentime he's had on a show yet so I'm happy.

Now its simply an issue of whether WWE has enough sense to not over do it, but since it doesn't involve the World Heavyweight championship or an authority figure, I'm slightly confident that Bryan/Kane won't overstay their welcome as the central focus on Smackdown.
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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

every week people say oh the tag team division is getting shat on it gets no time. WWE finally invests time in the division and has the tag team champions as the focus of the show for a change and people complain that the tag divison took up too much of the show. It's not go home week before a ppv the world title does not have to be the focus every week.
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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

In that case, it was a damn good 40 minutes. That beatdown at the end was awesome.

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Re: Hug it out for 40 minutes

Originally Posted by Delaney 3:16 View Post
Except the average mark doesn't care about all three of those things.

Just be glad we're getting something entertaining for once.
WWE's job is to make them interested like they did with the Daniel Bryan and Kane team. It didn't just magically form by itself.
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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

I thought this was going to be a YouTube video of them hugging for 40 minutes straight.

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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

To be completely honest, I'm not even sure why WWE still bothers with Smackdown at all anymore. Not since RAW had to go to 3-hours long anyway. It is obvious that they do not care about Smackdown & anything that ever happens which is important will be on RAW.

There was a time when Smackdown was even better than RAW but now Smackdown is like a 2-hour commercial, most of which is just saying "HEY, REMEMBER RAW!?"
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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

Why are people complaining? They are the hottest thing in WWE right now. They are not only reviving a tag division thats been dead for years and they are putting people over in the process and giving other midcarders exposure. Stop complaining.

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Re: Hug It Out for 40 minutes

I gotta admit I was kinda mixed, the segment seemed funny at first but it pretty much got old after the first 10 minutes. When the WWE comes on to something like this that works, they should keep having it in like 10 minute segments on RAW or something, but not make it the focal point of every show.

On the flip side though, Kane's character has pretty much been killed (nothing's been going on with him for a LOOONNNGGG time so I guess it doesn't matter), and Bryan really doesn't seem like an effective heel this way - he comes off as the Miz or Vickie Guerrero type of heat, it gets reaction now but it's going to drive you nuts soon lol. The focus has been taken off of wrestling completely and is strictly on the word "no" now.
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