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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

Originally Posted by Tnmore View Post
You're clearly missing the point. Of course Austin was great tv and likeable in THAT aspect, I'm talking about his character being so heelish that the fans began to love him. I don't mean the shittier he performed, the more over he got.

Yeah the same thing can be said for Sheamus as well. He is OVER with the fans. FACT. Its irrelevant whether you think he is likable or not.
Yes, and it's a FACT that the only reason he's OVER is because he won the WWE title off the top guy in the company before anyone knew who the fuck he was, held it for 3 months, fought Triple H in his first WrestleMania match, beat Triple H at the following PPV, won the WWE title back immediately after, won the KOTR, won the US title, turned face and then never lost another match except in the rarest of circumstances, clean or otherwise. He was pushed as hard as anyone besides Lesnar has ever been pushed and it's because he buddied up to Triple H. If he had to do the 2 to 3 years in the midcard like everybody else, that shit wouldn't have happened. Hell, he's even been pushed harder than Cena on a comparative scale of how long he's been there.

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because hes not Daniel Bryan, wade Barrett, Sandow, Ambrose, or zigler.... Guys,on here hate guys who win all the time. I don't mind him, I personally liked him more when he first came.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)

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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

thing is i am not sure if i hate him or love him,evrey time he goes on TV i seem to fall asleep :/
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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

why do people give well thought out answers to an obvious troll? i doubt he even reads your posts.
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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

he's boring, unimaginative and his finisher absolutely sucks
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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

his skin is too pale plus his hair looks like it's on fire.

nah just kidding. I hate the typical smily goofy face characters, he was decent when he was heel.
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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

Because he's as everyone said, boring, and HHH's man....Plus, he's another part of WWE's Superfriends.

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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

Because he wins a lot, and angry indy marks for what occurred @ MANIA 28. + He's been watered down amazingly, and the too goodie face attitude doesn't suit him very well.

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Re: Why all the hate on Sheamus?

They did the typical move of stripping Sheamus of all his coolness and turned him into a typical smiling face with lame jokes who doesn't take anything seriously. He's basically Cena 2.0.

Edit: Also squashing Bryan at Wrestlemania definitely didn't help. Who honestly thought that it would be a good idea to have Sheamus squash one of the most respected wrestlers in the indies and the WWE and not expect some sort of backlash?

Thank you Edge.

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People tend to hate successful people here.....

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Originally Posted by Adramelech View Post
Does anyone else have brief moments of clarity while watching stuff like this?

any questions?

Like for a split second, you just forget everything you know about TNA and say "Holy shit, I'm watching Kurt Angle wrestle Sting in clown make-up on PPV in 2011 in front of 800 non-paying tourists at an amusement park." to yourself? Shit is surreal man.
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