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Re: New New Nexus

Drew is all kinds of boring,I like that he's a jobber.

Mahal needs to get a push solo he'd be an amazing heel since most of the WWE audience hate people from the east especially India.

Heath Slater is currently just hilarious the way he is,Keep him like that and perhaps he can get a push later.

Barret just needs a push alone and hopefuly becomes the first British WWE/World champion,Simple as that.

Anyway I think the idea of a "New New Nexus" is fucking retarded,So no.
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Re: New New Nexus

As I've written before, Barrett does not need to lead another stable. It will do absolutely nothing for him and in the end, it will just bury him down the card.
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Re: New New Nexus

Originally Posted by wdotym View Post
McIntyre, Mahal, Slater, Barrett?
Originally Posted by Situation View Post
McIntyre must be leader.
1.He beat Mahal on superstars.
2.Heath Slater is biggest jobber of all jobbers.
3.Barett has been leader ,we want something new.
4.I dont think Barett will be involved in this.

Mcintyre got big pop on superstars as if this doesnt work well for him ,he can turn face on main show and then he can go after Cesaro.
And these are exactly why I avoid the wrestling sections here, absolute comedy.

Oh and for number 3, it's what you want, not what we want.
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Re: New New Nexus

what is this another jobber stable. Hope they ready for more Destruction like that one day stable Nahal had at RAW 1000
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Re: New New Nexus

Mozza you dont wanna something new ? all of you want same old crap ?
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Re: New New Nexus

Originally Posted by TheSupremeForce View Post
Drew gets solid crowd reactions at shows. It's surprising, because they're largely pops even though the guy's never been a face (in the WWE).
How do you define "solid reaction"? Especially when Drew is featured mainly on shows on which cheers/boos are piped in. I like McIntyre too but until he gets on a PPV or Raw it's pure shot in the dark to say anything about his overness.

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I know, it's been a while.
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Re: New New Nexus

If Barrett EVER was in another stable it needs to be filed with stars.


Sounds very good to me.

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Re: New New Nexus

How is Barrett leading a stable a step down? The only time he has been relevent is when he was leading a stable. Yeah, the Corre sucked but the only reason people remember Wade Barrett is because of Nexus.

And by the way, I wouldn't be against McIntyre, Mahal, and Barrett in an alliance. IMO They're all perfectly capable of main eventing.

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Re: New New Nexus

We'll see what happens on SD next week if they are going to take the Mcintyre, Mahal and Slater stable further?

They could play it out for a while and see what happens?

Personally after that ep of SS, I want Mcintyre as a face for a short while!

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Re: New New Nexus

Nobody of the bunch is credible at the moment. Mahal has been jobbing to Ryback. McIntyre hasn't been on RAW or SD! for quite some time and last time he was, he was losing match after match. Slater hasn't won a match since he beat Doink (I think), so they need someone credible if it has to work.

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