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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

I doubt there will be much a feud between the two. Ryborg will squash the Miz and take the IC strap. I'm just really glad it's Miz and not Cesaro.

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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

Source: PWInsider

- At last night's RAW during the MizTV segment when Ryback tore everything up, he accidentally tossed a live microphone into the crowd. A fan grabbed it and began yelling "Goldberg!" over the sound system.

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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

Originally Posted by Heavenly Invader View Post
I doubt there will be much a feud between the two. Ryborg will squash the Miz and take the IC strap. I'm just really glad it's Miz and not Cesaro.
If Ryback could feud with a 'nobody' like Jinder Mahal, why would he utterly squash the Miz? I mean, Jack Swagger is one thing, but The Miz is a former WWE Champ and is the current IC champion, they want Ryback to look strong but if he squashes Miz in a throw away match then imo it will sort of diminish the value of the belt before Ryback even gets to reign.

They will probably have Miz play the sneaky heel, using strategy and dirty tactics to compensate for his lack of power, creative may rehash Jinder/Ryback a bit though I think the Miz could pull it off better. So I really don't think it should be a squash, honestly I'd like to gauge Ryback's ability in the ring more with the Miz rather than a done to death glorified squash match. I know the guy is good (He's no Chris Jericho, however) but I'd like to see some of the moves he used earlier in his debut again, like the Backpack Stunner.
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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

Oh no. Ryback as the IC champion? NO! NO! NO! NO!

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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

I hope they do pull the trigger on Ryback/Miz because it's high time to see what Ryback really has to offer. Obviously Miz isn't a great worker by any means but at least those two would conceivably have matches that last longer than 3 minutes and would probably feature a little live mic time for the big man as opposed to pre-taped clips. If people get firmly behind him and he handles himself well, push him. If not, take some focus off him.
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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

I think he'll do a 'Warrior' and win the IC title and not quite the WWE title but the World title, Smackdown will be his show once Sheamus switches to RAW permanently.

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I like this fued Ryback was going no where fast can't remeber in a while when a monster face ran threw people and may dominate a champion that's useally for heels. This fued reminds me of raven vs goldeberg or warrior vs perfect ryback will beat the miz and I think its only right it happens miz wasn't a bad ic champ but he was still losing as champ now the question is if ryback wins the belt how will he lose it ?

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Re: Ryback/Miz fued?

Ryback marks are funny. he's nothing but Skipp Sheffield aka Ryan Reeves, the greeniest rookie that can't wrestle.

they just roided him up and book him stronger, then you people fell into it.

if they have Nathan Jones doing Goldberg's gimmick, you people will think Nathan Jones should be world champion. that's how stupid marks are.

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Anyone actually starting to like Ryback and looking forward to his feud with The Miz

I remember when Ryback debuted I hated him I just thought he was a Goldberg rip off, another Brodus Clay with jobber matches and then I watched more and more of his matched and started to fall in love him ripping his brilliantly named jobbers apart (Notable mentions Stan Stansky, Millard Fillmore, and Rutherford PS Hayes) and then when he started to use his catchphrases the kid in me came alive a bit and felt myself wanting to chant along with him. Then we come to the best thing about Ryback his themes his original instrumental theme is a jim johnston classic and the rhythm and build pumped me up, When Ryback debuted his new theme I was extremely worried but I remembered most of the greats have lyrics in their music and then I actually listened to the lyrics and they are awesome. All I can say is bring on Miz vs Ryback if there is one way Miz can draw ratings its when he cuts a promo just look at his Wrestlemania promos heading into his match with Cena and he even drew well with Jerry Lawler.

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Re: Anyone actually starting to like Ryback and looking forward to his feud with The

Ryback isn't captivating to me yet until I see him in an actual feud and match with someone credible not a bunch of jobbers. Hopefully The Miz will be a start although I fear for The Miz seeing as he'll possibly get squashed. For a guy who main evented and defeated Cena at WrestleMania to be in the current state he's in atm is embarrassing.
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