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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I don't like Barrett. I didn't like him as the Nexus leader, even though I should like him because he's British.
His old finisher was shit, this finisher he does it shit. He's boring and expected. Nothing special.
Plus his promos are crap.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Originally Posted by Undashing Rom View Post
He's boring and expected. Nothing special.
Plus his promos are crap.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Barrett's new finisher is a joke, I think most of us can agree on that. Hell, I've done worse to people who try to cut in line at Starbucks.

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Youtube, RaF of Wade Barrett, Spoilers

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Re: Youtube, RaF of Wade Barrett, Spoilers

The rise and fall of Wade Barrett? Give the guy a chance, his career is only just beginning for christ sake.

Anyway, I don't think you're allowed to make shameless plugs brah, this'll be closed soon. Rightfully so, it's stupid, really really stupid.
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WWE.COM: Inside Barrett's New Move, The Souvenir


For Wade Barrett, it's back to brutal basics.

After more than six months away from WWE, Barrett is back and he’s looking to make up for lost time. During his absence from WWE television, the British Superstar returned to his bare-knuckle fighting roots to “reignite the flame.” With a new look and a new aggressive attitude, Barrett’s Barrage looks more intense and vicious than ever before.

But Barrett has added more to his arsenal than facial hair and new entrance music. He also has introduced a devastating finishing move, one that he has taken to calling the Souvenir.

“Part of the reason why I call it the Souvenir is that my opponent is going to take a piece of it away with them for the rest of their life,” the towering Brit explained. “I expect it will permanently alter them. That’s the nature of knockouts. It’s a given that they’re going to have permanent damage.”

Barrett has already brutally defeated his first three opponents with the “keepsake,” showing just how destructive it can be. Although the move is ruthless and high-impact, the real beauty of the Souvenir is in its simplicity. After raking his opponent’s face, Barrett pushes them away and then arm wrenches them back into a vicious elbow smash to the face or temple. It utilizes some of Barrett’s best assets — his height, natural leverage and brawling background — and ties them together in one sudden move that is at once vicious and minimalist.

Although the move might be new to WWE fans, it’s most certainly not to Barrett, who has employed the elbow smash on countless occasions. “I used it all the time in bare-knuckle fights,” he said. “It’s a final act of humiliation after I’d softened my opponent up first. It was the final nail in the coffin.”

The former Intercontinental Champion ruminated on what makes it so successful: “It’s a variation of a knockout blow. In bare-knuckle fighting, you’re always looking to disable your opponent as quickly as possible. I have gone back to my roots as a fighter and it was something I wanted to bring into my arsenal.” By going back to basics and reconnecting with his roots, Barrett may have rediscovered the physical style — and the finishing move — that could finally carry him to WWE’s summit.

“Wasteland and the Winds of Change are still there in my arsenal," Barrett explained, making it clear that the emergence of the Souvenir does not mean that his other signature moves are now obsolete. “I just think people are more intimidated by the prospect of getting an elbow smashed into their temple than the prospect of a slam.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Although Wasteland is very effective and Barrett has used it to defeat iconic Superstars like Randy Orton and John Cena, it may actually be even more useful now. If Barrett’s opponents must account for the Souvenir and his enhanced in-your-face, bare-knuckle style, then either Wasteland or the Winds of Change could be a dangerous and unexpected change of pace that the former Intercontinental Champion can pull out of his bag of tricks.

“I think it’s very effective," Barrett said with a smile, confident in the Souvenir and where it will lead him. “It’s taken out everyone who’s come into contact with it so far. It gives me a whole new edge and I’m sure it’s going to lead me to great success.”

Other WWE Superstars, you’ve been warned.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Wasteland was A LOT better than this new finisher. It has 0 impact as a finisher.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

^Agreed. Imagine him winning the World title with that stupid elbow finisher. Wasteland may look weak but it still has cool factor about it, like Cena's AA.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

The only thing Wasteland has for it as a finishing move is the setup for it.

However, since this is a promotion based on (generally mindless) theatrics, that already makes it better than "The Souvenir." If they're serious about having it as Barrett's coup de grace then it'll have to be built the.fuck.up.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I don't think Wasteland is the best finisher. But I think it's a lot better than Winds of Change or The Souvenir. If it were up to me I would give him the powerbomb.

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