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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

If he's a bare knuckle fighter why is his finisher an elbow to the head? Also how can he be a bare knuckle fighter with his hands taped? isn't the whole point of bare knuckle fighting to fight with your hands bare no tape or gloves?

They've really destroyed any momentum he had with those vignette's. The whole open for business thing seems to have been dropped all together, Barrett didn't show up on smackdown and didn't say anything on Raw. I bet you the writers didn't even know what open for business meant, they just wrote it then couldn't figure out where to take it and just dropped it.

So i guess now all he's gonna do is destroy jobbers until the writers can think of something for him. Honestly WWE needs to realize these fucking squash matches don't do anything for anyone the crowd could care less about Barrett defeating Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, or Yoshi Tatsu. Put him in a damn feud or the crowd will not give a shit about him, judging by the reactions tonight they've already lost interest in him. You can almost hear a pin drop now whenever Barrett has a match, seriously its that bad.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Bring back Wasteland. The new finisher is fucking shit.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Push him to the main event against Sheamus over the World title.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

He looks fucking badass at the moment, I just wish they'd give him a program and show off his character development a bit more. They have totally butchered his return, all he's been doing is squashing jobbers, he's better than that.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

they are clearly taking their time with this guy. He is too good to be involved in only squash matches
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

He has just been sort of floating around really doing nothing especially after the creative vignettes. Since he is a heel he should have been called out by someone from his past. Wade himself said via those vignettes that sometimes you have to go back to your roots, or where it all started, something to that affect. In any case a part of his past could be Drew McIntyre. They used to be a tag team, and were friends. I realize McIntyre is a jobber at this point to most, but it's still something they could have went with. An angle involving Drew, and Wade where McIntyre tries to convince Wade to join up with him, and do something they have never done in the WWE, and that's win the Tag Team championships.

Both are heels, and I think if Wade first rejected it would add a bit more to the story. This way Drew can convince Wade that as a tag team they are unstoppable. Perhaps Drew says he knows how much he despises the fact that an Irishman is WHC, and says that he hates Sheamus just as much as Wade does. Drew says that having common enemies are what tag teams do. Perhaps they costs Sheamus his title, and help Ziggler cash in his MITB? Just a thought. Having them become the bullies of the WWE would be awesome backstage, and I think a tag team title feud with Kane, and Bryan would be ideal.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

that elbow really needs to be a signature. stagger the opponent and then set him up for the Wasteland. not sure why they went away with the Wasteland entirely.

he's going to end up getting wrecked by Sheamus with ease, hard to look forward to. good in the ring, really good on the mic, but before Barrett is Sheamus' personal jobber much like ADR was, looks we're going to be subjected to Sheamus making Big Show look like a weak punk bitch for a while. can't fucking wait.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion


This could be a potential finisher, he executed it very nicely last match

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Isn't that the Bossman Slam?


Credit: A$AP
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I like the guy, he was born 15 minutes away from me but since he's come back I've been bored shitless by his "ring" ability and promos. I know he can wrestle but he's taking the bare knuckle fighting gimmick a bit too far.

Seeing as I've had a lot of PM's about the sig it's from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_Point_%28film%29

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