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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

To be truly honest, i couldn't give a rats ass what his theme is or what his reaction is or even what finisher he uses, I am just 110% happy that Barrett is back...
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

he's the real deal. that return fucking sucked though. not really a big deal at all, just thought it was shitty that Michael Cole basically says "Wade Barrett returns... next...."

don't mind the elbow at all either, i just hope it's not his finisher. i think the Wasteland is just fine as a finisher. also loved the knees over the ropes followed by the big boot.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Just glad he's back...he's always been a favorite of mine for some reason and I thought this return was okay.

- New finisher: Meh...I actually REALLY like the move just...Not sure if it should be his finisher.

- New theme: I....I don't know. Definitely better than his last theme...but that's not saying much. Again...I'm not sure what to think about it, maybe it'll grow on me.

Overall, good to see em back, hope DAT BARRAGE appears on raw tonight
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I love the fact that he uses the finisher of internet darling Ohno/Hero.
That fat Nickelback dude issn't going to be top star in the WWE.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

he looks more badass and manly now(not that he didn't before, specially being surrounded by the effeminate metrosexuals of the current roster). I like it.


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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

Glad to see him back but to be honest that return wasn't anything special.
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

wade barrett is a great wrestler he just didnt get the pop i expected
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

time for him to cement himself as the 2nd best heel behind CM punk cuz he has the capability of doing it.Excited to see where this new "street fighter" gimmick goes.i want to see a legit feud between him and sheamus but i want them to wait till mania for that

Top 5:

1) Bray Wyatt
2) Seth Rollins
3) AJ Styles
4) Kevin Owens
5) Roman Reigns
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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

I can't believe they didn't put Barrett on Raw this week, after all the hype about his return.

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Re: Wade Barrett Discussion

-The new look is good. The beard gives him more of an edge and the trunks look better than the ones that looked like calf shit before he got hurt. I also like that he didn't come out with that cape. If Role Models has taught us anything it's that 'people to avoid people in capes.'

-Hate the theme. I was a huge fan of 'We are One' and 'End of Days' but the last two songs he's used have been awful. If he's supposed to be this badass brawler guy I think he needs something heavier.

-The physicality in his moveset is nice but I think his matches are going to put the casuals to sleep even faster than they did before. He can't rely solely on beating on people without mixing in a few actual wrestling moves or people are going to get sick of it real quick. The elbow finisher would make a nice signature move but I'd still rather see him use the Winds of Change to end matches.
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