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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

I don't think people understand what GOAT means, it's ONE person, you can't be "a GOAT", you can only be "The GOAT". As for Sheamus, he's going to be big by the end of his career, without a doubt, from the way he's getting over to the way the company are protecting him. From Summerslam live reports, the line for Sheamus' table at Axxess was the biggest and people on RAW were surprised by the reaction he got, saying that the fans are now seeing him as a big time star on the level of Cena and Orton and his pop rivaled them. He's a successful project and is only 3 years in the company. But the GOAT? No. For him to be the Greatest Of All Time, he needs to transcend the industry like no other, to become bigger than the business, to sell out stadiums with a facial expression, to bring rare magic every time he opens his mouth, to have that once in a lifetime charisma that can captivate and turn every head in any room. To be bigger than Maradona, bigger than Jordan, bigger than Jackson, bigger than Ali, bigger than The Rock, and that's not happening, not with him and not with anyone else.
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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

The GOAT is the Rock. Got so fucking popular he actually transcended the industry and was the most successful crossover star without any serious competition. And this is all without booking protection. Most unique, charismatic, and enthralling performer in the history of wrestling, bar none.

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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
This is 2012, not 1980. It's impossible to take anyone who looks like that seriously.
says the guy who marks for Damien Sandow...not saying Sheamus has a look to be remembered, but youre saying that Sheamus cant be taken seriously b/c he belongs in 80's or 90's WWF?

Sandow, the man who wears Rick Martel's tights and boots though, he...he can be taken seriously, right? (dont misconstrue what i said here. b/c i think Damien is pretty good now that I have given him time. It's merely a comment about his LOOK)

Edit: and in response to the OP. you think a guy will be a GOAT b/c of his look? That's some straight up silliness right there.

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Unless goat stands for grey, old and tired that is lies.

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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

I'm a big Sheamus fan (duh) and I'm not so sure about this...
Although he will never be considered GREAT, or one of the GREATS, he will be remembered.
He did some pretty memorable things:
-First ever Irish-born WWE champ
-Fastest WHC win at Wrestlemania
-Won Royal Rumble 2012

And I bet he will do more.
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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

He caused the greatest upset since 1-2-3 kid beat razor.Nobody expected hon to beat cena.It was a clean victory.that was a even bigger shock.
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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

Iv already commented on this thread, but I need to again.

The child who made the OP is a disgrace, and is exactly what is wrong with todays WWE.

An uneducated, PG loving child!

First off, how can Sheamus be A GOAT ??

There can only be one, the rest are contenders for that honour, in peoples opinions.

So there you have already proved you dont understand the simple concept of the term, GOAT.

And also, I seriously find it extremely hard for any wrestler on the roster today to ever be considered the GOAT.

To many greats have come and gone that no current superstar compare to.

Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, HHH, Undertaker to name just a few.

Can anyone honestly say that any current rostered performer will ever compare to any of them.

Its a FACT that they will not.

WWE PG is a COMPLETELY different industry than Post WWE.

So again I will say, little uneducated children like the OP maker have no idea of what has once occured in the ring, and will continue to make obscene threads like this.

The true wrestling fans however will know this, and will just point and laugh at kids who think Sheamus will be the GOAT.

And ALSO , Drew McIntrye has the best look in WWE, Then Sheamus, haha - you truely are DELUDED. Freak

  • Stone Cold
  • HHH
  • The Rock
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Kurt Angle

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Seth Rollins
  • Kevin Owens
  • Kane
  • Randy Orton


John Cena - John Cena - John Cena


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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

What? Even if he does end up having a career like that he won't be considered a GOAT for something as arbitrary as his look.

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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

Greatest overpushed awful talent?
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Re: Sheamus will be a GOAT when he retires

My face when OP seems to think:

1. Sheamus is GOAT material
2. Drew McIntyre is still relevant/worth talking about

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