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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

Originally Posted by mpcdude View Post
Can someone tell me why he said that The Miz is in a movie about FROGS???
Because the Miz looks like a frog. He also looks like a duck.
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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

They have used Piper and Pipers Pit so many times this year that it just isn't special anymore. It is like seeing Hacksaw or Slaughter come out just for the sake of being on TV. It is pointless.

Piper was obviously drunk and that was sad. Shame that it overshadows Jericho saying his catch phrases and Ziggler being given the time to talk on the mic., which he did a good job with.
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Re: Piper was embarassing tonight

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
Vince had Cole bury the segment, so we know what he thought of it.
exactly.. thats kinda cool piper fucked with it after vince shat on it like that.

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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

well I agree that piper is too often on tv. however it wasn't as bad as his promo with cyndy lauper.
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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

The whole thing was definitely off from the beginning. Piper didn't seem to know Jericho was face, which probably threw his whole plan off as to how to start the whole interview. Then he started going off the rails talking about the fans cheering him against Mr. T, knowing Jericho's dad, the kid in the crowd.....LOL at Cole saying "this Piper's Pit is starting to stink!" out of nowhere. He was obviously fed that line. Then they rushed Vickie out there......Piper just kept on talking. LOL.

The "you're wearing pink"....they were clearly improvising there, though the Dolph section wasn't bad as Jericho-Dolph-Vickie kind've took over.

Then Miz comes out, and Piper's trying to get the Y2J chant going, complete with hand signals, over Miz's music......that's when you really knew he was off. You could see Jericho cover his mic, because he knew Piper was about to talk when he shouldn't be, at one point.

What a mess. Piper was terrible and took away from the segment. Jericho-Vickie-Dolph.....I felt bad for them, because they were clearly trying to keep the thing from going off the rails and they did a pretty good job. This is their angle and all 3 are good professionals......I felt bad they had Piper screwing their angle up on the go-home show before Summerslam.
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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

Originally Posted by ManiacMichaelMyers View Post
Here's my theory. Piper was tol4 his was going to 4o a Piper's Pit at the last secon4. These 3 hour RAWs nee4 to fill up their new hour now. So I'm thinkin it was sort of sprung on him. He was given the bullet points before going out...which is why he was goin thru them outlou4 on live tv. He probably actually 4oesn't know who Miz is. I WISH I 4i4n't know who Miz was. So I give him props on that. The frog movie star Moz about sums about who Miz is compare4 to the Hot Ro4.
Are you fucking kidding me?

Have you never seen a person drunk before? "given the bullet points before going out which is why he was going through them out loud"


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Re: Piper was embarassing tonight

Originally Posted by ultimatekrang View Post
its his fault he didnt know the dynamics of the angle? he was blatantly just bought in half assed to give a little boost to the feud, was probably some last minute thing and this was the result. the whole was just botched.

i cant really blame piper, goin off the rails is his kind of thing, also, im not trying to save it, the whole segment was shit anyway and he was the best part, whether he was talking over ziggler and saying y2j..y2g.. over miz or not.
Yes I'd expect him to know the dynamics b/c he watches the WWE and should know what to expect when he comes out.

Him talking over people and making a fool of himself is what ruined the segment. He had to be restrained at one point by Jericho. But I get that he's your favourite and you'll purposely view things differently to see him in a good light so it's okay.
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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

I thought he was good. Was an enjoyable segment, imo.

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He was dreadful as always. Miz/y2j/vickie saved the day

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Re: Piper was embarrassing on Raw

anyone notice that the crowd completely dead when he appeared on the titantron? compare to HBK in the same segment.

Piper, Duggan, D.Rhodes and Sgt.Slaughter are legends that don't look like legend anymore. WWE keep bringing them back too much.
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