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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: Ratings obsession?

I think ratings are important to all of us. if you're invested in the wrestling business as a long time fan, you don't want to see it fail, so seeing the ratings drop from 6.0-7.0 in the attitude era to 3.5 average as of last year, now to 2.5-2.7 on average, is a bit alarming. It took them 12 years to lose 50% of their audience from the ratings they were pulling in wrestling's boom period, and now going from 3.5 to 2.5 ratings they've lost almost 30% of their audience in only ONE year. And CM Punk isn't to blame, he didnt even headline PPV's for half of his title reign, its WWE's fault as a whole.

If you don't understand why ratings are so important.. the way TV networks make their money is ad revenue from airing commercials. Higher ratings = more money for the network and access to bigger names in advertising. On the other hand, when a show loses ratings, it will become less profitable for the network and risk having advertisers pull out, because they want their commercials seen by as many people as possible. If WWE's ratings get much lower they could lose advertisers and then have a real crisis on their hands, that could lead to USA network dropping WWE.

The reality is they're getting closer to TNA numbers than I ever thought possible. its a downward trend that can't be ignored.. they will rise a bit for RR through Wrestlemania, but then what? What happens next year if they're down to a 2.0 around this time? the ratings are a window into the quality of the product, theyre as low as they've ever been now which means the watered down PG product isn't keeping people watching loyally like it used to.

3 hour raws, kid-friendly content and and failure to make new stars is whats killing the business. Why do you think they're forced to bring Rock, Lesnar, HHH and others at the big shows? they don't have anyone else to headline them to make them feel important, and that's scary for WWE's future when these old stars can't go anymore.

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Re: Ratings obsession?

Wow some people are so pathetic

Not to mention names.

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Die Neon Czarina
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Re: Ratings obsession?

b/c it makes them feel as if they know what they're talking about?

idk. It's nonsensical. Watch the damn show. If you don't like it, then don't watch.

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Re: Ratings obsession?

I've said it before and I will say it again...NOW LISTEN VERY CLOSELY...

Why would you pay for something that is free? the internet, specifically illegal streaming, is killing off television. this isn't an unknown fact or anything, the television industry is fully aware of this and has been for years.

Why pay for cable or pay for a PPV when its available, free, at the click of a button?

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Re: Ratings obsession?

What part of Mark "Ratings" Henry don't you guys get?

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Re: Ratings obsession?

There are bad ratings because of bad writers and bad quality shows. One wrestler cannot be given all the blame. And the OP is right, yeah, there are more internet streams and dirt sheets which doesn't make the casual fan want to tune on TV as much when they can figure everything out over the Internet. Smackdown Spoilers have definitely killed not only my appeal of SD but many others on here as well, and that's why the ratings have dropped.

Couple that with the rise in popularity of sports in America and abroad, this is why the ratings are going down. You can't sit and blame just one single wrestler though. Bad writing is the main cause of it and I basically agree with the OP.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Seriously, what the fuck was this?

Is he practicing a fucking facial expression for Myspace or something? Then the whole putting the names on the video & it was just so bad all around. Like, who oversees this shit & doesn't point ANY of this shit out!?
It's character exploration. The promo is over hyped by the marks, but it was still alright. The Shield is really getting peeps to get behind Ryback more.

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Re: Ratings obsession?

Originally Posted by Stocking Filled w/HAYLEY JOY~! View Post
b/c it makes them feel as if they know what they're talking about?

idk. It's nonsensical. Watch the damn show. If you don't like it, then don't watch.
Same can be applied to Star Ratings for Matches.

I've always felt people on here were too generous with that. Throwing around 4 star ratings like Turner throws around money.

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Re: Ratings obsession?

The thing is the show is crap and so we like to see justice with crap ratings. We want to see the AE back or atleast some reason to watch Raw on a weekly basis.
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Re: Ratings obsession?

Its true its worse in the TNA section Like who cares if less people are watching wrestling i only care about if 1 person enjoyed the show and thats me. If i like something in a show i couldnt careless about the rest of you. I dont watch wrestling thinking god i hope the guys on wrestleforum are enjoying this...

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