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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

Originally Posted by Queen Akasha View Post
As long as John is the biggest babyface, he'll never turn heel. Someone has to surpass him before Vince ever considers turning him heel.
That's the thing as long as Cena is face no one can surpass him because he will always be booked better.

A heel Cena is needed to create the next big babyface.

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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

Doubt it. He is just one guy who's biggest worth to the company lies in merchandise sales, not ratings or PPV buys or media sales. John Cena, despite being very popular, draws only as much as his fanbase is willing to pay for him. Dave Meltzer has stated many times that Cena's worth as a draw to the company does not resonate with his level of popularity, not even half of it. Lets not forget, Cena as a bad guy is not going to attract the same demo, kids and teens of the world. Infact, the potential risk of Cena's heel turn hurting the company, especially in merch sales and their primary topface marketing strategies they heavily rely on, far outweigh the success of it long-term to WWE.

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Yes. Only thing that can save this hopeless product is Cena turning heel.
Not really.
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
No, because if Cena turned heel, then he'd just be booed by kids and cheered by adults.
We're talking about viewership. And it depends how he's booked. If he insults the crowd hard enough and wrestles like crap he ain't getting praised by the adults.

Originally Posted by blazegod99 View Post
You fucking politically correct morons are quick to defend WWE for every pussy ass decision they make, but complain about the show lacking attitude and intensity... SMH.
Right on!
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

you say its critical if cena turns heel so what if he quit or had a serious injury or had a car smash. surly the wwe have looked at ifs and buts and surly there is a plan b if anything did happen to cena.
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

the more i think about the more i dont want it any more
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

I agree roadkill_. It makes sense. A Cena heel turn is what fans who have tuned out but check up desperately want, and what regular fans for a majority desperately want. It would not cause a massive boom era like Hulk Hogan's, due to Wrestling just not being that mainstream anymore, aswell as the fact Cena is not as big as Hulk Hogan was at all. As for how it would be done. It needs to be a slow build, that teeters to keep people guessing, then just goes all out with a bang. Although, ratings could also be increased by having decent creative and booking. But nothing will change.

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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

oh, a john cena heel turn thread. HOW FUCKING ORIGINAL
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

The WWE need to be competent enough to do the heel turn correctly, and considering they can't do anything right at the moment, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Besides, one heel turn isn't going to a fix a product which is a fucked from top to bottom.
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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

1 man and his turn doesn't equal ratings! Do you think people who don't care about wrestling will suddenly care? no. Wrestling is not cool anymore. Do you honestly believe a heel turn will improve creative and the booking?

1 man doesn't equal ratings! Get over it. If Cena is such a draw why do we have such low ratings? do you think because he doesn't have a championship belt, people would start watching again? So get off this is he/isn't he a draw. You draw and fail collectively not as individuals.

Even during the beloved Attitude era you had Austin, Rock, HHH, Undertaker, Kane, Jericho etc. collectively they all could draw if you had a show with the same low-mid cards and same writers as today but Austin was on top of the card do you think it would of drawn? no. The reason it did draw the ratings it did was because of everyone who performed as well as the backstage crew. Which made for an entertaining show.

Individually 1 person can draw but it won't make much difference to the overall ratings. To make a 3.5-4.0 you need more than 1 person. Especially over 3 hours. Cm Punk drew me back to wrestling but how come the ratings haven't went up? To every 1 person who is happy with a decision there's another guy who's pissed about it.

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Re: Heel Cena would pull 4.0 ratings

I just wonder what else is there for a face Cena to do? Just think of all of the fresh storylines creative could draw up using a heel or anti-hero Cena. Putting the next 'top face' in a feud with a nearly unstoppable heel Cena not long after his debut would be great way to foreshadow the future of the WWE's Main Event Scene like the backstage encounter Cena had with the Undertaker after his debut match against Kurt Angle.

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