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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Although a lot of us enjoyed Kofi Dolph, it lost 262k viewers.
IWC's delight = WWE going bankrupt? :S
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Mister Hands View Post
So the takeaway is that when you put out an inconsistent product, even your main draws get inconsistent ratings. Nobody's a big enough deal that people will sit through 3 hours of mediocre television. Colour me surprised.
Doesn't help on top of this it's 3 hours... even when you have decent stuff in the final hour like Bryan/Kane people are so worn out they just start tuning out.

But, to be fair, they went up against the final bit of that close and controversial game of american football too.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Secueritae View Post
Although a lot of us enjoyed Kofi Dolph, it lost 262k viewers.
IWC's delight = WWE going bankrupt? :S
it was also cut from raw on hulu plus.
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

There's a difference between someone who draws and someone who drew.

How many on the current roster could be classified a bonafide attraction on name alone for fans of the product as well as those outside the WWE/professional wrestling bubble?
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

So, only three segments actually gained viewers, and all of them featured Punk in the prominent role. Can this Punk can't draw fad die now?

Also it warms my heart that Ryback lost 500'000 viewers in his biggest squash match yet.

And its pretty horrible that a match featuring the World Heavyweight Champion and the biggest heel on SD loses viewers in the top of the hour quarter.

And viewers apparently hate the DB and Kane angle, all of their segments have bombed.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Quarter Hours - September 24th, 2012
Q1 + Q2 - - 3.908 million
Q3 - 3.646 million
Q4 - 3.351 million
Q5 + Q6 - 4.228 million
Q7 + Q8 - 3.695 million
Q9 - 3.694 million
Q10 - 3.282 million
Q11 - 3.248 million
Q12 + Overrun - 3.796 million

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

I really don't see why any of these numbers are cause for celebration or proof that somebody draws tbh. The highest point of the show only had 4.2 million people watching. 4.2 million. That's fucking awful. Yes, Punk/Foley at 9pm had a great gain and it was a great segment but really, all they did was get back the people who left in the slot before them. 3.3 mill to 4.2 million. The good thing is that they came back of course but it sort of takes the sting away when you put it like that. Outside of the opener which has been the only thing doing consistently well for the past few weeks now, for that part of the show at least, every thing else bombed. That breakdown is horrific. They lost viewers all night pretty much and didn't even get them back in their usual numbers for the main segments. The overrun is just...I don't even know. Seems like the third hour has made the ending to the show redundant now because nobody is tuning in to watch whether it's Cena, Punk or whoever. 10pm did horribly which seems to be the trend now it seems. The 3 hour format has really killed their ability to get any gains on the level that they would usually expect. The last thing that did well at 10pm iirc was Trips retirement which had over 5 million viewers and gained over 600k based on him alone and was the highest point of the show. That's somebody who draws, who is a draw and who has been doing so at the highest level for a very long time as a legitimate star attraction that the vast majority of fans want to see.

I don't see how anybody can go calling Punk a draw based off these numbers tbh. It's actually making me lol. Least watched Raw in over 5 years, Punk's a draw!! Forget the fact that 9pm did well and look at the overall picture instead of wetting your pants over 4.2 million viewers. I personally will not call CM Punk a draw until he proves on a consistent basis that he is and I really don't see how anybody, other than his marks of course, can say it either. Any time he has done well he has done so with a legend, never on his own. Don't you find that coincidental? Even Miz has gained over 1 million viewers on his name alone. I take nothing away from that Punk/Foley promo btw. The credit goes to both of them because it was great stuff, from both of them and deserved to be the high point of the night because it was for me. But I don't see that segment doing half as good as it did if it were just Punk by himself. You have to look at things in context. When Punk loses viewers at 10pm it's brushed under the rug. When he gains at 9pm he's a mega draw. It's the hypocrisy that gets me tbh.

Kane/DB sucking in the ratings is crap. I really enjoy those segments and think they're hilarious but they clearly aren't doing the business as the past few weeks have shown.

And I'm not letting Cena off the hook here either. He didn't appear for the entire show and they promoted him doing so at the end. They also promoted Punk coming out to confront him during Punk/Foley too. The result was pitiful. For the main feud to not even be able to get over a 3.0 overrun is just shocking and it's a terrible reflection on the program itself. Something clearly just isn't clicking here. The difference is, Cena can fall back on the fact that he has drawn at the highest level on a consistent basis. We all know he is a draw but the pattern in recent times has shown that he isn't as consistent as he used to be. Punk on the other hand, he has nothing to fall back on. That's why Cena is able to get somewhat of a free pass I suppose. I'll still hold him to account though. 2.74 for an advertised John Cena appearance sucks balls plain and simple.

The only thing left to consider is the fact that the football game had a huge number. That doesn't absolve them of fault though. If they want to compete with that every week then they need to produce a television product that can. Getting their audience back up to a regular 5 million every week wouldn't be a bad place to start. Right now they can't even get 4.
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Don't see the surprise here of "See, Punk gained", obviously, he was in all the key segments of the show(And the overall audience was the lowest for a non-holiday RAW since 1997). The factor here is the gain and that overrun was a disaster number and one of the lowest RAW overruns since they started doing overruns after Bischoff started this "trick" with Nitro. The only real decent spot here is Mick Foley's return promo. Everything else was horrible, including the Ryback match but that was more because it was right after a big surprise with Foley at the 9pm segment.
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

People shouldn't be too concerned with the possibility of management tossing aside the Kane-Bryan team concept because of the numbers. It's obvious they're intent on pushing the tag-team aspect of the program. Whether or not they'll get the same coverage remains to be seen, however.

Saying that, it wouldn't be a bad thing they toned back the hug segments (love it if they ditched it altogether from this point) and became more proactive in creating weekly 'hooks' to keep things fresh. Personal taste aside (I don't find Team Friendship funny, although I don't look to WWE for comedic value), I reckon a lot of viewers quite like the Anger Management concept but can't stand the 'hug it out' schtick. Aside from its charm it's not exactly captivating, must-see television, and a lot of casuals hate seeing that sort of stuff in their program.

Then again, they seem to like love-triangle storylines.
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Kabraxal View Post
Can't say I'm surprised... the booking is so inconsistent right now for most of the card and there are very few reasons to actually care about what is happening anymore. Most fans have been cultivated and trained through months and years of bad booking to not get invested becasue the WWE will not follow through on anything. And on top of that... you take a star that was actually over, made him the typical snivelling, whiny, cowardly heel that gets upstaged by the bullies WWE calls faces and most people just shrug and find something better to watch. This booking is on par, if not worse, than the New Generation Era. Just now, TNA hasn't reached WCW's level yet to force McMahon's hand into actually improving his product.
Haha. Don't hold your breath on that happening anytime too soon, either.

Originally Posted by MikeChase27 View Post
Whatever push Ryback was going to get could be dead after this week lol.
No way. A roughly half a million viewer loss coming off the top quarter hour segment with Punk and Foley where Ryback's involvement really wasn't that big and there was a comedy segment and a bunch of commercials in there, too... It's not going to impact Ryback one bit.

Anyway, I'm sure Vince is somewhere glancing at the breakdown, letting his eyeglasses slip down his nose a little bit, and then raising his eyes to Triple H, cackling, "I told you this tag team shit doesn't draw, son! Now, starting next week, let's break up Team Friendship and have them drop the titles to Rhodes Scholars, who will break up in a couple of weeks and drop those titles back to Air Truth who will break up the following week when Kofi Kingston turns heel on R-Truth by beating up Lil Jimmy..."

I blame the replacement refs.

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