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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

They need to show some titties. That's whats keepin WWE from reaching that 4.0.

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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

Originally Posted by lic05 View Post
Why can't you guys let the past go? The Attitude Era was good, but it has been over from a very long time. Move the ***k on.
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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

2010 was the most profitable year in WWE history. Guess that answers your question.

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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
I'm not so sure, my good man. It's a different era and with WWE Network on the (very close) horizon, and ratings/PPV buys dwindling, they obviously need to take their product in a new direction.

What that direction should be, or will be, is anyone's guess...but I was trying to "think outside the box" so to speak and recommend a different take on things. Sure, we all love professional wrestling. That's why we're here. However, contrary to popular belief, a lot of people that watch wrestling on TV aren't professional wrestling fans. They're WWE fans. Just like they could be Madmen or Breaking Bad or Hawaii 5-0 fans. It's a television show to them. Just like when WWE comes to your city, you will get people that buy tickets solely because it's something "to do in town" not because everyone there reads about pro-wrestling on-line, or knows wrestlers real names, or reads the gossip about who Randy Orton is porking backstage or what pills RVD is on this week.

Also, not to downplay how drastic it would certainly be, but Vince McMahon himself doesn't think it's a "wrestling show." It's an ENTERTAINMENT show. And with his ego and wanting to be accepted into the mainstream as something other than a carny wrestling promoter, this is right up his alley.

And it wouldn't just be to improve ratings. It would be to improve ratings, increase PPV buys, hopefully open more people to WWE Network, stroke Vince's ego and give a new direction/feel to a stagnant product.

Which is to say, a helluva lot better of a discussion than "lol Punk/Jericho can't draw, you marks."
All that entertainment stuff exists to sell matches. That's it. That's the sole reason it's there. To make you want to watch match X or PPV Y. WWE is absolutely awful at this. But just because they're awful at it doesn't mean you completely throw out TV matches. There's no reason to believe that today's audience won't care about TV matches that are built up properly. People don't care because the outcome of matches doesn't matter in today's product. There's no real logic to anything. Nobody's properly pushed or booked, so why watch matches? I'm baffled that, when faced with this, your answer is not that WWE should get better at booking, but that they should throw out TV matches altogether.

It's like being a coach and having a bad quarterback. Instead of trying to get a better quarterback, you just say "Fuck it, you obviously can't pass in this league anymore so let's just never throw the ball again"
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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

WWE need to go back to Saturday morning, hell SpongeBod is getting solid 6 million views on saturday mornings

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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

Originally Posted by SteenIsGod View Post
2010 was the most profitable year in WWE history. Guess that answers your question.
Actually it was 2000. And domestically 2010 was not as good as people think.

Originally Posted by blazegod99 View Post
You fucking politically correct morons are quick to defend WWE for every pussy ass decision they make, but complain about the show lacking attitude and intensity... SMH.
Right on!
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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Stop saying CM Punk cant draw, Jericho cant draw etc the overall product just sucks, I find myself switching off half way threw, Not one person can affect the ratings it's VINCE & HIS BOOKING and guess what, Were gonna have the same convo every week because it's not getting better anytime soon.
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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

I see them attempting it out of desperation once ratings get even lower.

"Imagine the worst situation - we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You cannot pretend you are a big club. A big club holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take [players] away from you." - Arsene Wenger
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Ratings DON'T matter to us

Why are we all interested in ratings again? Do any of us work for WWE or benefit from these higher ratings? Do more people watching wrestling make or break your enjoyment of the product? Do high ratings while your favorite superstar is champion make him some sort of a better wrestler? I seriously don't see why ANYONE cares about this. If I liked watching two and a half men I sure as hell wouldn't be concerned about the ratings it gets every week, I would just care about the show itself. What people seem to be doing is drawing a correlation between the quality of the show in THEIR opinion, to the ratings. You think what makes a good show in a lot of your opinions is what will make more people watch? I bet not.

Bottom line, WRESTLING IS NOT "COOL" ANYMORE. It has NOTHING to do with the characters or who is champion. Being champion doesn't mean a SINGLE thing to ratings. All it means is youre in the last match and you carry around your belt. The problem? WWE has gathered a strong following from kids and they are not a reliable demographic. These last few years have had so many childish story lines that new people wouldn't dare to tune into this "new era" simply because wrestling tarnished it's name. So where does that leave those old hardcore wrestling fans who want to see two men beat the crap out of each other in a serious environment? That answer is UFC. WWE lost that demographic to UFC and is now seen as a scripted, little brother to it. WWE claims it doesn't compete with UFC, of course it doesn't, it can't. But they wanted that, they wanted that "new younger demographic", and they got it. But they will sure as hell not be able to get back older fans for a very, VERY long time.

Unfortunately, simply changing to an edgier product won't help things. In fact, it might hurt things. Children will stop watching because their parents won't let them, and wrestling will still be 2nd to UFC if they try to appeal to an older demographic. WWE is content with their loyal fanbase of 4 million and that 2-3% (50-100k) that buy the PPV's.

WWE is more of a circus act than anything else now-a-days. But honestly that's what WWE wanted. More money is made off of merchandise. They can sell those silly Cena shirts for like 30 bucks each to every kid, plus an additional 60 or so for the ticket. Ratings and demographics are just a tool for what ads should be shown and how much the station makes off of them. Sure WWE would like to have more people watching their product, but this isn't really where the money comes from. WWE has a strong enough amount of viewers that jumping between a 3.0 and 4.0 is meaningless. And by any great miracle that WWE does pull in older and new fans, they won't be spending 40-60 bucks on these horrid makeshift PPV's. Watch the show and enjoy it for what it is. I'm sure WWE pays qualified people to look into these things, not us.

1)Ratings should not matter to us. Your favorite wrestler being a draw or not does not make you a better fan nor does it make the person you like better than other people's favorite wrestlers. People always try to battle other people to see whos favorite is better.

2)Ratings to the WWE matters somewhat, but little can be done to improve it. And what can be done doesn't involve storyline or character changes. Most of the money is made on Merch/PPV purchases/Tickets



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Re: Ratings DON'T matter

They do if they wanna stay on the network!
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