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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread 3/28

I'm only half way through watching Raw but the HHH/HBK and Undertaker promo was great. Had made wrestlemainia look a lot more interesting.
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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread 3/28

I've watched some of the main segments a few times now, so here's some thoughts...

Undertaker/Triple H/Shawn Michaels did a great job selling the match in their final confrontation. It's a pity the build wasn't a good as ths the whole way through, but they did a good job on Monday. As soon as I heard HBK's music I told myself he would be announcing himself as the guest referee. In a way, I'm glad that didn't happen because we got a much more interesting promo instead. As others have already said, when he turned to Trips and said, "What makes you think you can do what I couldn't?" it was brilliant.

Trips must really be doubting himself now that his best friend in the whole world doesn't even think he can end the Streak. Every year, I tell myself that the streak won't be broken because I personally want it to remain intact. But then something happens that makes me doubt it just a little bit, and this Monday the seed of doubt was planted. We'll find out Sunday, and now I can't wait!

Punk/Orton was very fun to watch, and although Punk did his best to get his hometown fans to boo him he onl partly succeeded. I did chuckle a little when Orton went to do his punt and his leg gave out. Wasn't very convincing but it did the job. Orton is a wounded animal now and we can be sure that Punk will exploit that bad leg. Interesting stuff!

The Rock/Cena/Miz was stellar, as expected. I'll be honest, I was a bit worried that the smarky Chi-Town fans wouldn't be completely behind Rocky but they wee nuts for him as soon as he appeared on screen. Nobody seems to be talking about that humongous pop he received; it was crazy! I wasn't a fan of the camera angle they used when his music hit, because it was from the top corner of the arena and you couldn't clearly see the crowd reaction. But you could hear it, and just listening to the sustained roar during his walk down the aisle gave me goosebumps.

Rocky was pumped up, and the Team Bring It stuff was pure cheese and a prime example of what PG WWE does to The Rock, but the crowd stuck with it and they were completely behind him. Shit got real once Cena came out, and I haven't heard heat that bad since his 2006 days. Cena really upped his game this week, and although that shit about not being judged was a load of crap seeing as he was the one who judged Rocky first, what worked was Cena's delivery. He was being hypocritical but when he got serious his delivery was excellent and it really turned up the drama.

Miz coming out made things more unpredictable and he ran his mouth quite well. I won't lie, I marked out when Rocky got physical and hit the DDT and People's Elbow. Sure, he missed the nip up but I'm sure he'll shake off the ring rust which gathers after not wrestling for 7 years.

The end of the segment was brilliant; Cena and the WWE know that they're never going to get the fans 100% behind Cena so he's allowed to be a little bit tweener/heelish because he's going to get booed no matter what he does. The AA from behind was brilliant and set up an inevitable retaliation from The Rock beautifully. From there, who the hell knows what's going to go down. I'm sure as shit going to keep watching though!

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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread 3/28

What was the rating for this week?

Also, it woulda been nice to hear The Rock destroy Cena on the mic with some classics.

"Shhh!, They are Chanting the Rocks name."

Rock - "What is your name?"
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Re: Official Raw Discussion Thread 3/28

Originally Posted by Hazzard View Post
What was the rating for this week?

Also, it woulda been nice to hear The Rock destroy Cena on the mic with some classics.

"Shhh!, They are Chanting the Rocks name."

Rock - "What is your name?"
Cena - "You know wha-"
WWE have probably instructed him not to do it.

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