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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

Originally Posted by Rated 3:16 View Post
I, anybody I know nor anybody on this board knows Randy Orton, the man not the wrestler.

Any opinion formed on his character is being taken from accounts from different people that you also do not know.

My mother could tell you 10 stories about me. 5 of them would make you think. Holy Shit thats a really nice guy youre lucky to have such a great son. Then she could tell you 5 that make you go. What a wee douchebag your son is.

Unfortunately for Randy his character is out of favour at the minute so everybody brings uo bad stories about things he has done. I'm sure he has never done a good thing in his life. right?

Also the people on this board who say...OMG he out tanning oil in someones handbag. Bet noone on here has played a prank on someone like shaving your mates eyebrows when they're drunk or playing text roulette with their phone.

Holier than thou comes to mind. To sit and judge someone character when you dont' even know them is pathetic.
Putting tanning oil in someone's bag is quite different than shitting in someone's bag.

As far as judging someone's character. We all do that. You may not even know the people you think you know. All we can go buy is what people say and what we see.

Now if one person says the guy is a prick and all the rest says he's not, then you know which side to believe. But when time after time, person after person says someone's an asshole/prick then I see nothing wrong with believing that opinion without knowing the person themselves.

Also, you speak of, "holier-than-thou" attitudes when you're doing the same thing by putting yourself above everyone else who actually believes these terrible reports. That's quite hypocritical.

Personally, when someone shits in or on another person's property, I find it appalling. You can choose not to believe that happened but I have no doubt it did.

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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

People should not believe all the stories they read on Randy he seems a cool dude from what I seen of him in person. Hes matured alot since getting married, having a kid
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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

Originally Posted by bboy View Post
Orton actually beat up a member of hotel staff in England when they woke him early. He had scheduled a wake up call for a certain time but they woke him up early by mistake and he went mad and threw a load of food over them and assaulted them. Also he trashed a hotel room somewhere in europe.

Look it up if you don't believe me.

Also remember this?

Saugus - World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Randal “Randy” Orton is facing a court hearing for allegedly spitting gum in the face of a juvenile and swearing at him outside Kowloon Restaurant.

On Jan. 12 a 15-year-old male walked in to the Saugus Police Department to report that Orton, 29, assaulted him in the Kowloon parking lot earlier in the day.

Police Lt. Leonard Campanello said the purported victim alleged that Orton, a third generation professional wrestler and former WWE World Heavyweight champion, reacted angrily to a request for a photo at the Route 1 restaurant around 6:30 p.m.

The teenager told police he took a photograph of Orton in the parking lot and then asked to pose with him for another shot.

But according to the victim, Orton, a 6-foot 4-inch, 245-pound wrestler famous for his RKO finishing move, spit his gum at him and called him a derogatory name.

Campanello said the teen's mother confronted Orton, who allegedly responded “so sue me” when she voiced her protest.

Funny how Orton is involved again?

Neither one of those stories is true. Multiple fans and police officers said the 2nd one was false, while WWE superstars have debunked the 1st one. Using false stories to support bullshit doesn't make it less bullshit. Of course I'm sure now you'll have some story about how he stabbed some 7/11 owner who gave him the wrong flavor slushie.

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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

Originally Posted by MrWalsh View Post
Orton did spit in that kids face though, the police don't get involved over shit like that unless they actually have reason to believe he committed some sort of crime.
The kids mom reported him and if she had lied about what happened then she would be in jail end of story.

You can tell Orton is a dick from how he carried himself back then til now but it wouldn't give me a reason not to think hes still a dick.
You think someone would go to jail for lying? Get real. D'you think WWE and Orton would have wanted to take it that far? Truth is, and there are multiple sources for this, that Orton didn't do anything to the kid or mother. If he did actually spit in the face of a disabled kid and call him a retard Orton would be in the absolute shit. Police AND other fans at the scene have said nothing happened. Orton was leaving the restaurant escorted by police and refused to sign anything for fans and when the kid's mum got pissy about it Orton said 'so sue me'.

Stop believing shit you read on the internet to fit your own fucked up agenda.
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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

Originally Posted by MR_PERVERT_ View Post
You should be ashamed of yourself. He's a fucking pussy and I will never cheer for him. Everytime he comes on my TV, I switch it off. Even if he is getting his ass kicked by another wrestler.

To support a deserter ass pussy and cheer him on is un-American. Disregard if you are from another country.
I'm from another country and you just sound like an overly patriotic prick. Also you have no idea about the circumstances surrounding his discharge.
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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

I wonder if the orton haters believe in Santa Clause still. I read on the internet he was real so it has to be true
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Re: Is Randall Orton a jerk in real life?

LMAO at all the Orton fans who get pissy if someone doesn't like his or her wrestler. I could care less if you shat on any of my favorites.

If you Orton marks can't handle my opinions than ignore them. They are just my opinions and nothing more. Nobody will change my mind that he is a wuss in real life.

And to that fellow devil dog if you really are one, I guess you have more compassion than me becasue in my book he is a fucking pussy and will get no cheers from me. You really think privates ain't shit in the Marine Corps. Sure they are stuck with the job no one wants to do (police calling and what not) but if it weren't for them the Corps would not continue on. You are probably like one of the Marines who caused poor Randy to bitch out, picking on boots and hazing them.
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