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View Poll Results: Who is the Undertaker's greatest enemy?
Mankind 16 19.75%
Kane 42 51.85%
Yokozuna 1 1.23%
Shawn Michaels 8 9.88%
Batista 2 2.47%
Edge 8 9.88%
Ted DiBiase Sr. 0 0%
Randy Orton 0 0%
Stone Cold Steve Austin 4 4.94%
Other 0 0%
Voters: 81. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Mankind - Mankind was the only man EVER, to this day, to beat Undertaker not only physically, but mentally as well.

Kane-The history between them cant be matched

Yokozuna-The rivalry that made Taker more powerful

Shawn Michaels-Great Matches but HBk looked scared most of the time.

Batista -Nice rivalry but not the greatest

Edge-Nice rivalry but not the greatest

Ted DiBiase Sr.-Do not know

Randy Orton-Elevated Randy to a superstar.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Taker can be loved by all in IWC but at the peak of Austin 316 Taker looked like a mere mortal.No disrespect for Taker just that Austin was too popular at that time.

I will go with kane or mankind
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

I would say Kane, but it can be any of them.
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Originally Posted by SPCDRI View Post
I disagree. Mankind messed with The Undertaker on so many levels, was an absolute thorn in his side, and has bested him at Pay Per Views.

From a recap, 1996-1998 Mankind...

Bested The Undertaker in Mankind's pay per view debut at King of the Ring with a submission move.
Beat The Undertaker in a custom gimmick match (Boiler Room Brawl), stealing Paul Bearer from him in the process.
Buried him alive in the first ever Buried Alive match.
THE Hell in a Cell match, and the most televised bumps in WWF/WWE history. Standing ovation match, match of the year.

I say Mankind. More messed up things done to The Undertaker, and man did they have some gems of matches, to include HIAC.

If it weren't Mankind, it would be Michaels. I don't think Kane is The Undertaker feud.
I agree. Mankind was the first person I remember that made Taker show pain. Before then since his debut Taker no sold everything but his matches with Mankind were the first to make it look like he was being taken to the limit.
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?


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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Mankind was Undertaker's best opponent. Intimidation is a large prt of Undertaker's schtick and, as Mankind wasn't afraid of him, it spooked the Undertaker. He met somebody whose mind he couldn't get inside of - somebody as fucked up as he was. Mankind's gimmick (enjoying the pain, thriving on the beatings) made him the perfect opponent for Undertaker, who had an extremely aggressive style. The matches that these two had were always enjoyable, always memorable and Mankind gave as good as he got.

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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

It took the Undertaker more than 10 years to beat HBK one on one plus every time they got in the ring together it was greatness.

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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Interesting Selections there. Going through the Career of the Undertaker since his WWE debut in 1990 has had some interesting Feuds.

Mankind/Mick Foley: Yes deadset easily the most challenging opponent Undertaker has ever had period! People have said Shawn Michaels but talk about that soon. In Takers early days in WWE taker always had a physical and Psychological advantage over anyone and has beaten some high profile guys.

Foleys Gimmick was built up well and made taker beatable. I dont think not too many has had a good win-loss record against Taker than Mankind. Keep in Mind Mankind did have the wood over Taker in 1996 when Mankind got wins over taker at Summerslam and Buried Alive then Taker evened up the ledger with wins in survivor series 1996 and Defended the WWF title against mankind in his 1st title defence in the April 1997 ppv (revenge of the taker) after beating Sid at Wrestlemania 13. the you got King of the ring 1998 which taker won.

Shawn Michaels: another thorn at Takers side over the years. HBK got wins over Taker in that hell in a cell match at bad blood in 1997 and a good casket match in 1998 with Kane being the difference maker. Taker got wins over him in two wrestlemania matches. This is just my opinion but I like the Michaels heel character in late 1997, early 1998 at any other point in his career even better when he beacame a major heel to kick off his singles push in early 1992.

Hulk Hogan: This Might be a suprise to some. Yep it was a short Fued. Taker did win his first WWE title over Hogan at Survivor series 1991. However Hogan got the belt again a week later after using Takers Urn as a weapon and it showed for the 1st time that undertaker had a weakness.

Harvey Wippleman: Yeah I know this will shock a few people. I remember the year long feud which started in summerslam 1992. Wippleman was managing Kamala and Kamala lost both Matches in Summerslam ans Survivor series 1992. The Feud really got good when Harvey wippleman got the services of Giant Gonzalez. Gonzalez interfered in the 1993 royal rumble. But taker won by DQ at WM 9 and ended the feud at Summerslam 1993. What made the feud really good was the 1st time someone stole the Urn from Paul bearer and it proved at the point the Undertaker was weak and not as effective without the Urn.

Ted DiBiase SR: I didnt mind the Feud between the Undertaker and Dibiases group the Million Dollar Corporation. Starting off with IRS interfering in the casket match in Survivor series 1994 between Taker and Yokozuna. IRS lost to taker in Royal rumble 1995 but DiBiase Truly Won the Night when they stole undertakers urn which Kama used to melt and turn it into a gold chain. Undertaker eventually won by beating King kong bundy in WM 11 and beating Kama Mustafa in summerslam in 1995 and getting the gold chain back.

Bret "Hitman" Hart: The best match Taker and Hitman had was at Summerslam 1997. Hitman did retain his wwe title again against taker at Ground zero the next month. However Undertaker did win by DQ over the hitman in the 1996 royal rumble.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I have only seen only 3 one on one PPV matches between taker and Austin. The 1st one was when it was May 1997 ppv (A cold day in hell) when Taker was the WWE champ and Austin was the challenger which taker won. Summerslam 1998 was an awesome match with austin evening up the ledger. And I saw Over the edge 1999 which shane did the fast count to give taker the wwe title.

Vader: I am a bit of a Vader fan. and I liked the two PPV matches they both had in 1997.I was a bit shocked when Vader got a pin over the undertaker in the 1997 royal rumble but the rematch in the Stampede in july 1997 was a better match out of the two. Vader at 6'5 and 450 pounds is a very good athlete at that size. Were used to seeing vader going against technical wreslers around 6'2 and weighing 230 pounds but when he fought taker, vader was on the recieving end of some beatings in both matches. I loved him as a monster heel.

Yokozuna: Two matches in 1994 both casket matches. I liked the royal rumble match because undertaker fought against 10-12 guys and nearly won it. Another big guy that was a natural monster heel.

Kurt Angle: Couldnt leave him out. Just Like Bret had he was a good technical wrestler. If you had Taker vs a good ring technician you are going to have a good match.
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

mankind and kane 2nd
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Kane, HBK and Mankind
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Re: Undertaker's greatest enemy?

Kane Of Course. Before Kane started all this stuff with Taker, it Would have Been Shawn Michaels!
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