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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

I highly doubt that Cena is being phased out, he's just not in the spotlight so new prospects can be. If at any point they need a challenger for the title, Cena is there. WWE has probably come to the realization that they need to take advantage of the crop of talent they have instead of running a one man show week after week.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

Looks to me like they finally have a guy they're ready and feel comfortable in backing as a replacement for Cena, something they clearly didn't feel they had since Cena's rise. Because of that, Cena is fully able to take a step back and hopefully take the role he's proclaiming himself to have in his promos of late; gatekeeper to the top of the card. If you want to go up, you go through Cena. He should be taking the role of kingmaker but that still seems to falling on HHH which is weird considering HHH is the guy who did the honours for Cena 8 years ago but still. In order for Bryan to properly have a run as THE guy, the actual GUY needs to step aside and let it happen. If Bryan takes off, I think there's a definite chance this will mark the definitive turn in Cena's career with regards to his role and position. If not, we'll be back to Cena as king of the mountain once again. He's probably a bit of a fail safe at this stage. They have Bryan positioned perfectly right now. They have Reigns and the Shield, they have Wyatt, Cesaro and a whole host of younger guys to try and make something out of. If they work, Cena's value as THE top guy weakens. If not, they resort back to him until they find a replacement, just like they always do.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

No, he has gotten the role similar to taker/hbk ten years ago, where he puts over selective superstar and having a title run here and there.

And the reason other stars are being built is becaus cena is starting to show effects of working 24/7(nearly) for 9years straight and vince/co realize it that is not gonna be able to do it anymore and building top stars is just normal nothing big.

And hhh/steph are not behind cena not being in the me, if cena demands the title he will get it on tommorow's raw and vince will happily give it to him, it's just that cena also realize it that his time is over and it's time stars to take his spot and seems happy about it.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

First off John Cena is not turning Heel ever, some of you guys need to seriously get that out of your wish list cause it never going to happen and Daniel Bryan’s popularity is not going to change that. John Cena is not necessary being phased out but being respectfully moved into The Undertaker/Shawn Michaels role within the company as well you can clearly hear him state that during his more recent promos about the new superstars in the company. So that mean he is still going to be heavily protected but just not going to be the main focus anymore cause that role is now being awarded to Daniel Bryan.

Now of course it still too early for everything to come to that conclusion cause Daniel Bryan can still end up being another CM Punk which mean he will be a World Champion that is being presented in the midcard while Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns and everyone’s uncle main event over him.

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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

I'm all for having Cena be the gatekeeper to the main event spots. It makes sense seeing as he's not getting any younger and has had a couple injuries just last year.

As far a Roman being pushed as the face of WWE and going over HHH this summer? He's not ready for that. Just look at his 1 vs 1 match against Bray to see why he's not ready for a singles push, let alone a main event push. I like Reigns. He has a good look, great presence, and (from interviews I've seen) a really great work ethic. He'll have a great career if that continues, but just not this year (probably). When he can put on an entertaining 1v1 match without being carried, then we can start looking for a main event push.

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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

I wouldn't say phased out, I'd say, sharing the spot-light for his own health and the shows long term future which I'm sure Cena would approve of.

They know he makes them a lot of money and never get rid of him from the main event, however HHH is quite clearly dedicated to NXT and the general concept of the future being now.

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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

Cena will turn heel eventually. You guys are crazy. The streak just ended to Brock Lesnar and people are still acting like they know everything.

Cena right now is 37 years old, and doesn't look to be close to retirement anytime soon. Lets say he retires at 44. There is no chance in hell Cena stays babyface for another 7 years. There is too much money to be made off of a heel turn. Charity Work? Cena has done enough charity work already for 10 lifetimes, if he takes a few years off for the good of the company it won't hurt anyone. It's not the right time to pull the trigger though. Bryan is the #1 guy right now, but if he get's injured or quits for whatever reason and Cena is heel then they are FUCKED. This is the Reality Era apparently and I just can't not see the heel turn happening eventually.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

He's not being phased out. He's playing a different role. Bryan is at a point now where he can feasibly come off as the face of the company, and everybody knows that. So, for the first time in years, they can experiment with Cena. And they're doing that with the storyline with Wyatt, and probably will continue with other guys in the foreseeable future.

I don't think a heel turn is out of the question, but it's not too likely. It would have to be in the context of old versus new, or something to that effect - The Authority, Cena, maybe even someone like Sheamus defending the old, and Bryan, Shield, dare I say even The Wyatt Family fighting to establish the new. That would be the only feasible way, I think.

At any rate, what's cool here is that we're in something of a transitory era right now, and it will be exciting to see how it plays out with Cena and beyond.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

he needs to start putting younger talent over......i'am sick and tired of super cena taking a beating in every match, only to come back and pull a win out of his ass.
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Re: Is Cena being phased out gradually due to Stephanie & HHH's growing influence in

WWE has sponsors,and board members to deal with...not to mention Cena is the closest thing to a household name from the Full Time active roster that they have...

When Wrestlemania weekend comes around who do these shows wants to make appearances..?

Cena is just staying out of the main event long enough so when he eventually has the top feud on the show then WWE can put alot of extra focus on it,and push it as another epic battle that Cena has to overcome..



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