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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

Easily in the top three of all time.

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Top 5 for sure. Top 3 for some. They are still young and just turned face so they have potential to be the greatest of all time. The cool thing about them is they have given us dream matches. None of us expected Shield vs Wyatts to happen. We got it 3 times. Now we're getting Shield vs Evolution. A battle between two top 5 stables. The future for the Shield is bright and I definitely say Believe in the Shield.

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

I rate the Shield very highly as a team, they are by far the best stable to have come together in the last 5 or 6 years. As others have said a lot of that is because they are 3 unique individuals each with star quality.

I think some stables in the past have been rated higher than probably they were actually worth because of the incredible talents that were part of them and the singles success that many of them had had either before or after the stable formed. I'm thinking of groups like the Dangerous Alliance which included such legends as Steve Austin and Rick Rude , along with Heyman himself of course. And also Evolution which featured two multiple champions in Flair and HHH, and future multiple champions in Orton and Batista.

Personally I rate the Shield AS A UNIT, more impressive than either of those and most other factions, though It will be interesting to see how long they stay together and how successful their singles careers do become. I'm expecting big things for all of them but there's still no guarantees of that.

However for those who believe that the Shield is current a bigger or more successful stable than either the 4 Horsemen or the original NWO (before it became the clusterfuck it did) is either dreaming or has no real grasp of what either of those groups impact was on wrestling. As stables they are miles ahead of where the shield are now.

So the Shield for me are in my top 5 for sure and I can agree with anyone having them in their top 3 at 3! But to have them as more successful or more dominant as a stable than either the NWO or Horsemen is just blind. The Shield are awesome but they have a long long way to go to reach the heights of those other two.

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How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

They're alright for the PG Era, but they have had no decent storylines, the fucking US title holder is a complete joke, and they still haven't explained what their "justice" is.

They've had exciting matches, but without much personality outside of Rollins. Roman is a token badass and Deano looks like he got one too many wedgies in high school.



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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

Given PG setting, restrictions, screaming mommy blogs and WWE's own reluctance to maximize talent, The Shield are by far the best faction in wrestling. Period.

They're the youngest guys with the least amount of talent and have only had a year and a half under their belt.

Before them, no other stable lacked an already made mega-star ... meaning that pretty much ever stable in the past already had mega star-power going their way.

These are 3 completely unknowns in the mainstream (I know there's some indy talent there), hobbled by sick PG restrictions that have risen from scratch to being in a program with one of HHH's pet factions (his own creation) ... This is one of the GOAT factions here boys and girls. And given the fact that they all started from scratch, they are likely the GOAT.
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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

One of the best imo. It will kind of hurt them that they are "equals", most stables that can be considered GOAT have one main event guy a tag team and a upper midcarder.

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

They are clearly bigger than evolution imo. I don't get people putting evolution as same level as Horsemen or nwo. I remember at the time I just thought it was another HHH power trip, that the wwe creatives would never give a such dominant heel gimmick to anybody besides hh, pretty unfair.

The Shield is just so fly man. I mean they all look stunning no homo they fresh as fuck especially with the masks. They had great matchs great feuds.

When they first came out I was like man another nexus. Then theyu totaly grew on me, I think the fact they are still alive is because they didn't feud with Cena. Cena would have killed this stable

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

If they last for another 12 months I think top 4 alongside NWO, Four Horseman and D Generation X.

There legacy will also be determined by how successful all three are individually.

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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

I'd rank them pretty highly. The night they debuted I said to my friend 'That's a game changer', since then I feel they've raised the level of the product by putting on clinics every single week and they exceeded my expectations greatly. When I went to watch Raw live on the UK tour last year the thing I wanted to see most was a Shield match, that's pretty huge considering they've only been around one year at the time.
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Re: How high can the Shield rise on the all time Stable list?

Yeah, I'd say top three. Nexus had a better start but went downhill very quickly. NWO had a better start, but eventually dragged on and on. So long as the SHIELD doesn't suddenly start adding a ton of new members and actually ends in the next year, I think they manage the top 3.
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