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Re: I can't be the only one...

I can't lie I found this hilarious especially puking all over colter
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I thought it was great, JBL's pissed off look he had on his face after Titus puked in his hat was priceless.

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Re: I can't be the only one...

This of course was all pre-planned. I mean, how come Titus O'Neill only vomitted and not shit himself in the pants? Everytime I have been over-eating and I feel sick, the feelings I get are both ways. I mean, I feel like both vommiting and the need for taking a shit. But apparently no wrestlers can fart and have the feelings like "I need to use the toilet for taking a dump"-kinda-feeling. So this Whole segment was so awful because of the acting in it.
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Re: I can't be the only one...

It has been said that Vince McMahon is a big fan of fart and poop humor. So vomit isn't too far off. And remember how excited he was over Droz back in the day?

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Re: I can't be the only one...

Originally Posted by Jimshine View Post

... that felt uncomfortable when Titus O'Niel chundered on Zeb Colter's head?

It wasn't funny, it was just disgusting and wrong! I don't understand how this PG product doesn't allow sex references, blood or bad language, but will allow someone WHITEYING on someone's head ... and into someones hat?

What a turkey of a segment. Is vomit PG? Do Americans look at vomit as though it's a comical occurence? Being sick isn't funny, it's bloody awful!
I've always hated when a movie includes full view vomiting and never understood including pissing in film or on TV, either.

I can handle someone turning away and gagging as to insinuate vomiting but not blowing chunks right into the camera.

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Re: I can't be the only one...

Puking is the absolute pinnacle of shoddy writing. This is how most American comedians that are at the fag end of their careers sell their movies (and stand up acts) with all kinds of bathroom "humour". It's an acknowledgement that "hey, we can't write anything more entertaining anymore, but how about 'dem farts."

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Re: I can't be the only one...

Soemone post an image, I'm eating now, would like to stop doing that

Are you ready? #undisputed

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Re: I can't be the only one...

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
American humour. This is the country that brought us Family Guy after all.
the real America is gone now is just Merica.


A whole new way of saying America. As America falls into the category of a nation, Merica is the whole experience of America summed up in a stereotypical way. Eating anything deep-fried, shooting shotguns, getting so fat you attempt to use the force to levitate it off the coffee table, all compressed into one word. People often say it when they see Americans doing things only Americans can do, such as: trimming a hedge with a chainsaw, eating quadruple burgers with extra lard, and driving tractors in the middle of a freeway. It is often expressed in a proud and commonly exaggerated manor. This phrase is one to be only used when the time comes to say it, like at a eating contest or at a mud pit wrestling match. As there are so many people in America that truly express what the word is all about, there is one family that pushes it over the limit. They are commonly called the "Honey Boo Boo Family".
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