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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

He is the least talented among the Shield but atm is the strongest booked. How can you not get hyped for everything he has done recently, I jumped out of my seat when he speared Rey.

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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

He's a star in the making. It's that simple.

No one is saying that he is there yet. But he will get there. He cuts promos a lot better when he's given more than four words to say. His wrestling techinique has come pretty far, pretty quickly. Is he main event ready? Nope. Will he get there in the next couple of years? Definitely.

We need footage of Dean in Cena's dressing room touching everything and Cena's standing there like
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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

For me, everytime he comes on I just want to sit there and watch him, he has that sort of X factor if you say, also considering he is the least experienced of the shield the way he has come on this year is remarkable and if he can carry it on he will be the "guy" in the future IMO although at the moment he isnt the finished product nor near that but I just like watching him every week as he seems to improve all the time.
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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
His ring skills are pretty awesome for somebody as green as him, he's a natural talent. I judge him at face value, he's been put in a limited role and has been great at it with the little things to make his position in The Shield standout which are his mannerisms, his movements, his roar and his presence. Other wrestlers need to try pretty hard to come across as badass whereas with him it just happens to click naturally. He also seems to be very charismatic, his body language screams leader, leader of The Shield in this case.

That said he's still obviously a green guy, but because Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins compliment him so much and vice versa with everybody excelling at something else (Reigns: Charisma, Ambrose: Mic Skills, Rollins: Ring Skills) he seems already more of a big shot to many than he actually is, I can't blame those guys either. Together they're pretty much the total package, their promos are great, the matches are great and the rest is up to creative.
You summed up my thoughts completely Loudness, which isn't anything new lol. Reigns has been spotlighted the most out of all the Shield members, that much is for certain, but what he has done with that time is truly amazing, and far exceeds my original expectations for the man. In FCW he reminded me of a poor man's Drew McIntyre (before the improved ring skills), but ever since he's been paired with Ambrose and Rollins he's shattered that comparison and truly seems like he'll become something great one day.

Having said that, they have to be very careful with him. His weaknesses have been masked really well while working tag team matches with the other two, but as soon as he begins his solo career, those unaddressed weaknesses will come to the forefront. I worry that his promo work will be monotonous like Orton's face run, because that's how he was on his own in FCW, but hopefully he'll be placed in feuds where he's doesn't have to talk too much. His in-ring game isn't all that polished yet either. He tends to look lost in between spots, but that type of learning will only come with experience and lots of it. He has a great match with Bryan but, well, that's Bryan, so they have to slowly ease him into working solo matches again. I think they should have him begin working solo matches on house shows now, so that when the inevitable break-up happens he's got a comfortable moveset with a better grasp of telling a good story in the ring.

All that said, I'm sure he's learned enough from Dean and Seth, HHH, etc. that he'll be ahead of Ryback when he begins his singles push, and he'll go on to have a very successful singles career, but I really do hope WWE slow down the push, or they risk exposing all his weaknesses at once with the spotlight firmly on him, which could easily get him booed, which would be a shame.

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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

Originally Posted by RandomLurker View Post
Impossible. IWC only likes small technical wrestlers with indie backgrounds.
Yeah because the IWC completely hates Big E Langston right?
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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

It's his roar. Bitches love roars.

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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

Originally Posted by Boxes-With-Gods View Post
I don't get the hype either. It comes down to look, 100%. And even then, it's mostly the black armor he wears. He has some charisma, some presence and looks like a beast when he wrestles but look at someone like Big E Langston, who is a better wrestler, a better talker, and has charisma and presence in abundance. Why isn't Langston as hype on here? His look. Reigns has the better look and that's pretty much what it comes down to.

Shame to see how much Reigns has eclipsed guys like Langston and Ambrose (on the Internet) who I think are much, much more valuable and better overall talents.
It's kind of shocking how much better Big E is than Reigns.

I don't like Reigns because he's only got this far due to Rollins carrying him in the ring, and Ambrose carrying the promo's. Watch any and you'll see that Reigns barely speaks, and when he does, he's as monotonous as Orton.

At SS I think he did four or five moves, not including punches and kicks. (Before people go,'Aw, but cena five moves of doom yadayada bullshit', Cena has a gigantic moveset compared to Reigns.)

Yet people are all of a sudden seeing him as the highlight of the shield, but there is nothing to back that statement up with. Ambrose has the character to be a massive heel, and Rollins is so entertaining I think he'll be a sort of 'outsider' hero, especially if they give him his NXT gimmick back.

But, no doubt Reigns will get pushed to the moon, and unless he gets great soon, he's gonna be terrible at it.
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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

Originally Posted by Trifektah View Post
It's pretty funny how people are on the Reigns bandwagon. The Reigns hype is a product of one of the very few good things the WWE is doing these days. They are hiding his weaknesses (no mic skills, weak singles competitor) by having Rollins and Ambrose carry him in matches and promos and allowing Reigns to just spear people and look cool. It's classic Heyman booking strategy and I wouldn't be surprised to see if he had some input on it.

Reigns has the look and the size there is no doubt about it. If he can develop the mic skills and be able to wrestle in an entertaining way for more than 10 second intervals he will be huge. It's imperative that they don't rush the push though. He still has at least two more years of development before he'll be ready.
^^^this !

reigns has 3 things going for him right now...size, presence, and a great spear.

other then that, all his weaknesses they are hiding and doing a good job of it , by having him constantly put in tag or 6 man matches and promos where he says 1 monotone line and looks like hes reading off a teleprompter.

i dont want 2 hear any dufus say oh look the iwc is turning their back on him , because contrary to popular belief there are some ppl including myself, who were never on his bandwagon to begin with .

im not writing him off or anything, that would be foolish . hes still very young and is improving and perhaps he can get better . but theres no denying that as of right now, his in ring skills and mic skills are severely lacking .

if he were to go out on his own in any type of singles feud, it will flop like ryback and then there will be permanent damage done to his character. i think its very telling that wwe hasnt put him in any singles matches , except i think 1 against bryan who can make anybody look good , and he isnt scripted 2 say more then 1 line at a time. wwe knows his shortcomings , but like ive said they have done a good job hiding it.

i think the hype for him comes more from the fact that people are tired of the stale main event scene and want something new, and in wwe your basically only going to get a real push if you have the look or the build and reigns has it . so hes the 1st guy to come a long in a while that does some exciting things with his spears and his bad-ass attitude and has a legitimate chance of getting a real sustained push.

but if wwe pushes him 2 quickly he will be exposed and i only see it backfiring. he should be getting the same type of build in the midcard like big e is now, once the shield break up . this way he can get better on a lower platform with less expectations . then you can see if the main event ability is there .

anybody who is coming out now and saying that reigns is the future top star or next big star , just imagine him in a big feud with cena or the authority now. he would stand in the ring and say a few lines and sound worse then orton. then once the match starts , he has about 2 or 3 moves right now, does his spear and then what ? if anybody thinks this is sustainable the way he is right now , is just infatuated im sorry 2 say


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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

Good look, great presence, *decent* enough in the ring (has heaps of room for improvement) and competent enough on the mic.

That's a great recipe for a superstar, he's young and newish to the roster. If they don't rush the push and turn and just let it fester for a little longer they'll have one of the most over faces in a long time.

Welcome to your future John Cena.
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Re: Can someone tell me the hype behind Reigns?

WWE needs something exactly like Goldberg and Reigns is the guy. He's badass, explosive, intense, powerhouse, fast, athletic and has an elite presence... He's like an orgasm to Vince mcmahon.

Even when i like Rollins and i think he will be huuuuuuge as a face, Reigns is probably the next big thing.
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