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My dad emails me chain letters and I'm like dad grow up act your age I can't believe you believe this shit. Hey maybe he's made it to 45 cos he religiously passes on chain letters. I'll probably burn in hell for not taking part in this childish game that "adults" play.

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Shit... I can mail that to over 7,000 people...wouldn't that be great?

No. I wouldn't even think about it.
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That is the best chain letter I have ever seen, Grace. Truly funny stuff.

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Originally posted by Nitemare
Okay, I think I will randomly PM ten different members who post daily. Let's see if that doesn't piss people off.

No, I taker that back. I will just PM all the moderators...hahahaha...such an ingenious mind I have. (NOTE: We have more than 10 moderators, I believe)
Yeah thanks for that pm!
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I have never recieved a Chain Letter......nobody Loves me . Why don't I get them? Don't You Care?

Pass this On to 10 people and Bring Love to the Real Daddy!!

What a Load of Nut Sack those things are. Now, if it said pass it on and you will get sex every night for a year I would, hell what you got to lose in that? But to use Cancer and a Small child as a Way to do it.....is Sick and Twisted. I'm sure somewhere in the World there are Several 10 year old Kids Dying of Cancer and Crap like that is a disgrace to them and the Battle they are fighting.......if you get something like that on AIM report it to their Moderators and get the Sick Fucks Banned!!

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