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OlympicZero 10-30-2002 06:29 AM

I am not trying to dis the mods or anything, but some are just a little slap-happy on their mod power.

I mean anything that goes off topic, they posted "LOCKED" in huge print, or bold then give a detailed explanation about it. Can't you just be discrete about it, and lock it?

OlympicZero 10-30-2002 06:30 AM


Chief 10-30-2002 06:48 AM

They dont always say [Locked] in a huge font but if you look on other Forums other Mods will just post *Locked* or something.
But even if they do make it huge doesnt really matter

The Mean 10-30-2002 07:22 AM

This belongs in rants.Its if off-topic then I agree on locking it.

Mr.Hankey 10-30-2002 07:38 AM


Just kidding. Wouldn't want to upset OZ :rolleyes:

Subtle Suicide 10-30-2002 07:40 AM

Yeah them mods suck ;)

Tabula Rasa 10-30-2002 07:40 AM

i post LOCKED to tell people that the thread is locked because some people don't notice the Lock on the main page. I lock stuff thats off topic, and when someone makes a banner request not in the thread, i also lock multiple of the same topics, bascily stuff like that.
Also us Mods move stuff thats really offensive and off topic to the Trash Can if we need to, and thats only a small portion of what we do

Limb Harvest 10-30-2002 08:24 AM

Its basically so admins and stuff know who has locked the thread...

Stinger 10-30-2002 08:26 AM

I just lock them, dont post anything. Its not needed. I suppose i should, it would help me raise me count :D

OlympicZero 10-30-2002 08:54 AM


Originally posted by Mr.Hankey

Just kidding. Wouldn't want to upset OZ :rolleyes:

Try me, nothing anyone says or does can upset me. And don't give me that roll your eyes crap, I hate when ppl do that. Especially when they make it big, or bold. ;)

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