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Re: Do you care about rep?

everybody give me there rep plz
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Re: Do you care about rep?

Not really, but I'm aware of it from time to time, if only because my weak rep level means that my bar rises or falls depending on who reps me and which colour they send. I rarely remember to hand it out to others so I can't say I care much.

I think of the rep system as a mild indicator of who is either insightful, funny or popular or all three. Those who are at full red or green are likely standouts in some way, good or bad, or have been so in the past. That doesn't make their opinions better (or worse) or more important. There are loads of underrated posters being brilliant in less visited sections of the forum where they collect a lot fewer squares than they would in a place such as Rants or Sports.

It would be handy if rep reliably indicated who would be more likely to entertain (in any form, trollishness included) or be worth peeking at when skimming a crowded thread but it really doesn't accomplish that since so much of it is friendly repping back and forth, something accumulated eons ago when the poster was more active or was given out for reasons like sig appreciation or fandom-biased hate.
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Re: Do you care about rep?

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
I appreciate the kind words given to my posts, but rep doesn't mean much to me. And on the flip side, I've never lost any sleep over red rep either.
Pretty much this.

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Re: Do you care about rep?

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I don't give a fuck about the rep I get. Green is my favorite color and the Detroit Red Wings are my favorite team so I welcome both colors. I never see my rep unless I have to go to my usercp to change my sig or avatar. Even then, I hardly look over. It's irrelevant. That isn't to sound 'cool' or 'tough', I just generally don't give a shit.

I am, however, incredibly fascinated by the amount of anger that people display when I leave them a red rep. I just can't imagine why someone would actually show that much emotion over a square in an online forum. I give out a lot of green to posts I like, but, red is certainly my favorite to hand out because of the reactions. I can't even believe the amount of DISLIKE people gather for a stranger over a red rep, it's hilarious. I've had people go as far as hating for YEARS and mentioning my name at random out of anger over it. Fuck, man, what kind of pathetic life does a person live in order to dislike someone so strongly over a square? Go outside, kids, you will see there is much more to life than a red or green square.

I'm also suprised why anyone would get angry over red rep. About once or twice a month I will think about rep and wonder if I have any red or green. I will then go to my usercp and check and see some of both. It's curious I only see green under my avatar next to posts when I have a lot of red in my cp. So it's a worthless indicator if you are looking at others when you read their posts. Other than that I don't even think about it.

If rep did something for or against us I might think about it more. Also, I rarely even give green or red rep to any because I'm not thinking about rep when I read and post. I read more than post.

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Re: Do you care about rep?

Green is my favorite color, but that has nothing to do with rep. I couldn't care less about my rep. I would love to be able to give green rep to other people who deserve it, though.

I accept rep.

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Re: Do you care about rep?

Yes. It's the only reason i haven't slit my wrists yet; i hate that r red color.
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Re: Do you care about rep?

No, but I always trade back with people who rep (or neg) me. Actually, the only time I neg anyone is if they neg me (and it's always because they don't agree with my opinion, not that my post was bad). Uunless a post is blatantly terrible and full of false information, I won't neg even if it's bad. It'd have to be really awful for me to care that much.

I don't rep too often unless someone either makes a really good point (usually in a fairly long post), goes on on a limb to say something that most are afraid to (but aren't trolling and make a good point), or they provide a lot of correct information on a subject. If any post deserves rep, it'd be one of those. But I always rep back anyone who reps me since it seems polite to do.
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Re: Do you care about rep?

Originally Posted by Sugar Upon Wounds View Post
everybody give me there rep plz
Sugar Upon Wounds, who are you and where have you came from, brother?

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Re: Do you care about rep?

Originally Posted by Redwood Raven View Post
Sugar Upon Wounds, who are you and where have you came from, brother?
It's not where he's come from, but it's where he's going.

And that's to the red.

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Re: Do you care about rep?

i wouldn't mind having 2 green squares instead of one

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