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Re: Bully a tough guy or...

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

LOL took about 10,5 years or what?
Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Maybe because of the bolded part.

Are you just gonna no-sell Mav's rant on you?
I done far worse as a heel...not that is a good thing

He's not perma banned is he? When is that turtle dick coming back?

Originally Posted by J2D View Post
Chill out. It has dawn onto me that only assholes who like to make their signatures stand out too much have those huge ass unneeded check lists. If it bothers someone else, and it's been bugging me out, yeah I'm going to change the fucking thing. If I gave a shit about peer pressure, the whole Rock part of the signature would be cut out and my horrible Photoshop signature would be cut out as well.

The forum is filled of the biggest assholes with reasoning even though some are just out of ego. Other forums have assholes because of their join date and their rep. It's the lesser of the two evils.
You did the right thing. If only more people would change their awful signatures all would be right as rain.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I am chill. Very chill.

Just because I point out the pathetic nature of another human being and use swear words does't mean I am not chill.

Unfortunately for you, you're still a pathetic bitch who was peer pressured in to changing your sig because someone pointed out how awful it was.

Congratulations, you're a pussy.
When was the last time you were chill cat? All you do is bash people for no reason whatsover...over the top bashing does save any starving kids in Africa and does not make world a nicer place now does it?

People should change their sigs if they are actually awful..although that realization of awfulnes is them that need to realize? You dig catsoh?

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