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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

I wear Crocs indoors but never go outside with them. Comfortable as fuck just getting out of the shower and having scrubbed your feet and in between your toes to slip on a pair of socks and walk around in Crocs. Haters gonna gate. I wouldn't walk around with them in public though.
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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

yea, that's the rule when u come in my home, take your shoes off, unless you're headed down to the basement. i don't think most people who don't take them off do it to be disrespectful. probably just more out of laziness, and being comfortable in not wanting to get too comfortable, or they're embarrased for whatever reason. i usually ask if i should take my shoes off when going somewhere else, unless it's a shithole. outsiders view where they're going as a house, insiders view it as a home. nobody wants all the shit from outside in their home. i don't think doormats do a whole lot.
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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
While considering I don't walk in dog shit or mud 99% of the time and when I do I take my shoe off you comment is dumb. My house is clean and if people want to wear shoes they can.
There is nothing on your shoes you get away if you simply wipe your shoes on your mat. You really think because your park and streets where you live are clean you don't have to worry about? LOL
This is the same like washing your hands after work or school. They look clean but they are full of bacteria. I suppose you wash your hands even if they don't look dirty so what makes you think that your house is indeed clean even if you don't see the dirt?
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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

Some 'MURICAN thing. It was the greatest when visiting the place as a kid and you could run in-around-and-out of the house never taking your shoes off. Made TAG just that much more awesome.

Now as a lame young adult I think it's weird and gross.

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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

Due to the dangers of standing on a plug.
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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

I'm with the op. Even if you're not walking in mud and dogshit, there's still 100001 different things you could walk on in the process of going somewhere, even if it's just a short trip. And the worst things like bacteria cannot be seen with the human eye. best thing to do is just take your shoes off at the front door. It's not hard. Trouble is motherfuckers are just lazy.

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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

Who the hell wears shoes indoors? Stupid americans would be my first guess but I digress. Who wants birdshit and Orbit stuck in their fuckin carpet and smeared over the wooden floor and shit?

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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

Few things here, there are ore gems in houses on avrege then out side anyways (in a certin area, so you tend to have more stuff in your rug then someone has on their shoe in the first place even if you clean, its what you cant see)

why do you have sex with a guy\girl? thats where they pee, look at those gems

Why do you kiss someone? they have more gems in their mouths then soem tolites

Whats worse is, gems MUTIPLY on your feet, ad you can have WAY worse, due to it having dark damp (sweat) place

in short, your feet are worse then your shoes if you walk in them enough

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Re: Why do people wear shoes indoors?

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