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Andre 02-05-2013 03:46 PM

ice_edge: The greatest shits
I'm guessing that most people will remember this "legendary" Wrestling Forum conspiracy theorist and his wacky ways. The subject of his whereabouts has cropped up in rants (thanks CMWIT) so I thought that we should try and coax the nutjob out of retirement by massaging his ego. You can even share your "favourite moments". Anybody that knows the bloke's posting style should anticipate some tl:dr's coming up...

Baby ice_edge before the illuminati forced him to wear a tin foil hat, talking about knife edged chops being "banned" from WWE (this could have even been tweeted it was so brief):



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 10275285)
So did you guys see Punk using them?

Didn't McMahon ban those?

What's up with that?

The greatest story told since the Bible was written, ice_edge and his bogus journey:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 10329993)
Oh I have a good story I want to share with you guys.

So we can start of with me saying me and my friend bought Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta which we played at his place this weekend. Well at least Friday and Saturday (yeah we completed them both of course). I can say that Ghost of Sparta on PS3 was definetely fun game. I beaten COO few times before so it was not that fun really. But still we can say we had a decent time.

Still main plot points comes (on Sunday) today morning when after 2 days of gaming I was preparing to go home. I took a bus home(my friend lives in the other side of town from me) at about 8:30 AM this morning.

And it's here where the "fun" started. So I got about half way home and at this one bus stop this guy steps into the bus and takes his seat. Obviously he did not pay for the ride so the buss driver asks:

"Aren't you going to pay for your trip?" While I'm thinking that here we go again we are gonna have another mouth off and the guy will leave the bus pretty pissed. So he comes to the driver and says:

"Yes I will pay"..while he starts looking for his pay bus card (or so I assume he was looking for it). Meanwhile this cop car suddenly parked near that bus station(actually really close the bus. Cops could see what was going on at the front of the bus. So the guy got scared and he says:

"Well maybe I will board another bus" and the driver replies: "Yes maybe it's best that you do".

So the guy leaves the bus but the story doesn't end here. Oh no. But before we go into it I have to explain that in Sweden you can actually phone message a certain company and let it send you a ticket back in return(you pay for it of course).

So the bus comes to next station. It picks up this guy who shows his texted bus ticket but the driver says it's an old ticket and is not valid anymore. So they argue for a short while which follows with few seconds of silence.

And you're not gonna believe what happens next. The guy spits right into driver's face...yes I said right in his face and walks away....the driver swears and turns to me and asks if I saw that which I reply yes to. He says he will make a police report about this and catch that guy (who should be in his early 20).I was in shock the entire trip while talking to the driver.

Yup that has to be most thrilling bus ride I ever had. So that's the story of the day. So guys what did you think about it?

Asking one of the most neccessary questions that has ever been asked on this forum. Why guys, why?:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 10890044)
Ok so I been here for a while and I wonder do people need to have 2 different personalities in here?

One that they have in other sections that implies them to actual behave normally and not like total assholes where you can have normal discussions...

and the second one when they come here and just let loose and throw insults left and right.

So which one is the real one and why do we need 2 of them?

Fighting for equality...because join dates MATTER:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 10874991)
Ok all the people who have been offended by this number discrimination. The so called 11er, 12er and whatever. Please sign up here.

Let's stand up against that stupidity. It's time to change the perception of the people.

This will garner lots of hate but in the end of the day when everything is said and done and the said people go to bed they will think about this and how right it is that someone finally apposed the whole idea:).

Yes it is a shitty rant and there is not so much you can do about it but throw a few insults here and there and have those few funny moments. But when everything is said and done the harsh reality will be the same.

It's not ok to go along with discrimination of any kind no matter in what sweet flavors you put it in. It's the same thing.

Being a leader aMONGst leaders by encouraging the smart fans to educate the masses:



Ok so just to let you everyone know my previous threads:



Where satire of how this sites been looking at these wrestlers. They where the opposite of how I really feel.

So was me praising HHH, Flair and Hogan. I feel the opposite of what I said.

I just wanted to reflect how WF is reacting to certain situations and how far they are willing to go to jump on bandwagons.

Also I wanted to ask this question?

Why are you guys here?

Instead of talking about 11's or whatever you guys shouldn't be here doing nothing.

There loads of smart fans in here. You should be on the boards education new fans about the product. Why in the hell don't I see you guys doing it?

If you did that I think we might get more smart fans eventually.

This is our job as the previous wrestling generation to educate everyone into being smart marks.

P.S Sorry it took so long to make this thread but I been busy with certain thing. But hey later better than never.
Rebelling against social conformity by...slagging off queues:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 11840508)
So this exact day last year I joined WF. It's been one hell of the roller coaster ride to say the least. So I thought what the hell might as well make a rant for that one year anniversary:p...matter of fact I might just do it every year from now on just for the hell of it.

So now onto my rant.

Lines... We encounter them everyday. You go to the freaking bank? Get your ass in the line. You go to McDonald's? Get your ass in even bigger line(and still need to wait for the food once you order). You go to the grocery store? Well sometimes it might take half an hour to even get anywhere near the clerk to make your payment. Airport? Lines. Theme Parks? Lines. Police station? Lines. Hospital? Lines. Dentist? Lines, lines,lines....LINES
http://www.okay.ro/3dp/forum/images/...t_wits_end.gif. (And if you try to skip them there are plenty of people there to remind you to not walk the thin line while trying to cheat through them)

The only lines I haven't done so far are probably the:


And I can't see how that's very comforting:side:. So why in blue hell are there so many lines that we need to get behind in life? Isn't there a way out from them? I mean sure we can call them fags and gays and overgrown hermaphrodites but would it really help? Would the lines lessen or would they just become angry and become bigger and stronger than ever before?

Is there any hope for the future of mankind to lessen these lines? You sit here and think out a good answer while I think through my next diabolical plan to finally banish them to The Darkest Pits Of Tartarus for all eternity:cool2.

On how Kevin Keegan gave up making cartoons:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 11679999)
So I have been watching cartoons for as long as I can remember(which kid hasn't right?) and I have to say after still watching them from time to time I find the older ones really had something going for them.

We can call it heart or passion but they always used to and still do entertain me a lot.

Everything from Tom and Jerry to Road Runner/Coyote, Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man (90's version), Batman, Mickie Mouse, Donald Duck, Dexter, Johny Bravo and this list can be made really long they all made me realize how great it is to be a fan.

Although like all things they do change. I don't know if the creative process just stopped or what happened but cartoon's in 00's really started to loose a lot of it's steam.

It feels like they are just running through emotions and stopped producing creative cartoons (hence why I switched to anime).

They became these clean boring versions of their former selves with not much to very little entertaining and longevity value.

Dunno kids who watch cartoons these days might say that I'm far to old to understand the awesomeness of 00's cartoons but when it's all said and done and they see these same cartoons as adults and compare it to the older days will they think that I was that far off with this statement?

In my opinion they lack the human touch that made them really special back in the day. I mean what happened to the moral values such shows as Powerpuff Girls produced? What happened to human values these shows are suppose to teach these kids?

What happened to the entertainment aspect that was genuine?

Yeah you get the picture so let's discuss.

Our misunderstood genius having a meltdown:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 11591118)

This is not a rant but a heated debate. Just letting folks know.

So as you probably guessed by now I'm back in Rants. Now if you might be one of those tl;dr folks and don't like to read long threads you might want to skip this one since it's gonna be an awesomely long read(Y)as always.

I can explain everything I done so far and why I did what I did.

Now let me explain to you why I got 38% of the votes in the poll. Or why you thought it was justified. Let me take you back to August 2011 and tell you a little tale how it all begin. Before this is over you might have a better understanding to why you think it's ok to be an ice hater/fan.

August 2011... I came to this place as a wrestling fan like many of you. Obviously I came here to talk about wrestling without trolling/flaming/spamming and to which to this day I have been keeping myself in reasonable lines on WF in general. If you don't believe me point me out posts where I have flamed/spammed/trolled like some of you claim I have.

If there is proof those won't be difficult to find. Those who find that you are more than welcome to throw those first stones(obviously rants are excluded in this case since it's a special case/place in WF).

So after a short while I found myself in Rants. This place obviously is one of those places where flaming is allowed (within limits of course). I encounter such places in other forums I'm part of so I have a pretty good idea what they are about.

Like many other rookies I encountered cat early on. Besides being hostile and obviously seeking attention I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She said a lot of tough chick crap which is highly irrelevant to this day and only one thing that actually mattered in the long run.

Cat you told me: "No one will remember your name" right? Your words. Basically I do not know if you knew at that time or not but you threw me a challenge. And I'm a guy who actually likes challenges I accepted.

Obviously I was in no rush whatsoever to start heavy ranting so I took my time. There where a lot of folks around here besides you who just kept pushing me over the edge. You pushed day in and day out. Deep down you wanted someone to step up to you. I believe you knew that pay back was coming eventually.

So finally after about 8 months of "rising above hate" I decided it was time to embrace it. I would finally become a heavy ranter who would take "it" to whole another level.

Although at that time I did not know that these:

"*You should not insult someone's family member if he or she is not a registered user (insulting someone you don't know is a bad idea -- he or she could be sick, dying, or even dead)
*You may insult nationality (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't bring up 9/11 to insult the U.S., etc.)
*You may not insult sexuality
*You may insult religion (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't stereotype about a religion such as Muslims)
You may not tell someone to go "kill themselves"."

Where actually not guidelines but actual rules. It was really hard to determine. Once I did it was far to late and I have crossed a lot of lines.

So 6 days of massive raging around I was humbled for a week. In all and all as I stated it was the right call. Also JM thanks for the 1 week vacation in Hawaii. It was marvelous:p...I joke, I joke:p.... but seriously as said absolutely the right call and I have no beats with it whatsoever.

This is why first thing I did when I came back I pmed admins to talk about lines. Although I crossed them myself if I knew where they where I could warn others.

So as I told you before Headliner and JM I did not pm you to be weird or annoy you at all...I did it for a good reason;).

Now I came back and started to do this whole flaming with style which 38% of the voters apparently hated. You guys definitely did not pay attention to either wrestling aspect of the game or did not think hard enough before you started responding.

I gave myself a lot of nicknames like: King Ice, The Greatest One, Mr Fantastic and Mr Universe in the name of entertainment. I thought more of you would understand humor in that but alas.....

None the less Seabs made the list (to this day not much of an explanation why he put me on the list) and obviously 38% votes later I was banned from Rants for a week. Now I won't whine and complain about that but maybe at one point he might want to tell me why he put me in it.

Although in all and all it happened for a reason and it seems he wants me to drop the nicknames and all that.
I have no problem doing it since I had no intentions doing that for a long time. Since it would have become stale and boring after a while.

Also I do believe it's time to only come here for more serious topics (like weed, social, life issues and such). So today we will officially end over the top flaming with style carer of ice_edge.

Although I will continue with creative style of posting in my own way. And blue is here to stay forever;). So if you have any problems with anything I said rant on my dear friends...rant, take pisses, make jokes to your hearts content...since we all know words don't hurt people... Facebook does:p.

Also this is hardly a rant...but rather an explanation of what happened these last 10 months that might get heated. So take it for what it is.


Now here is a few things I wanted to say to few people here:

Cat: You should really look hard to what you are doing here. I know it's fun to be a sadist who gives people red rep for pleasure but you should really ask yourself why it gives you pleasure. Maybe something is not right with your life that you need to take it out here.

You have a hard shell that a lot of people find pretty hot around here but we all know there might be some insecurities that you have with yourself deep down that no one knows about...being foul mouthed chick on the net will only get you so far in life....there is a brighter side for you waiting on the outside. This might sound weird to you but not everyone out there wants to get to your pants. I sure don't since I know this has nothing to do that....it's only a way to feel embraced and liked and given attention....since lets face it people love attention hence why they do crazy things;).

Red: To be honest I have no problems with you. Never had and I believe we have far more in common than you think. It's really time for us to take a really good chat. Although we won't agree on Facebook but I do believe on politics in general we will. So anytime you're ready....

Witty: Here you go. You have the reasons;).

Seabs: Any time you want to give me some proper answers please do.

Joe Styles: I told you before..you are just trying way to hard around here. Now you have an explanation and differences between flaming an trolling. You just can't know anything until you do. Also I still do not think you know how the internet works. You just know one side of the story and not 3 of them... But if you want to find out you can contact me.

The man who dares to rebel against the system...brown nosing staff members?:



Originally Posted by ice_edge (Post 11348715)
Tremble and despair mortals... Doom has come back to the Rants!!!

Ice_Edge is back. It was fun making fun off him during last week but now it's so sad since he will come back and cry and bitch and moan how he was mistreated. That's what you haters are probably thinking right now. Well you probably prepared you're "funny lines" and all your "rip ins" and how good it will feel to finally nail one in the coffin. You will show the bastard won't you!?

"This time around mommy I will finally...finally will nail it. I will mommy "

"Yes sweaty this time around that zipper will go all the way up".

It will make you feel good for a half second and make you forget for the quarter of that half how much you failed to deliver anything original, decent, entertaining or anything of any real rant value during his first run. It will make you feel (first time in your life) like a fucking man with balls the size of rocks won't it!? Like a man with grapefruits size of McMahon's right!?

If that's you I have some bad news for you buddy. Ain't gonna happen. I will explain to you why in a minute fucker.

We can start where the whole thing went wrong. All the guys who where on his side and didn't want him banned where simply wrong. Ice_Edge did step over the line and needed to get his ass kicked right back behind that line where he belongs. He knew what he was doing and knew perfectly well that there will be consequences. He simply deserved to be suspended for a week. He just shouldn't have played around with that "line"/line. The right choice was made and the staff did the right thing. Ice_Edge has the balls to admit that.

It's ok, it's alright because he knows that the staff is always looking for the best of the people. And this is by no means written in sarcastic undertones (I promise you that folks) but in feelings written in blood. Ice_Edge simply feels that the staff never really get's any credit for anything they do. All day and all night these guys work for WF tirelessly. Making new threads, editing, adding new content, giving infraction points and banning people. Simply looking out what's best for community.

Not only am I gonna say they did the right thing by giving me 1 week vacation I should also add that every single member who has been suspended before (or even permanently banned for that matter) would somehow find the way to reach to them and say: " Thank you. I know you do it not because you are mean or unfair but for the sake of all WF's community". Just listen. They never get any thanks for anything they do and in the end they only do it for you. Even if sometimes they do it out of tough love and naughty boys and and girls need to be punished for their mischief you never hear anyone thanking them. Well today we will change that. Today with no sarcastic undertones and from deepest depths of my warmest heart I say to staff members(Headliner, JM, Platt, Seabs, Amber B, BkB Hulk and LadyCroft) I THANK YOU:).

Well some of you might be thinking to yourselves. "Well ice edge won't be as cool and edgy as he used to be since Rants are holding him back." All I have to say look at this, this way kiddos. Let me tell you a story about what happened during the meeting between Lady Rants and Sir Ice Edge:

In the land here, here and here......

Rants (our lady of this story) is this fair princess who walks in a beautiful garden on one really bright April morning. The Princess Rants is more beautiful than the moon at night and more devastating pretty than the breaking dawn. She is so poetic, so beautiful, so ecstatic, so energetic, so full of life and beauty of it all that she sings like worlds most beautiful bird with words like cock, pussy, ass, virgin, cunt and ragnarocks...

And here comes Ice Edge our charming hero prince of this fine tale of significance. He looks at the relentless beauty, that blazing witty cold and pretty star of our north. He looks at the beautiful star of the north and thinks if he should take that *censored* beauty's *censored*. He looks to the north and slowly remembers something...and then returns to his ideal thoughts. Then our Prince Charming suddenly picks up a mirror cold and...

...He looks at himself and thinks ..." damn I'm so good and pretty and I'm million times more witty than her. Look at this innocent princess singing about cocks, virgins and ragnarocks. No way she is ready for my awesomeness and "cowkiness" just yet. I don't want to taint her beauty's *censored* just yet. She doesn't deserve sucha charming prince like me since I even doubt she has hit that *censored*. *[sorry the censored words are far to to awesome for anyone to hear but Sir Ice. If you have any further questions please contact our own "Here, Here and Here" support service]

So kids what have we learned from this awesome tale today? Oh yes that just like we all know Rock is bigger than WWE, Ice_Edge is bigger than Lady Rants(not to be confused bigger than the staff since he's not). He's just on whole different level and she can't handle it. It just wouldn't be fair to outclass Lady Rants with all those awesome compliments it provides him each and every single day. Ice_Edge has risen so far above Lady Rants that she would never ever be able to handle that awesome enigma that is Ice _Edge.

What did you say hater? You want to throw hate rocks at the ice cold enigma that is Ice Edge!? Are you really just stupid or just completely and utterly retarded!? Well if you are do remember what happened last time don't you? You threw those rocks but half they there they suddenly asked themselves:

"Why are we flying towards Ice_Edge again? Last time I checked he made better posts and rants than any of our masters ever did in their entire life times. He will just take this as compliments and we can't take that". So the hate rocks stopped turned around, flew and hit haters ugly mugs and told them:

"This is for you bitches, this is for you giving ice edge compliments!!!"

Face it losers you lost. I have already ranted on everything you had wet dreams about and never really had real balls to rant about. This is what risen above means. I'm now and forever will just be better than you so go on ahead enjoy your little jokes since we all know they aren't even worthy more than dirtiest dirt stain on my boots.

I'm Father Cosmos of Rants and no other member ever in history of Rants will ever top me at anything I done here. Also you know those are facts since I'm fucking life itself. Meaning:

ice=water=life on earth/any other livable planet.

Give respect to the pretty ice cold and witty enigma of nice which is luckier than number 7th of that lucky dice.... life itself Ice:cool2.

There is more, but that will do for the time being :cool2

Green Light 02-05-2013 03:51 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits

I remember thinking that guy was a decent poster until he started posting in rants and I guess his true colours came out

Redwood 02-05-2013 03:54 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
Tony Tornado?

CMWit 02-05-2013 03:58 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
I did enjoy the kid...he called smoking weed weeding, that's great, lol

Here is my contribution: a PM frmo Icey...

You know originally first run was designed (the over the top ice run) for 7 days and when all was said and done it made through 6 of them. Pretty happy with the success of that LOL.

So it's not like anything was really lost unlike some guys feel. Everything that I do is pretty much planned or expected. It's only the participants that are not aware of that.

Don't worry originally I planned at least 4 rants with my return. 1 was already made and 1 I'm not sure I will be able to post(it describes anarchy as political ideology and I'm dunno if it will fly well with JM). It depends but so far it doesn't look good since JM won't give it a green light and won't look at it on pms (He says he never does that blah blah). That line is still as shady as hell since the mods just won't answer certain questions and you still need their approval or risk of being banned. So yeah sticky situation and I usually don't make stupid risks.

So it pretty much goes 2 safe ones and third one pending. Besides it seems me and Nick will be going into one unholy anti cat alliance really soon so it's another reason why that last one probably won't make it.

Yes 6 Stages. After that it's pretty certain you would get broken into your house by police authorities. This all depends how low you want to take it. But to be honest I really do not want to thinkt hat anyone would ever go above 2 of those stages I named.

So these stages go as follow:

STAGE 1: Normal rants that most so called "internet warriors" are at right now. You play pretty much within the rules range.

STAGE 1,5: Normal rants+ occasionally you break a few of basic rant rules. You go on to play with cards of racism, gays, Jews/religion(pretty much what Comrade did), poking fun at other users family and all that other stuff that is in basic rant rules. At this stage there is a risk of a ban eventually and if you get under one of the staffs skin.

STAGE 2: LOL Ice_Edge the character that so far has defined this STAGE. Using absolutely every taboo imaginable and going for absolute break. It could end with one rant but it can also lead to a 6/7 day successful run that really defines a character. Also as you saw these have to be absolute classless rants and posts in order to work and you need to go all out. In this stage if you don't get perma banned after 6 days you are the luckiest son of the bitch to walk on rants soil .

STAGE 3: Includes all the precious stages but in this one you actually give absolute goriest details of incest, cannibalism, rape, dissections and the rest of the taboos described at stage 2. If you have any kind of remorse left for the poor souls of Rant Warriors you should never go here. I even doubt that I would. Admins might not even consider banning you since this would be so shocking half of them would realistically consider you to be a real life psychopath, child molester, and rapist and so on. But ban it just evident probably after 1 of the rants. My guess would be you would be able to max squeeze out 2 if you are really lucky.

STAGE 4: Using all the previous stages and using it to go for absolute break after the staff. Depending which staff member (or maybe it doesn't matter) you will get a very quick ban and your rants will possibly be quickly deleted.

STAGE 5: using previous stages + you also start with alot of either porn pictures or all the other disturbing pictures you see. Mostly anything goes.

STAGE 6: using previous stages but also finally making the shit real by posting real life snuff films and yeah... we probably should not say anything more.

STAGE 7: We probably really don't want to know. It's just best to spare yourself from the agony...also this is very likely will result in a real life arrest.

STAGE 8: We don't know, we don't want to know and we don't want to find out. This one is probably designed for real rapist, pedophiles and psychopath killers who are about 1 step away from pushing the trigger on some guy on the street or rapping that gal who walked across the street or currently molesting some 11 year old kid.

Jatt Kidd 02-05-2013 04:01 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
The fuck is this, I don't have the attention span to read all that!

Froot 02-05-2013 04:01 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
This made me feel witty back then.


Originally Posted by Froot (Post 11592187)
When you take the time to read ice_edge's posts, you feel unsatisfied.

When you feel unsatisfied, you gain depression.

When you gain depression, you start attending psychiatric sessions.

When you start attending psychiatric sessions, you meet the love of your life at one of them.

When you meet the love of your life at one of them, you get married.

When you get married, you get divorced and lose all of your stuff.

When you lose all of your stuff, you go to live with your parents.

When you go to live with your parents, you leave the casserole in the stove for too long.

When you leave the casserole in the stove for too long, you burn your parent's house down.

When you burn your parent's house down, your parents legally change your surname to Dickfuck.

When your parents legally change your name to Dickfuck, job interviewers laugh in your face.

And when job interviewers laugh in your face, you move to China and work in a sweat shop, where you pick pubic hairs out of recycled toys.

Don't pick pubic hairs out of recycled toys.

Don't read ice_edge's posts.

CMWit 02-05-2013 04:02 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
From a closed thread more priceless advice from Icey

Cole needs to clean up his act, stop weeding, stop being lazy, shut down his computer (and at least don't touch it a year or so if possible), go out and ask out that girl he's been eye balling for some time and stop freaking feeding of scraps of supposed "attention" people give him here.

Redwood 02-05-2013 04:03 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
Finally, after weeding out through most of his garbage filled posts, I found it:


You can thank me now, BLACKANDRE, :cool2.

Froot 02-05-2013 04:05 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits


cesaro_ROCKS 02-05-2013 04:05 PM

Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits
Ice Edge was trying to be a forum heel. Plus, he was a very cautious fella, I wouldn't say paranoid. and he liked Metal Gear Solid, that's a plus.


I actually saved this image to my desktop and used it a shit load after he posted it initially. love this gif 8*D

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