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Tabula Rasa 10-02-2002 11:30 AM

Since we have so many names right now I thought I would throw in the group that will blast the others out of the water, and that group is the 4:20's. So if u like to party, have a good time consider giving the 4:20's a chance. Post in this thread if u want to become one or u can phone 1-800-RVD-420.
So who wants to be one?

Subtle Suicide 10-02-2002 11:58 AM

I tried to call that number but it didnt work!!!!!! :no:

Ill be one :agree:

Mr.Hankey 10-02-2002 12:13 PM


nerotheory 10-02-2002 01:42 PM

i will without a shadow of a doubt be one.

MaryJoeWanna 10-02-2002 03:15 PM

4:20 hehehe, IM IN!!! this will be soooo rad....

Lithium 10-02-2002 07:02 PM

i will bo one

The Youngsta 10-03-2002 12:27 AM

Me to

Chainsaw 10-03-2002 01:10 AM

I will sooooooo NOT be one...


NDF 10-03-2002 05:31 AM

I'II be in the 4:20's, cause I like it hard... wait noo..

Gravel 10-03-2002 09:51 AM

Friday 4:20s are the best......gotta do lots then...i'm in

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