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Because it needs to be said once again

Ok. Why is it that most of you who watch WWE will put up with it's garbage, know the program is garbage, but the fucking instant something cool happens, the show becomes god-like (in some views) or good, when overall the show had such shitty, cringeworthy moments? In the words of another poster, you know who you are, you guys just fucking forgive how bad it's been because of one awesome thing?

This is fucking poison for TNA which has been in the lead in quality by a good margin ever since the bound for glory series in 2011. I can't fucking believe around a month ago in a raw discussion thread I read "tna take notes". This fucker probably doesn't even watch TNA and knows NOTHING of what it's been and yet, wants them to take notes from wwe's shitty shows? Oh yeah, let's fucking pretend wwe hasn't been total shit for months and months and take in the one good thing they do and instantly call it the better show. Do you marks not realize how shameful that is? & then more than half of you don't even want to give TNA a chance and when you do, watch it with such negative attitude towards it because you REEEEALLY believe it isn't a good show. Just uses old guys you say? Stupid storylines? Inconsistency? These are all things said about TNA from some of you and give me a fucking break. Look at wwe having to rely on the legends because they've raped themselves in the ass by being inconsistent with their talent and not making any megastar because of their John Cena fetish. The fuckery in the Dolph/Cena feud was astonishing where anyone who was paying attention would agree Cena was the heel, too.

I remember reading one of you shitting on TNA by comparing discussion thread page numbers. This fucker really went on saying how raw gets over 400 pages or so and "the great TNA show barely gets 40". Some shit like that. Another ignorant ass comment. Quality over quantity you fuck. These types of fans are poison to wrestling.

Stop thinking WWE is amazing because they do one good thing after so, so much shit. Don't suddenly forget all the shit you've watched and narrow it down to the gem. Stop being ignorant fucks and open your eyes to the best weekly wrestling tv show, TNA Impact wrestling. If next weeks raw is shitty with one or two good things I just bet I'll be reading "good show! derpderp!" and I might as well take a hot steamy shit right then and there to fit the moment as perfectly as possible


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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

i loved the opinions

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

nothing in TNA matters because only 12 people were there live

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

TNA doesn't have Bo Dallas. Why should I watch it?

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

Uh, WWE and TNA suck right now. The fuck are you talking about.

Oh, btw, BO DALLAS.

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I know, it's been a while.
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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

What state are TNA in next week?.....

Oh yeah.

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

tna are fucking GOATING it

taz turning heel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. GOAT MOVE!
chavo guerrero holding a championship. FANTASTIC!
chavo guerrero holding a job. AMAZING!
chavo guerrero living off the memory of his dead uncle. GENIUS!
a gay biker gang that has full access and doesn't do anything. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

cmon, how can anyone say tna is shit. fucking nobodies.

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

Originally Posted by Fortitude View Post
What state are TNA in next week?.....

Oh yeah.

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

I was kinda excited when tazz turned heel because I thought maybe I wouldn't have to hear him in commentary anymore.

Oh boy how wrong I was

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Re: Because it needs to be said once again

I once watched like, 5 months of TNA programming back in 2011. It's a miracle I've made it out alive

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