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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

It's a two way street on that. If someone is a bit older, they tend to only stick with the "classics" or vice versa for someone young. I don't see the appeal in that when music from each decade has some or a lot of appeal. I'll listen to some Queen, the go with Lady Gaga, then to The Offspring and so on. I see no reason in containing to only one limited area of music.

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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

I'm seeing offspring live in march. Will be my second time.

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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?



Credit: A$AP
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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by CHAMPviaDQ View Post
I have very eclectic taste, I listen to almost everything if it's up to my standards. It's funny 'cause whenever I've gone to a store or any place that's playing music I used to trip my ex-girlfriends little brother out 'cause I knew the lyrics to most songs that were playing, songs from decades ago and everything. He's be like 'Do you know every song in the world or something?', lol. It's a shame that some people won't listen to anything outside of their generation.

But Yeah, Queen rules.
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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by 777 View Post
Stop describing me please.
I knew you were one of my favourite posters for a reason.


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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

I stand out the most, blame it on Solipsism.
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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

I'll get my least favourite out of the way first as it's easier, i'll do my favourite stand outs later:

itssoeasy123: Vince's bastard offspring
sharkboy23: Hurr Durr Indy wrestlings suckz no phychology, Dat skinny midgetz !!!
Shawn Morrison: Dat Vince Mentality
Charmed1: MMA God
JoeIsGunnaKillYou: gets butthurt then posts sarcastic reply, rinse and repeat
Tony316: must have suffered severe head trauma as a child
shancraig: "LOL Who books a world champ for a world tour ?"
Bananas: Doesn't understand football
mblonde09: Punk's cofee boy
Mclovin: Did i mention i was a virgin ?
Azuran: has become predictable

all i can think of right now.


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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

2013 will be the year of Mister Mystery Man!!!! :matt

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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by mblonde09 View Post
The only reason Choke2death stands out, is because he's a complete and utter muppet, who is trying sooo hard to take Rock316AE's spot as #1 Punk-hater, he'll just post total nonsense about Punk in any Punk thread he can find - that being said, that fool Hawksea, is giving him a run for his money in the idiot stakes, though.
Nah. I couldn't care less about the "number 1" spot. I just say what's on my mind and more often than not, when I post something about Punk, it gets funny reactions from Punk marks who take offense so it makes me wanna continue. It also doesn't help that every other topic is about him. As a fast poster when I'm online, I just post wherever I feel I have something to add. For that reason, you will not find me in threads about Punk having an interview or whatever since I really don't care and it has no effect on what might happen on the TV show that I'm a fan of. I'm negative about him 99% of the time and have already explained why numerous times but I also try to give him credit when I feel he deserves it.

It is opinions, so calling somebody an idiot because they feel differently is very close minded and ignorant. Also I'm not deliberately trolling in the way Hawksea is. Every time he makes a post about Punk, it usually has to do with numbers and I only do that when it has with the topic to do.

But with you, there's no point in explaining anything because you are hostile to anyone who dares say a bad word about Punk. Hell, I went to an old thread about wrestling tattoos a few weeks ago and some people thought Punk's tattoos were ugly, then you came to the rescue for your god and quickly whined about anything bad said regarding Punk's tattoos. Basically calling everyone who picked on them idiots.

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
Only faults about C2D are his Orton marking and Punk hating on aspects there is no need for. Other than that he's cool.
What's wrong with my Orton marking? rton

Originally Posted by SVETV988_fan View Post
I don't mind Choke2Death's posts. The only time I was bothered by him was when I first saw his username, he had a Chris Benoit avatar/signature and he was coming to Benoit's defense alot. I found that a bit odd, but otherwise he's an alright poster.
This was a strange coincidence I never thought of when I registered. Wish I could change my username and I might go premium at some point, specially for that.

Speaking of Benoit, it has come down to me believing he's actually innocent so that pretty much separates my username from association with what he allegedly did to his son, which if he did indeed do, is a very scummy thing that I can never defend but at least try to understand however hard that may be.
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