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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
lol detectives. Gone because he's an idiot who couldn't follow rules.

Wrestling sections on here are the dirt worst. I'm amazed that some people post in there for so long. Only opinions I care for stopped posting in there too so there's no reason to even view them sections.
I am guessing that afterlast night they are worse, OMG Cena won! Fuck Cena, Rocky/Cena wez jest to be 1 timez!! I can only imagine

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by Mister Mystery Man View Post

Reminds me of something I posted here a while ago

Spoiler for :
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Somebody copied one of my comments from another forum and wrote it here in the RR thread last night

The thing is, its not even an interesting post, what kind of a person does this?
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Is Pyro still saying Ryback is a cert for winning the Rumble?
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Actually made an effort in the wrestling section for the first time in ages and twenty minutes later the thread got closed and deleted. Pretty dumbass thread though. Don't want my post explaining how the Rock's People's Elbow actually works to go to waste though (though I've probably found the right thread for it now).

Anyone bitching about the People's Elbow not being a devastating finisher does not understand the mechanics of the move. When Rock removes the elbow pad, it begins a process which allows him to store up kinetic energy in his body to be released upon the correct signal. The signal is a sudden falling sensation, experienced by the brain when he drops himself and the elbow upon his opponent.

Now, here comes the science bit. Before he sends this signal to his brain to release the stored kinetic energy, he builds up an excess of kinetic energy in his body by waving his arms about and running across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and leaping over his prostrate opponent. Note then as he approaches his opponent to deliver the elbow, he cranks up his arm movements and grinds his facial muscles to maximise the kinetic energy stored within his body.

He then creates the falling sensation to signal to his brain to release all of that pent-up energy while aiming his elbow towards his opponent's chest. The elbow/chest combination becomes the conduit for the kinetic energy to flow out of the Rock's body and surge with irresistible force into the opponent's chest, thus incapacitating him for dozens of seconds at a time.

The Rock is not just a wrestler, he is a scientist.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

He does talk about "electricity" an awful lot.

Maybe you're onto something.

Edit: got a good laugh out of this one.

Originally Posted by wrestlefan2013 View Post
see this is what cm punk talks about and not just him but the wrestling exsperts bill and doug talk about your idiots all you like to see if popular guys who cant wrestle if shaq was in wrestling and not basketball you would go for him cause hes popular big and this is whats funny you WWE yes WWE UNIVERSE not fans cause if you were fans you wouldnt have sold out and called yourself WWE UNIVERSE back then it was WWF and it was a real fan base so heres your facts right now you WWE U people if wwe told you to jump off a bridge you would do it and you guys already did it was call john cena anyways im going to shut up we all know CM PUNK is the best in the world at what he does

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

im sorry but rock just looks unnatural

cena is a tad too big too, as is ryback, but Rock just takes the fricking cake

now if rock wants to do steroids, fine, whatever, but not when it negatively affects the product. the guy barely looks human anymore, and it showed he was tired as fuck

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

They're all roided, it's systematic. It's all about playing ball.
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

there is roided, and then there is the rock

I've never ever found myself really complaining with Cena's look. Big? Yes. A tad too big? Yes. But overall, it's never affected his pace in the ring or ability to go (the fact whether hes good or not is another story and dont even bother bringing it up)

Rock just looks unnatural. An abomination to god. Like a giant inflatable caricature of a wrestler. And you could hear it by looking at him, seeing the way he moved, and how he was breathing. The match was not fast paced so it could not be attributed as part of the match or psychology.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

What I find funny are all the people saying the Rock didn't get tired and it was just old school selling.
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