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Re: Stupid Posts Thread


he does the same spacing I do when I post


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Re: Stupid Posts Thread


You suck the blood of the afflicted.
Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality.
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Had me in stitches, called awkward places to be when diarrhea strikes

Have a serious crush on Elisha Cuthbert.

R.I.P El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo

Marking for

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Well, the original Shakira gif has just been ruined for me forever then...
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

ugh another gimmick poster

Originally Posted by Voldemort View Post
I shall forgive you cause u made me champ Trippy h but u actually didnt and tapped for some unexplainable reason and later gave belt to ur lacky randy orton for no reason
oh soo ive bean using the wrong word!!!! i shall use teh proper word burry now instead of berry
i knew i shouldnt have eaten a dozen berries before a scheduled chair shot to the head! that stupid
Originally Posted by Voldemort View Post
burries? what is this word? all those flying headbutts have made me forgettful and stupid/stupider what does this word burries mean?
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by DwayneAustin View Post
Well, the original Shakira gif has just been ruined for me forever then...


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I bet the only building you goddamn rioters haven't burned down yet is KFC.
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by WHINY CUNT View Post
for people who want to whine about the controller:

Originally Posted by Karma101 View Post
I'll wait for an unbiased opinion on that controller.
Originally Posted by xhbkx View Post

That's the most unbiased as you can get considering Polygon is funded by Microsoft.
Originally Posted by Karma101 View Post
I need proof that site is funded by MS, until then I still ain't got that unbiased opinion I was looking for.
Good god...

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

This guy is stinking up some thread with his horrible argument for gun control.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
That is just 1/5 of the deaths resulting from guns in America in 1 day compared to Britain's 35 in an entire year. You can argue that guns are banned in Chicago and this somehow proves your point on why it's bad to have gun control, but compare it to Britain's gun related deaths and that proves my point. I don't really think this story is going to cause people to change their stance on gun laws in America, considering how 20 murdered children couldn't. It actually did the exact opposite. A lot of Americans went out of their way to purchase AR-15 assault rifles and ammunition. What does that tell you about America? I live in Canada where we have gun control which means the chances of someone opening fire on me or my family is slim. I am not against the 2nd amendment, I am against regular citizens going out and buying semi-automatic assault rifles, then some of them decide to go on a massive shooting spree killing a mass amount of innocent people. I just don't get some Americans who are against any kind of gun control even if it means saving the life of innocent victims. I guarantee you that if we had ban the AR-15 some victims would still be here today. Sad story though and my condolences go out to everyone who has been affected by this.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
You seem to think it's fine for regular citizens to own AR-15, a military like weapon in mine and many others opinion. I don't get the argument it's not an automatic weapon. Why do you and many others like to ignore the fact that this weapon has been the weapon of choice for sick individuals who want to go out and commit a mass shooting? That is why it should be banned. I have been watching Piers Morgan debate gun lobbyists and destroy them. And I noticed how none of them could give just one good logical reason why it shouldn't be banned.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
@Kobra that explains why his ratings are so high.

@JOAL You completely missed the whole point... The AR-15 is a semi-automatic assault rifle that is a killing machine. If it wasn't for the AR-15 then maybe some kids would still be alive today. Guns are banned in Britain and look at their gun related deaths then compare it to America. I didn't say there wouldn't be anymore shootings, but we need to make it harder for criminals to obtain guns. Do you know that 48% of gun sales last year didn't involve background checks? That means criminals it's easier for a criminal to get one legally. We need to start with the killing machine known as the AR-15 and every other weapon that operates like it. That's how we are going to decrease the amount of gun violence in America.

@LadyCroft Why? Why the heck do you need them? I don't get it.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
You guys hate on Piers Morgan for the dumbest reasons. I don't agree with him on everything but I have been a fan of his since his days on The Apprentice. You call him a clown or a moron but why? Because he doesn't agree with you? That's silly. His views and opinions on gun laws are as logical as you can get. He isn't against the 2nd amendment, he is just against regular Americans going out and purchasing military like weapons and using it against innocent defenseless people.

@Joal we need to get rid of all guns in all states then we can start to notice a difference. It has already been proven so I guess you're the one who doesn't get it.

@Kobra I give you that one about Rush Limbaugh, that guy is stupid and racist. But the rest of the comparisons are irrelevant because this is politics not entertainment. We are going to look back on Piers Morgan and consider him a genius because of his ability to look past all the hate he has received for the better of America.

@Goon read what I told Joal.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
What does that have to do with this? He can be a pedophile for all I care and I would still support his stance on gun laws. My proven facts was already posted earlier in this thread. In Britain of last year, there has been 35 gun related deaths compared to America's 11,000+.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
Fair enough insanitydefined. I just don't see the purpose of bringing it up unless it has any relevancy to the discussion.

@GOON Go look at the gun murder rate in Britain then compare it to America. Your point is valid only because guns aren't banned in all states. Criminals are allowed to buy guns like it's candy with over 48% of gun sales not requiring a background check.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
@kobra You just don't get it like the rest of the people here. 20 children were slaughtered by guns, specially the AR-15. Did you know 75 more children have been murdered by guns since the Newtown shooting? I'll respect your opinion even though I believe it's wrong.

@Joal Where did you get that from? The point was I would support his stance on gun laws even if he was one. And you realize being a pedophile is not a crime unless they have acted on it, right? Just putting it out there. The facts I heard from Piers Morgan. I think you can look it up online and find it somewhere.
Originally Posted by messi View Post
That doesn't matter. Do you realize how many times I have heard that argument? Until we ban all guns in ALL states then we can do a fair comparison. Look at the UK and look at America's death rate by guns and you'll see I am right.

Source of gun-related deaths in America:

if that's not good enough then here is a better one:

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
This guy is stinking up some thread with his horrible argument for gun control.
is it horrible because you don't agree?
If you think what he says stinks, tell him on the thread, call him out for why he is wrong.

I'd rather debate with someone and hope it stays mature without name calling, to make my point.
Then just bitch about it elsewhere.

Not directed at you but I just want to say, just because someone has a different opinion to you doesn't always mean they're stupid.

I admit I saw some foul posts on here before, that are trolling and offensive, but none of the quoted text gives me the impression said font is a troll.

just my opinion!


Let's start at the 7-Eleven, where that child had every right to be where he was. That child had every right to do what he was doing, walking home.

That child had every right to be afraid of a strange man following him, first in his car and then on foot. And did that child not have the right to defend himself from that strange man? Did Trayvon Martin not also have that right?

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
You're lying. You've been harassing Nattie via rep and PM for a month now. She really hasn't done much to you.

You did a good job switching it up to make your buddies agree with you and think you're "destroying her" though.
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