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I bet the only building you goddamn rioters haven't burned down yet is KFC.
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Yesterday in the jobbers thread:

Originally Posted by Expectnomercy316 View Post
Good old friend of mine just died at age 18!
Not that I didn't express some sorrow for them, but there's simply a complete lack of emotion or purpose for posting. Just a melancholic, blunt statement to make, in a poor choice of thread no less, where the mood is relatively upbeat among regulars. I mean there's bad posting and then there's just things that don't even make you look remotely human.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

But if he had full bars of green rep it'll be a different story.

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Tryna find these lil marks and smoke 'em!!!
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Regarding The Fingerpoke Of Doom:

Originally Posted by therock11 View Post
This is a HORRIBLE argument and i fuckin hate this.Almost all greats had/have thier something of doom for example Steve Austin had MIDDLE FINGER OF "DOOM"(he showed middle finger before giving the stunner)
Originally Posted by therock11 View Post
And finger poke was just a taunt before hogan delivered 3 punches followed by the leg drop?

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by sesshomaru View Post
Here's what should happen:

Cena should be talking about his match at Wrestlemania, when Taker's "Gong" starts and instead of Taker, David Otunga comes out and says "what, were you expecting something?", and challenge Cena at Wrestlemania.

Otunga would be famous if he did this.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Sometimes hard to differentiate between the trolling posts and the stupid posts.

It's a fine line.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

OOOOOOOOHHHH that had to be trolling.

KARLA LOPEZ, THE HOTTEST MODEL/ACTRESS ALIVE. Sheamus, Swagger, Wade, Dixie, Cesaro, Sami, DB, RKO, Drew, Del Rio, Cody, Punk, AJ LEE, Athena, Jasmin Areebi, Bayley, Becky / (SIG CRED: Abrown/A$AP/Sol Katti) CHAMPviaDQ = Great GFX.
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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Some of the replies for that were hilarious though.
lol if otunga is on the card at wrestlemania in the next 5 years WWE has some serious problems
but seriously though if Otunga ever wants to attend a WrestleMania he better ask his wife for some money for tickets.
Otunga will more realistically be fighting to get to the front of the unemployment line.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by Skermac View Post
An ass is an ass.

ass=unattractive to me, face is first


They need to focus more on the face/chest imo. Some will disagree, but is anyone with me?

I originally said ass is nasty, wrong word, not nasty, just does little for me.

And little Miss Tessmacher makes me laugh waving her tiny almost non existant ass.
Originally Posted by Rawbar View Post
1) 3MB vs The Shield
2) The whole WWE roster vs The Shield
3) Brock Lesner, Ryback, and that fellow
that works for Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield
4) The Rock, Randy Orton, and John Cena vs The Shield
5) Hyman, Michael Cole and JBL vs The Shield
You Entries?
Originally Posted by ArabGuy in a locked thread called Chris Jericho's knew Benoit could kill
I don't know why this thread got deleted I'm assuming the moderator thought I was lying.
Here's a link with some of Jericho's quotes about Benoit from his second book:

Edit: I'm a new member so can't post links. Just google "chris Jericho about Benoit" and you'll find several articles quoting from his book the exact same words I claimed he said.

It's mentioned in one of the last 3 chapters in his 2nd book Undisputed.

I'm not making this up (to the moderator who closed my first thread) double check the book yourself.

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
You keep saying that, anyone, at all, who fights taker at WM IS the main event, even with rock\Cena the end of the era was the Main event as well, taker could fight santino and it would be the main event

Takers matchs MAKE wm

its main event all the way
Taker is part of WM it's the 2nd me
a few

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
Ever come across a stupid post within the confines of this section? For example, anything posted by DualShock? Or Tony's reviews of Impact? Or Liverpool supporters proclaiming chances of a top 4 finish? Well, share it here for all to ridicule the post and the member involved.
^^this is pretty awful.

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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Wow, took four whole pages.

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