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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

"I'm intelligent in my studies."


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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

yeah ....., I am. At least the highlight of my life isn't being an admin no a wrestling board.

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

I almost forgot about one of my biggest contributions to the forum :stuff

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
kentonbomb. workrate geek.
Kentonbomb? The guy who had social anxiety but refused to admit it?

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it's me seabs!
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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
i dont want to bother reading through the thread but i was under the opinion that you or that other guy brought up punk and bryans progress in wwe and how anyone who doesn't match up to them just isn't worth their salt depsite the details inbetween the lines about wwe biz practices and attitude towards this medium period

please correct me if i'm wrong, but what i mean by indy breakouts i mean guys who have taken the indy limelight the same way AJ Joe Daniels Punk and Bryan did before becoming exclusive
a personal favourite. this was in response to a thread that he made himself but couldn't be bothered reading through the responses when they contained more than a few sentences.

a few classic threads of yours

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Does he actually think things through before starting a thread? Or is it a case of getting an idea in his head and he just goes with it without any sort of through process.

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

You could of said "I'm diligent in my studies". That sounds a lot better.

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

well, that's why I'm not majoring in english.

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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

I put effort in every post i make. So any post including this one, can be considered one of my best work.
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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

DesolationRow would have a field day with this thread.

Here's the tl;dr stuff I put more time into than I probably should've.

Comedic/Silly thread (back in mid 2011 when the Punk supporters were running rampant)

My 75 reasons CM Punk smarks get criticized

Originally Posted by blarg_ View Post

This is only for comedic purposes and not meant to be taken to heart.. so people flagging this as inapropriate, take a chill pill.

Here goes..

1. They refuse to accept the fact that most non-wrestling fans they encounter have never heard of CM Punk

2. They refuse to accept that CM Punk is not God.

3. They spam the Living Colour video of Cult of Personality with ''CM Punk sent me here!'' , much to the anoyance of In Living Colour fans that don't give a shit about wrestling.. and CM Punk

4. They hope science gets the steppin' on time travel so they can go back to the Wrestlemania 22 main event in Chicago and chant ''CM PUNK'' during both HHH and John Cena's entrances/match.

5. Since CM Punk got over, they now like to pretend like they've been supporting him as far back as his ROH days, when throughout 2010, barely anyone was complaining about Punk's lack of push.

6. They like to say 'pipebomb!' at the end of each sentence when they're 'shooting' on people IRL,

7. They think CM Punk is the next coming of Stone Cold, John F Kennedy and God.

8 When playing a WWE video game online, they get pissed that an opponent chose CM Punk before them, therefore creating their own CM Punk to prevent future tantrums.

9. They take criticism of CM Punk as personal insults

10. They think every town but Chicago sucks, unless a crowd outisde of Chicago is chanting for CM Punk

11. They dislike Zach Ryder deep down, but give him a free pass because CM Punk endorsed him at Comicon

12. They hate on their parents for not giving birth to them in Chicago

13. Even after hours of explanations, diagrams and helpful video learning guides, they still can’t understand why more people would sooner cheer and support Cena, Orton and HHH over CM Punk

14. Since CM Punk changed his theme song, they all of a sudden consider 80s music ''cool''

15. They get pissed when people ask them what the ''CM'' in CM Punk stands for, even though most of them don't really know themselves

16. Despite not having a damn clue who Colt Cabana is outside of a google search, they actively protest against his firing

17. They consider the Straight Edge Society the most underrated and overlooked stable of all time... even though at the time they didn't even bother watching Smackdown

18. They are campaigning to get ‘Cult of Personality' instated as the national anthem

19. Every Summer going forward will have to be the Summer of Punk, or it basically didn't exist,

20. They also turn their nose up at any wrestler active or retired that isn't CM Punk, unless said wrestler praised CM Punk on Twitter.

21.If one of their friends claim to enjoy wrestling, they quiz said friend on their knowledge of the life, career and influence of CM Punk before deciding whether to take their claim seriously

22. They stopped supporting Coca Cola products and switched to Pepsi.

23 They think Luke Gallow's firing was a grave injustice, yet they would always change the channel during his matches.

24. They think Beth Phoenix is the coolest diva to be banging CM Punk, therefore she is worthy of praise

25. They consider Maria Kanellis's only claim to fame is being ''the chick that dated CM Punk''.

26. They repeatedly write Good Humor-Breyers h and hassle/threaten them to get back into the WWF ice-cream business

27. if their entire wardrobe consisted of CM Punk t-shirts, they'd be happy and use that as bragging material to their friends

28. They no longer look down at short order Cooks at waffle house.

29. They think CM Punk is untouchable on the mic, and overlook the fact that his delivery is often monotonic and trite

30. They think CM Punk invented ''breaking kayfabe''

31. They think CM Punk got buried eveytime he loses a match, even though in said match he was booked to look very strong and/or got screwed due to outside interference

32. Their hatred for Randy Orton started with him beating Christian for the WHC, but the disdain intensified when they realized that he won every single match during his feud with CM Punk

33. If CM Punk isn't the WWE champion for more than a month, they conclude that WWE creative ''dropped the ball''

34. They rebeled against their parents all their lives for preventing them from doing drugs, but they now adhere to Straight edge-ism, and awarded their parents some brownie points

35. They think there's a real conspiracy backstage trying to hold Punk back.

36. They think that all of Punk's promos are a complete shoot.

37. They consider a CM Punk segment to be crap if Punk didn't get the upper hand.

38. They like to send their friends and familly members the MITB match, even though said people told them that they weren't interested.

39.. They think that CM Punk carried John Cena during all of their matches

40. They consider every CM Punk match to be flawless, and if for some reason the match was a botch fest, it was all the opponent's fault.

41. They have a tendency to randomly quote lines from CM Punk in totally unrelated conversations

42. They think all future WWE films should include CM Punk in the main roles

43. They consider the Killswitch Engage song ''this Fire burns to be nostalgic classic.

44. They would stalk Airports just to catch CM Punk when he lands.

45. they now think Dwayne Johnson's return this year was irrelevant because Punk's rise to main event status eclipsed all that.

46. They like to rewatch CM Punk segments on Youtube until fatigue hits and it isn't physically possible to stay awake

47. because of reason 46, they think sleep sucks, that it's completely unneeded and is proof that there's no such thing as ''intelligent design''

48. They think PPV buyrates should go through the roof now that CM Punk is main eventing

49. They think Miz and R Truth are steeling CM Punk's storyline

50. They refuse to aknowledge CM Punk's tenure in TNA, and they think it should be completely erased from the history books

51.Despite CM Punk resorting back to the status quo as of late, they'll still defend him thinking he's ushering in a cutting edge new product

52.They now hate ADR because his lack of crowd reaction makes his matches with Punk look bad

53. They dislike the whole roster because they're taking away from Punk's airtime

54. When they apply for a job, and their future boss asks them to sign a contract, they expect a table the table to be turned over

55. They think insomnia is cool because Punk doesn't sleep

56. They pressure RF and Kayfabecommentaries to secure a shoot interview with Punk even though he's currently under contract, and they regard his shoots with ROH as the greatest of all time.

60.They think Ashton Kutcher stole the line ''you got Punk'd!'' from CM Punk

61. The think Punk could legitimately run for office, and win

62. They think CM Punk is the new measuring stick of what a perfect wrestler should be, even though wrestlers that are more well rounded than he is wouldn't stand a chance as his equal

63. They now believe that the word ''ass'' is what was missing from the current product to make it good

65. They think him being follically challenged fits his image

66. They think WWE crowds should all be seen with white t-shirts, with no exceptions

67.Since ''CM Punk'' isn't a popular trending term, they threaten to boycott Twitter

68. They want the canceled script for the WWE serial killer movie involving CM Punk to be leaked on the internet, just so they can stick it Stephanie McMahon and her poor judge of character

69. Despite Punk being Champion, they still resent WWE creative for not putting him in the most important and relevant storylines

70. They tried to sue THQ for removing his Pepsi tattoo in the videogames

Again, this is only for the lulz, i'm actually one of the biggest Punk fans out there

For serious thread

Vince McMahon, still a Genius, or has he lost touch?

Originally Posted by blarg_ View Post
This will be a lengthy read, but bear with me..

The 80s, the decade where Vincent K McMahon strategically and effectively took the circus-like niche attraction that was Professional Wrestling and turned it into a mainstream powerhouse featuring an assembly of larger than life characters that were cherry picked from the finest regional Territories Vince unmercifully raided, and subsequently helped put out of business. Vince had a ballsy vision that few took seriously, but he nonetheless took every possible approach to make it work. He co-branded with MTV during its infancy to help generate buzz around his product's version of the Super Bowl, and brought in various celebrities to distinguish himself from the Verne Gagnes and Jim Crocketts of the world by shouting out '''we are not Wrastlin, we are bigger than this''. His gambled paid off and he was up and running with a product that perfectly mirrored the height of 80s hysteria, he had the right idea at exactly the right time. A real life manifestations of cartoonie monsters and superheros was unseen at the time outside of movies and television shows, the illusion of having these characters take part in a legit athletic competition and an ever growing story-arc that helped create conflicts and continuity between these personalities served as the key reason people were interested. The formula was simple...good vs evil, keep things simple enough so that all age groups can follow the product, have a strong workhorse in the mid card to satisfy the wrestling purists that WCW attracted at the time and save the main event level theatrics for the portion of your audience that generates the most revenue..the casuals. This formula was destined to work if you can manage to keep your most interesting characters on top and sustain lengthy feuds that would generate interest for a long period of time. Television programming was not nearly as widespread and bloated as it is today, and the WWF didn't face any serious competition, so they could afford to take time and slowly develope feuds, jobber matches to enhance talent was satisfiable enough since that era was very character driven, and the ''5 star matches'' were saved for very rare occations. Kayfabe was still a very important code to be respected, despite Vince eventually admitting that Wrestling was scripted to avoid paying a tax to the athletic commission.

Fast forward to the early 90s. The 80s craze has all but completely worn off, and culture itself was undergoing a radical shift. On Vince's end, he had been faced with a huge media backlash concerning alleged steroid abuse and sexual harrassement in his company. Some of his biggest stars were used as scapegoats which led to Vince losing alot of them. Vince now had to make a decision, his perfect universe of larger than life stars was crumbling infront of him, and he needed to make a change to keep his company afloat. In late 1992 we started to see a slow and gradual progression to putting more emphasis on the lighter workhorses that occupied the midcard, for the first time since the companies inception, Vince put faith in guys like Bret Hart, The British Bulldog, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon as potential house drawers.The problem here was that while these guys occupied the main event scene, we were now seing a watered down version of the cartoonie mindset manifest itself throughout the midcard, and we soon found out that VInce's bottom line did not really change with the times. Years later Vince found himself in limbo, the conservative nature of television was quickly replaced by shock programming and people's threshold for violence and profanity was at an all time high. ECW was reflecting this change and kept most of the purists enterained, it ended up creating a cult following and force WCW to take notice. WCW made a huge change to their product by being cutting edge, and them being on Turner Broadcasting helped them slaughter Vince in the ratings. Vince eventually took a chance by mirroring society and allowing their wrestlers to be hyperextentions of their real selves. With the help of Russo, he took the wrestling rulebook and threw it out the window. ''We quite frankly think our audience are tired of having their intelligence insulted'' proclaimed Vince during a promotional video to hype the debut of the Attitude Era on the newly repackaged RAW IS WAR. Vince never wanted to go this direction, and it was a massive gamble. While the WWE sored to new heights during the Attitude Era, the health risk was higher and they were alienating potential sources of profit in licencing deals and sponsorship while consistantly pissing off the network they were on. In an effort to be embraced by the mainstream, Vince went public in 1999 and gave up alot of his freedom to shareholders that now directly affected the direction of his business. Vince was always known for wearing many hats, and now for the first time ever he had lost some of those freedoms. A series of questionable moves to branch out into other areas of entertainment like the XFL were really the first signs of Vince truly losing focus and showing his megalomaniacal side.

In 2001 Vince had peaked, and he just acquired his competition. For the first time ever, there was only one giant in town, and Vince sat on top of the Wrestling Mountain, an accolade he rightfully deserved. From here there was nowhere left to go but down. VInce had an opportunity to follow the shock oriented Attitude Era with a coup du gras that was the ultimate fan wet dream of WCW vs WWF. What did Vince do? He decided to oversaturate his roster and convolute the storyline by having wrestlers jump factions in ways that didnt make much sense. The bottom line of that storyline was simple: WWF shits on WCW, and WCW was an overrated afterthought. Around this time, VInce lost one of his biggest stars to Hollywood, and eventually had the brilliant idea of branching out yet again in the world of Entertainment by creating WWE studios, a move that eventually proved to be an abysmal failure, and a huge waste of resources match only by the XFL fiasco. Enter 9/11, in the wake of the Twin Towers tragedy, society had become completely desensitised to violence, and shock tv now had blended with reality tv to put people in a constant state of fear. People were now looking for an escapism from reality, and this was the perfect time for the WWE to switch back to a more conservative product. The problem now was that the idea was right, but the execution was poor, notwithstanding the fact that VInce (and online dirtsheets) had now inadvertently smartened up his audience to the point of no return. It was a slow transition, and for a while he was on to something interesting with his ''athletically focused'' Ruthless Agression Era headed by the likes of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle on Smackdown. Ultimately, this transition period was short lived when Lesnar, their new golden Goose left them abruptly to pursuit other aspirations. It was at this point where I really started to see Vince lose focus of the overall direction and identity of his product, things certainly did not improve with promoting Stephanie to Executive Vice President of creative, and Johnny fucking Ace replacing JR in talent relations, a move that made no sense given his track record.. In the midst of 2004 HHH was consistantly kept in the spotlight and it was clear that new characters like Eugene were not catching on with the smart audience. Enter another long period of Limbo for the WWE.

In 2005, VInce had now seemingly put faith in two of his Wrestlers to be his next big megastars..John Cena and Batista. I think that the idea was smart, but people were not firmly behind Cena's push, and after being exposed as a wannabe rapper from the suburbs of west newbury massachusetts, and after having him go over established and respected names in the industry, people started booing him. Vince was now faced with a directionless product AND a company figurehead that wasnt over like he should. Now, enter the UFC. The UFC has risen in the wake of Pro Wrestling craze and the Fertitta brothers did a fantastic job in rebranding the product to appeal to a broader audience. The 18 to 34 demographic that watched WWE now had a new alternative to satisfy their visceral needs, so now the hardcore fanbase now decided that they were tired of being jerked around by Vince's superfluous ideas and they came to a realization that Wrestling was now fake and kiddy in comparison to real fighting. To Vince's perception, MMA was never a direct threat to Pro Wrestling, and proved this by ok'ing the Ultimate Fighter to follow Monday Night RAW on Spike TV. Ratings were steadily declining and PPV buys were consistantly lower outside of Wrestlemania, yet Vince made little effort to steer the Boat in another direction. never mind the fact that he did pointless ego moves like bringing back ECW just to kill it's reputation

Then the Benoit tragedy happened. Vince's wet dream of being accepted by the mainstream media was now going up in smokes, and there was now a bullseye on his company more than ever. What did VInce Do to clean up his Image? Well, he initiated a very questionable wellness policy, and slowly started shifting his product to a much safer, less violent and vulgar form of entertainment. VInce figured that this stripped down version of his product was not going to go over well with the devoted crop of fans he had left from previous era's so fuck it he thought it'd be a wise move to start marketing to kids. Why not? Kids generate massive revenue in merchandise, and they can now licence deals with Mattel to tap into a huge source of revenue. Kids would also make the foundation of core and loyal fans in years to come, so grooming them while they're young was a smart move. The dumb move consisted more with the writing quality of they shows, bringing in soap opera rejects and people who knew nothing about wrestling to write creative, it certainly didn't help that they main event picture revolved around the same crop of guys for years.

Enter Linda McMahon's Senate run. Another fine example of VInce tapping into his own resourse to help his wife get a seat, Putting the company 50 million dollars in dept and having to let go of several talents in the process. At this point, Vince was so concerned with his squeeky image that he did everything to disasociate himself from what made his product enjoyable. PG was now his answer to make amends with the mainstream media, despite major sports newcasts and other media outlets reluctance to ever take the company seriously.Vince became a victim of focusing on too many things, and lost touch of his core product. The best example of this is the launch of the WWE Network that's been delayed several times already. VInce 's age is clearly starting to catch up to him, and sooner or later he will have to let someone else run the show. I'm not sure if his ego is able to let that happen though, he alienated his own son, that prefered to head a cable company than stick around the WWE. Vince had a perfect opportunity to create legit buzz around himself with the CM Punk angle and the Rock's return last year, but he put so little care in those that they ended up being watered down shells of what couldve been.

So I ask, has Vince lost touch? Or will all his questionable acts as of late eventually pay off?

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