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Re: Fast Food Prices...Fuck You

Originally Posted by Salt Upon Wounds View Post
Been working since i was 18, so, close for a decade now. Been living on my own for a bigger chunk of that decade. Last time i've ate in McDonalds or some other dumphole - somewhere in the spring last year.

Mind you i was never really what you would call well off so it's not like i'm ordering from Hilton at my lunch break. But i do not eat deep fried styrofoam either.

You're trying to present it as if there's some three-lane choice between: i'll eat frozen McTurds/ or i'll be hungry/ or i'm obscenely rich so i'm having lobster. Eat all the junk food you want, but don't try to pass it off like it's some sort of unavoidable necesitty.

Also, chill dude, nobody is trying to cigar melt your Ninja Turtles.

number one fan
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Re: Fast Food Prices...Fuck You

Can't say I hit the big name take outs very often, but every few months I get an addict-like craving for fries with tons of mayonnaise. I don't cook up veggies in oil at home, but those damn fries are the cure to hangovers, time-of-the-month munchies and dull work days all rolled into one disgusting, yet irresistible, greasy ball of joy.
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Re: Fast Food Prices...Fuck You

fast food is garbage. the only fast food I even consider these days is Subway.

much prefer a nice home cooked meal, nothing better than coming home from a hard day of doing my double degree and having your dinner ready for you on the table. and a nice glass of 'shut the fuck up I'm trying to watch the cricket'

but yeah. fast food is garbage and will no doubt lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and death. think about that the next time you dig into your mctasty burger or whatever they call the shit these days.

but I guess some of you tightasses need to go to leech their wifi whilst you post on an internet forum complaining about the price of their burgers.

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Re: Fast Food Prices...Fuck You

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Re: Fast Food Prices...Fuck You

subway is quality
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