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Thumbs up Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Read before being a bellend

This thread is a retrospective look at my time here. I'll look over some posts, events and members from yesteryear and attempt to celebrate their glory.

It is worth mentioning that the majority of this thread will only be enjoyed by a select few WARRIORS who have soldiered on over the years. These WARRIORS have seen many a legendary member come and go, and these WARRIORS have also seen many a fäggot get their career ended in devastating fashion. These are the elite who make this forum still worth the visit. You know who you are. I salute you. This is for you.

The Early Years
Late 06' - 07'

Sometime in December 2006, I signed up and started lurking in the Tell The Truth thread. At the time, this was not just any old thread, this was the coked-up dusty backroom where all the big shits hung out. It was like rants is today without the tossers. To the best of my memory, back then activity was dictated by the posting patterns of CaliGula and WCW, one of which would go on to become someone I'd never get on with, and the other would go on to become a legit pal o' mine. No homo on that. The other regulars were guys like AMPLine4Life, Derek, Brye, Diesel, Headliner, Role Model, Movement, Pyro (pre-faggot years), Boss Holt and DDMac. Some of you newer guys won't recognize half of those names, but the WARRIORS will. The WARRIORS never forgot them either. 2Slick too. What a badass. Homicide_187.

Here's a random page from that thread. Look at how much fun people are having. On a forum. Newcomers should note that nobody gave a fuck about gimmicks and being a celeb, it was just regular people talking shit, which is the way it should be. You don't see the golden rolling smiley thrown around as much these days, and that's because most people are too concerned about causing a scene and not about having a laugh in your spare time. Pro tip: you become a worthwhile member through not being a cunt. Apart from CaliGula, who is the exception that proves the rule.

Spartanlax ripped me off for $20 on an illegal Danielson DVD sometime around here too. One day I will kill that fucking cunt.

Overall, my activity was generally pretty low in there. I spent most my time defending MVP in the SD Threads (before I realised wrestling was a massive waste of time). I needed a way in to the cool group.

Banners for the Stars
Becoming useful

I suppose 2007 was when I started to involve myself with the other areas of the forum. I started fucking with Photoshop around this time, so I was still defending MVP in the Wrestling section (before I realized wrestling was a massive waste of time) and spamming TTT with shit like..

..RIP Monty

After this wonderful piece of shit, the TTT crew took it upon themselves to use me as their official banner maker. Thus, I made sigs for these cool cocksuckers, which untimely led me to being an accepted newcomer WITHOUT having to be a fäggot in rants. Over the next year, I made shit for WCW, CaliGula, AmpLine4Life, Diesel, Failing Satire, BIE, Bubba T, Headliner, MoveMent, Boss Holt, DDMac and many more.

Even the mighty NWO Sweet wanted a piece of me.

It was this initial design experience that made me go onto University to do it, and eventually set up as a freelance designer ( I still think my banner shop that I briefly setup after the demise of Wrestling Realm (soon) is the GOAT and as a professional, I'd like to clarify that Shady is not only a fucking prick, he's also always been a terrible designer.


Pro tip: I've only made 11 threads (now 12) in my 6 years here.

Wrestling Realm
Brand Split and Brandon

I'm not entirely sure when this went down, but I'm pretty sure it was late 08' or early 09'. The gist is that WF had become stagnant, with some of the admins at the time being pricks, some of the better members going inactive or losing interest, and an influx of shitty new members hit the servers. So, Wrestling Realm was born, made up of a lot of the better WF members. In theory it was excellent, and there was a 6 month period where this new forum was amazing. The staff was generally good (J_Merce stopped being a nob eventually, Aussie and DDMac, Cali (good mod tbh), WCW, Pyro (pre-fag days), Movement, Diesel, Aussie, Bruteshot (RIP) and myself), discussion was awesome and we had design and debate leagues filled with awesome people. Failing Satire, Role Model and some others joined the ranks of active members and everyone was happy.

The problem was we had an autistic 15 year old in charge. Enter Brandon. Deadman_15. '15'.

A retraction and restatement time, really. To tell everyone the truth for me; I've been a bad way for a good few months now, mentally, extremely. Ones who know me personally would know this, but it's been a burden on me and I have become very erratic indefinately over time because of it.

If everyone doesn't know, they should know of the former administrator - J_MeRCe - former supermoderator - CarlitosCabanaGirl. I'd like to make a public apology, to explain and retract some faulty/pissy things that were said and done at the time of they're leaving that was a majority of my fault due to my way of handling a few situations between the two badly. I won't unveal the situations that they were; that would take too much time and wouldn't be too fun to read, nor will this probably due to the hate the one CCG has received.

Man, this guy right here. He tried his hardest, but I've never seen someone fuck up something so royally. He pissed members off, created drama where it was not needed, couldn't write to save his life, made poems for girls and shared them in PMs to WCW (bad idea) and generally made an utter twat out of himself. He's the reason WR died, and the reason I came back here and now the reason this thread is being made. So, every cloud.

One of my better posts.

This was also the time DDMac was probably last seriously active. He just made great post after great post.

Memories. What a battle we had.

The Lady Killer
The Lady Killer

The Lady Killer. This guy is the man, and we're fortunate to have him here. He's like the glue between the other good members. Everything positive that happened on WR usually involved him in some way, and I just find him to be incredibly likable. Debate League legend and now WF legend. Pro homo this time. We used to run a music feature together called BANDS THAT MATTER, and I think we might bring that shit back here now the music section doesn't suck as much as it used to. I have some fond memories of myself, Mikey, Brye, Hailsabin, MoveMent, Role Model and The Lady Killer talking in the WR music thread. Ah, how I yearn for such days.

Moral of this chapter: The Lady Killer is God. Andy3000 is Jesus.

Fäggots, Bannings & Return
Phase II

I've been banned twice lifetime I believe.

The first time was for calling Headliner a 'pussy' in rants, if I recall correctly. This was an unsanctioned section, and Headliner since publicly apologized for getting out of pocket. Shots were fired in that thread, but he's a good man. His biggest blunder was not making me Graphics Mod when he had the chance though, as that section would be as good as the music one is as I get involved heavily in shit that interests me. Oh well, lesson learnt.

The second time was when I quoted that fâggot Roman King with 'LOL' after he gave a supermodel a 7/10. That guy is weird as fuck. Shots were fired on my return.

Obviously this all occurred after the downfall of Wrestling Realm.

HOWEVER. There are still quite a few fâggots that are around now and quite a few fäggots from days gone by.

Shady is a fåggot.
Lost is a fåggot.
St. Kaepernick is a fåggot.
Walls is a fåggot.
Sephiroth is a fåggot.
Nitemare is a fåggot.
DualShock is a fåggot.
David is a fåggot.
Truk83 is a fåggot.
You_heard is a fåggot.
Magic is a fåggot.
Kelly Kelly Fan is a fåggot.
BULLY is a .. I'm undecided on you. Sometimes you post good shit but then you do some fåggot shit on the sly. Jury is out.

That's the prelim list.

Top 3 Bodybags
Careers ended

1. Delfin & Cal expose Joe Kills All

Legendary bodybag and the blueprint for anyone to follow if they're looking to end the career of a fellow poster. Straight facts told with a balance of malice and humour. Will never be topped.

2. Flex ruins Hannah Hardy's (FAKE) life.

Another legendary bodybag. Concise, well laid out ruination of a fraud. Slow clap.

3. Sheik puts himself in a bodybag with a weird apology

Never back down.

Post I Found in Bookmarks and Laughed at Earlier
You'll never live it down

I didn't trust you, luckily.

Random Observations
Shit that is worth repeating

- We should hold a candle in remembrance for good users who have passed away. Bruteshot, Monty. Possible Diesel.
- Near faking his own death was a crazy but legendary stunt that deserves some recognition.
- This '12ers/13ers' shit needs to stop. There are users from 04 and shit who are legit worse than these new guys.
- Andy3000 is probably washed up on a beach with a bottle of JD right now. Pray for his safe return.
- AMP should have stopped talking shit on Twitter and made a Christmas Podcast
- David once hacked my PMs. Prick.
- That time when Austin101 claimed he'd had sex 4 times.
- Austin101 almost killing The Debate League via disrespect of Aussie and me consequently ruining him.
- 2009's best post :
- When the forum used to do good shit like :

The Present and the Future
State of the Union

Obviously, my main activity is now in the Music section and the Workout thread. Rants I like to keep active in as it seems to be where most of the shit goes down. I guess I make better contributions to the place now, and there's a good amount of discussion going on if you look for it. Different to 06, but still worthwhile.

I suppose I've come to realize over recent times that there were still a batch of good posters around, even if not all of the guys who made this place awesome in 06/07 were still regulars. Rush, HOL, Seabs, Rawlin, MrMister, Shrub/Seb/Kiz/whoever the fuck, Flex, Josh, NoGimmicksNeeded, Faraday, Hanoi Cheyenne, Kenny, McQueen, Craig, Yeah1993, Mav, Croft, Redead, Y2Raven, GhettoA, Evo, Svart, TKOK, blarg_ Jupes, Swagger. These guys are still all great. Hardcore_rko, Renegade, DubC. Even a cunt like Cat is so much better than the average that she has to be given respect. New comers like Anark, WOOLCOCK, Shepard and Cactus have potential to contribute for a long time to come. Scrilla can keep carrying rants. Headliner can keep being him. As long as WCW and The Lady Killer post, I'll post, basically.

Add those to the guys whom I've mentioned in this post from my earlier days and there's more than enough quality to shine through the sewers of shit that populate this place.

So, that's about it. I've enjoyed the majority of my time here. My stunning two post per day record looks like it will continue and I wish you all (minus the BELLENDS) a Happy New Year.

Until 12k, 12 years, i$e out. / @notedmusicuk /

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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

holy shit i remember joe kills all
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Positive mention for me (I think it was) despite DAT ARGUEMENT we had last year :jordan2

Excellent work sir, few good lulz in here.


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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

faggot is unbanned ftr
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Hot Dreams!
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Not been around for most of this, but you're definitely one of the better and most prolific posters i've come across on this Forum. Kudos to that much. Thanks for the shout.
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

I still wouldn't even know who you are if it wasn't for your sig, true story.
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Barely see you post, but most of them are good posts. Except the ones about the Dark Knight.

All Hail the King
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Seen you in the Work Out Thread and I like what you have to say. More of the same!
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

*Tear* Brilliant thread.


Need to go to the Bronx to find Mac. That jigaboo is around somewhere.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Re: Six Years, Six Thousand - Too Long, DID Read.

Am I the only one who first had internet in 2010?

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