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1 Day after the BULLYing

Well it's no secret that I'm not liked by some people because I have the audacity to treat everybody the same in rants and telling that I dislike a post or thread regardless of join date or reputation and at the same time pointing out the hypocrisy if someone does not the same. This is one of these days

Yesterday the scrilla rant about BULLY was made. It was good, entertaining and funny but there is one big problem that probably many people realized but obviously some people are afraid of the big bad wolf and haven't mentioned it.
This problem is bad timing because it was made after the WF award results and that makes you a little crybaby who is jealous because you or someone you liked hasn't won.

It was time to expose the chump? Funny that the time has come after the results, because he is a premium member for a while and you probably interacted with him before and you never had the need to expose him as a chump before? LOL
Most quotes in the OP were mocking him with comments like "LOL the loser is upset because of something on a wrestling forum, get a life bro"
But yet it started it all with people being butthurt because an user won a fictional trophy by winning an award on the internet with a little help of an internet wrestlingstable. People who cried in the WF award because they lost an internet contest because someone cheated have no right telling someone that he has no life.

This entertaining rant will forever be overshadowed by the horrible timing.
That's like making a rant about an user right after he red repped you. It can be the most entertaining rant in the world, it will be always overshadowed by the red rep
Was it too much just to wait 2-3 days so it doesn't look so obvious?

Now to the jobbers. It was just hilarious reading some noobs posting shit about BULLY in that thread because nobody of these people said a bad word about him before.
"Yeah we thought BULLY was a great guy before scrilla exposed him"
Exposed my ass. I get it if someone posts that who never clicked on the jobbers thread but the same shit what BULLY said about the jobbers thread was said weeks before when Froot and Anark talked about the screenshot of the chatbox and now everybody is surprised and shocked because scrilla posted the same shit you already know
I posted then that I don't care so why should I care now all of sudden?

And I can't imagine how many people who bashed him in that thread sucked his dick because of 10$
And the pathetic excuse was "he was always a dick but we were nice to him to get the free membership"
First of all I get it if you was a little bit nice to him because of a membership but don't act like BULLY was the worst poster in that thread because you're afraid of someone. If HEELKris offered you 10$ you would not vote for him.
As for the BULLY's COCKSLURPER name. It is childish but it fits very well because if you can buy someone for 10$ he is more than a cock slurper and deserves worse.

You accomplished nothing else but proving that you're like a 5y old kid who needs his mom or dad in the form of scrilla telling you "Your friend BULLY is a bad influence and you should not play with him" and now you're mad at him because your mom told you so.
If you have a problem with him, fine, but it's so pathetic reading all the comments of people who never had an argument with him before "seeing the light" at the same time
The real reason of all of this is the WF award so no matter who won (of the people who posted in the jobbers thread) you would be the one the rant was about and the sheeps who had never an argument with you before would call you a tool and a loser but you fail to realize it.

scrilla's rant of the year? If bitching about the WF award is rant of the year then the numerous red rep rants are threads of the months.
I'm done and I'm aware that this will lead to the total destruction of me and my account so come at me:kanye2
The End

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Re: 1 Day after the BULLYing

You take Rants WAAYYYYY too seriously
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Re: 1 Day after the BULLYing

Should have just been posted in the BULLY thread...

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Re: 1 Day after the BULLYing

If you would of seen the opening post of the rant, you would of seen why the rant was made you stupid fuck. Once again DualShock embarrasses himself.

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