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Eugenics, yes or no?

There was a time when inbred muck from the bottom of the genetic pool could make a good living by working in a coal mine or on an assembly line, or by marrying somebody who did. But those jobs are gone forever, and society has absolutely no solution for what to do with all of its millions of ignorant uncreative cattle who will never contribute to society in any way or learn the kind of demanding skills the future will be based on. Society doesn't have the money to support them, and they can't produce anything society wants. There is no market for their continued existence.

So i ask you, where do we go from here? Do you support the eugenics movement? Is Soylent Green humanity's only solution?

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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

no. my dad is a useless fuck, but i'm making something of myself. it has nothing to do with the genes brother.

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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

Errr....A part of me says yes to anything thats said to be good for humanity and must be tried but another part of me says its "unnatural" and not in a good way as if I'm getting that "shit might happen" feeling.I don't know I guess,I leave this discussion to anybody who knows more about eugenics.

Edit : I know allot of useless people with extremely useful relatives too.

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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

Less thick cunts is a good thing but it's pretty impossible to implement. / @notedmusicuk /

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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

work harder. it's that simple. unprivileged people will suffer, and that's all the more reason people who have loving families and money should try harder. My parents support me and would gladly help me out with any money issue. doesn't mean I'm a bitch who works at gamestop forever. I want a high paying job and I'll bust my ass to get there. poor people or stupid people probably can't afford any genetic help anyways.
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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

He was an alright wrestler I suppose, I just didn't care for his whole gimmick.

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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

Abortion mills like Planned Parenthood have been running a subtle eugenics movement for decades now. It's no coincidence that Planned Parenthoods are located primarily in poor and minority-dominant neighborhoods.

As for the question on eugenics... no, of course not. I'm neither selfish nor evil enough to desire the destruction of others for my own perceived benefits. Ironically, if I were to support eugenics, eugenic supporters would be my first choice of people to be deselected from the gene pool.
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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

^ So you'd do away with yourself then?
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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

Originally Posted by Skermac View Post
^ So you'd do away with yourself then?
If I supported eugenics, then yes, I'd hate myself, recognize that I'm a horrible human being, realize that the world would be better off without me (and people like me), and would support a genetic cleaning of myself and people like me.

Of course, I don't support eugenics, and never would.
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Re: Eugenics, yes or no?

The only way to keep the world from the future described in Idiocracy.

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