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DualShock 11-22-2012 11:08 AM

WF Fanclubs
What is the new cool thing here on WF?
Red rep? Join dates? Gotten to? Rustling jimmies? Insulting the mother of someone? Posting pictures of your penis?
No. The new cool thing on WF is this smiley :kurt
and also crying like a little bitch when someone disagrees with you and instead of just accepting that more than one guy disagrees with you you accuse them of being bandwaggon jumpers and members of a fan club.
This all started with the jobbers thread where some members (including me) made this stable just for fun. But some guys took it way too seriously, more seriously than the members they accused of having this gang mentality
Be it Sheamuus who became so desperate because obviously the guys in the jobbers thread were his only friends or family

Or guys like Mystical who loves to drive around at night and drinking


who was mad about the jobbers thread and wanted that this thread gets closed just like the greek God Apocalypto aka overcompensating turd


who wanted this thread closed because the big bad stable gang is so rude and unfair.

Well that would be somehow hilarious if that stayed in the jobbers thread but since the jobbers thread we have the same shit outside of the jobbers thread with non-jobbers.
Now nobody can accept defeat in a discussion and accept that someone disagrees with him. Now the only reason why somebody disagrees with you is not because you are wrong or somebody has a different opinion, it's because the others are dick riders, ass kissers, fanboys or marks of that other guy.

The first example is legendmaker2 aka the haha man aka Will Smith wannabe


Almost every post by him ends with a "haha"
Many users posted that his haha is annoying. Now instead of just thinking about that he is maybe really annoying he posts that the real reason is that there is a big stable who hate him and his great catchphrase just for fun


Originally Posted by legendmaker2 (Post 12274999)
I'm the worst pre 11er congrats that is fine by me, unlike you bro i don't give a shit, you guys made a thread cause the "cool kids" as you say made one and you didn't have anything to say. I posted in here because it was fun to talk but now it just seems most of you are like in highschool having cliques, lol pathetic.

4-5 people posted that your catchphrase sucks and that has nothing to do with a clique. Just accept it that some people think that your haha sucks and that it has nothing to do with bullying.
Nobody forces you to admit that you suck but stop acting like there is a conspiracy.

Next one is the bad ass Stone Cold Hart Break Kid


He cries about red rep and when people call him a retard for bitching about rep he calls all the guys who don't attack Rock316AE for nothing his fanboys who are scared of red rep


Originally Posted by Hart Break Kid (Post 12293553)
the ass kissing on this forum is another matter altogether... even aside of this topic... so lets no get the two confused...

Rock is a cowardly shit that hides behind red rep.
And there a lot of ass kissers on here that try to get in with the top posters to become relevant.

Rock unbelievably seems to be one of the aforementioned top posters fuck knows how... that many feel the need to tongue his ass to become a name on here...

argue it all you want but you know its true... but then maybe you will argue im wrong to be one of the in crowd ?


Originally Posted by Hart Break Kid (Post 12293445)
and the amount of kiss asses on this forum trying to blow him to be his friend and be cool is a fucking joke... why because you want no red reps from him lol fucking saddo's

How pathetic. That means I should post "yeah, Rock316AE sucks" even I had never an argument with him to prove you something?

Here we go with something recently, Anark


had an argument with Cat. Ziggler Mark responds how Cat owned him and instead of a response like "whatever", "who cares" or "fuck you" the best thing he can come up with is


Originally Posted by Anark (Post 12296300)
No she didn't, Ziggler. She claimed I took the saviour seriously, I counter claimed that no, I didn't. Most people know damn well that I didn't.

She then switched tactics and has tried claiming I'm Cerbs and that the pics I posted weren't of me. She's wrong on both counts, so to those in the know she looks pretty fucking stupid now.

I understand she has fans though, who will say anything to appease her.

and after Hailsabin posted a neutral comment that it was the same stuff back and forth Anark then posted one more response to the Ziggler comment who has the right to have a different opinion

Originally Posted by Anark (Post 12296326)
Fanboys gonna fanboy.

Wait, have you ever thought about that Ziggler can read and that after reading the majority of the posts he came to the conlusion that she destroyed you?
That means if Ziggler posted that you destroyed her that means he would be your fanboy?

Just accept that if 10 people posted that she destroyed you is because 10 guys think that you sucked.

There are even more users here I forgot to mention

This weak arguments "OMG you disagree, you must be the fanboy of that other guy" is also a perfect example of our PC society and that thread BULLY made.
Where is this "me against the world" mentality? Now it takes only 2 guys that disagree with you and you immediately start to cry "you don't like me and disagree with me. That is because you are the probably the boyfriend of the other guy and you jump on the bandwagon. There is no other explanation".

Just accept it sometimes that you failed so much that more than one user disagrees with you without any motive behind

STEVIE 11-22-2012 11:18 AM

Re: WF Fanclubs

Edit: I made it "mainstream" too :kurt

Striker 11-22-2012 11:24 AM

Re: WF Fanclubs
So you posted a post about shit posters in a long winded rant which could've been said in 5 sentences?


And you claim Sheamus doesn't have friends, but the pic he took was at a party...?

Made a rant about yourself. GTFO.

AryaAnark 11-22-2012 11:33 AM

Re: WF Fanclubs
HAHAHA, Striker just fucking destroyed you! He ass-raped you! He owned you! You're crying! You're butthurt!

Did I miss any?

Shepard 11-22-2012 12:04 PM

Re: WF Fanclubs
The only thing I got from this is people are stealing my gimmick.


Roy Mustang 11-22-2012 12:12 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Shepard (Post 12297046)
The only thing I got from this is people are stealing my gimmick.


Clearly you are too much of a nice guy

Froot 11-22-2012 12:27 PM

Re: WF Fanclubs
Far too many pictures and please stop taking line breaks when you end a sentence; such an eyesore. Also, your topic, albeit aggravating in my opinion, has been done to death. Finally, I would consider you revamp your writing style just a tad. It's just not connecting the supposed message well, and it seems uninspired, as if you wrote it thinking it was a necessity. Much of your vocabulary utilized carries on from that of the same users you appear to be directing this at.

The time spent in creation is showing, just not the effort.

Hollywood Hanoi 11-22-2012 12:31 PM

Re: WF Fanclubs
Im avoiding this whole Angle thing and sticking with :primo

barely skimmed anything passed the smiley thing, seems like more of the same old whinging about utterly irelevant bullshit that comes from anyone spending too much time in rants.
I like OPs wrestling posts but fuck man, are you really that compelled to rant about this? at least give us a giggle with a story about your girlfriend giving handjobs despite missing fingers or somesuch.

blur 11-22-2012 12:32 PM

Re: WF Fanclubs

Originally Posted by Crimson 3:16 (Post 12296888)

Edit: I made it "mainstream" too :kurt

Fuck you. I made Kurt relevant!


OP you forgot Vanilla Midgets! :vince



Evil Neville 11-22-2012 12:33 PM

Re: WF Fanclubs
Whoops, did I wander into Goons In Platoons? Aw shucks guys, it was purely by accident. You see, I was just hitting the search button for someone using the word "tranny".

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