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Rush 11-13-2012 08:40 AM

State of Affairs
A quick look through rants gives you a little taste of the general pointless drivel posted day in, day out. The main theme of rants lately is posters like Apocalypto and HeelKris vs. the masses of WF, individuals vs. the group, asskissers vs. ‘stand outs’.

Newsflash, you’re all fucking shite.

First off, the morons in the jobbers thread. Yeah well done you have people talking to you on the forum that are friendly. That doesn’t mean you have to metaphorically suck each other off in every thread. Keep it in the jobbers thread and relax. You like to claim that you aren’t asskissers and certain individuals aren’t but I’m generalising here because I can.

Let me take you back to the first thread exposing NoyK http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...tity-then.html by AndreBaker. It was in this thread that the first cracks appeared in the joyous fuckbuddery that was/is the jobbers thread. NoyK got caught out in a lie, exposed and he had a bit of a meltdown. Got defended by a few people from the jobbers thread but also had a bunch of people turn on him. One of those people who turned on him was Bully which in turn made a bunch of people follow. One of these followers was Mystical. Now Mystical pretty much threw NoyK under the bus in order to gain more acceptance from the herd.

So this fucker Mystical tries to get acceptance from these guys in the jobbers thread. All goes pretty well, he even made a nice thread in order to polish some knobs - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...n-seekers.html How cute, some quality work there, and he didn’t forget to pay attention to the balls. Bless. So what happens once you try so hard to fit in? You try and start up a forum with your friends only to get exposed as a bit of a creep, possibly faking being a woman (http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...-samantha.html) lose all the forum buddies you spent so much time grooming and become so disillusioned with everything that you decide to make a classic wrestling forum move, turn ‘heel’ and start attacking bandwagoners and asskissers praying to god people forget that it was only a few weeks beforehand that you were the one begging for acceptance.

Now then, onto the area of posters who are just craving for attention so they spend their time trying so hard to stand out from the crowd, retards like Apocalypto, HeelKris and that moron who went around posting porn in an effort to get banned and remembered, what was his name? Ah who cares, fuckwits like that are a dime a dozen around here. Anyway point remains that these posters are helping to drag down the general tone of rants by not merely casting themselves as anti-sheep but by then trying to go around and spout nonsense to try and get more attention for themselves. Its just as desperate and pathetic as the morons who brown nose everyone. Sadly Mystical has done both those things so he’s king of the morons on here. Well done. As for the rest, an earlier post I made sums up Apocalypto...


Originally Posted by Rush (Post 12236292)
How retarded are you faggot? I haven't said you're not the gay cunt in your photo. If I said you weren't that guy then I wouldn't keep saying you look like a anorexic ladyboy. Greek god? The only thing greek about you is that you like getting fucked in the ass. Must be tough being a faggot and believing the Bible, is that what you disagree on? Gay marriage? I'm sure you and your life partner must be annoyed about that. Go to your local priest, i'm sure he has some advice for you. After all he is the one who molested you at a young age and fucked your mind so far up.

He and the other musketeers in Heelkris and Mystical can do everyone a favour by either shutting the fuck up, or just moving to Saudi Arabia where their complete dearth of social skills combined with a lack of intelligence and life skills means that poor ladyboy Apocalypto will have to whore his gay ass out to get some money. Now as he’d be caught as a prostituting sodomite he’s be stoned to death. The other 2 would resort to stealing, get caught and have their hands lopped off in a double whammy as then they would be no longer able to post and lose the last remaining human contact their penises have had since their uncle gave them a reacharound in return for not telling anyone about their ‘special time’ together.

As for other regularly seen ranters, Bully for the love of god please stop overusing the word cunt. Its means I have to use other words like fuckwit or moron when I really want to mean cunt if it wasn’t whored out so fucking much. WAGG you're a nonce, get some help and GOON, we don't need a watchgroup against shit posters considering most of the posters on this site are either average or just plain garbage. Good posters will always be evident from their posts, anyone who this doesn't ring true about is either hovering around average or is a moron.

DualShock, you’re a brown nosing little scrote who is painfully unfunny. Keep your shite contained to the jobbers thread where it belongs. In fact that goes for everyone who likes to keep derailing rants with useless insults on users in order to try and fit in with the herd. The aforementioned posters are rubbish in general however they sometimes raise good points ie this rant by HeelKris - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...-captchas.html

There are some of those stupid things that are properly hard to decipher. They are fucking stupid in so many cases. Instead of commenting on the rant, everyone has to have a go at the OP to make themselves feel like a big man. Here while you’re at it, grab a sack, fill it with doorknobs and we can recreate the satirical point made in the Simpsons about vigilante mobs. Comment based on posts rather than preconceived notions about certain posters. Some posters may post utter garbage sometimes, they may post reasonable points on others, Kobra is an example of this. Mixes some undeniably stupid remarks with some good posts (Froot, you’re a teenage boy who likes a little girls show about ponies. Where the fuck did your parents go wrong?). If I had made that same rant there would be people agreeing (and certain jerks who’d say something about the size of my eyes :side:)

The amount of bandwagoning on this site is huge, there isn’t really anything wrong with that. If you’re friendly with someone you’re going to agree with their point of view but that’s no excuse to turn every single fucking rant into a bitchfest against 1 member. I’m completely guilty on that point and its annoying me as well. Can we stop seeing douchebag vs. 30 posters in every rant and keep that crap contained in the jobbers thread? Its exactly why that thread was created in the first place. Most of the posters in this section make me feel that if we were to meet in real life and they were on fire then I wouldn’t even piss on the twats to save them from being on the receiving end of life threatening burns.

Thanks to anyone who read this and the first person to say tl;dr or any variation on that can go fuck themselves with a rusty dagger.

Kiz 11-13-2012 08:44 AM

Re: State of Affairs

off to get my rusty dagger.

Karma101 11-13-2012 08:46 AM

Re: State of Affairs
Let me guess, it was much better back in your day.

Kiz 11-13-2012 08:48 AM

Re: State of Affairs
i asked headliner to shut rants down like 3 months ago because the standard had fallen so far.

cmon headliner. do the right thing.

BULLY 11-13-2012 08:48 AM

Re: State of Affairs
It's not like I say "Cunt" every five minutes and if other people are as a result of my thread. Well I can't tell people what and what not to say. I have a little influence over people on this site but I'm not a control freak.

I don't see it any different than the other phrases that are said repeatedly on this site such as "Gotten to" "Jimmies rustled" etc.

We are all mostly wrestling fans and we all like a catch phrase so it is what it is. Even if it is just one word e.g. Yes no what? :austin

I agree with the majority of the rest of what you wrote just thought I would address that which was intended for me.

Rush 11-13-2012 08:50 AM

Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by Karma101 (Post 12261520)
Let me guess, it was much better back in your day.

if it was better in my day i'd have said that you retard.

Kiz 11-13-2012 08:51 AM

Re: State of Affairs
gotten to and jimmies rustled are all overused too. and have been for some time.

Karma101 11-13-2012 08:51 AM

Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by Rush (Post 12261532)
if it was better in my day i'd have said that you retard.

That's why I was just guessing.

Patrick Bateman 11-13-2012 08:56 AM

Re: State of Affairs
The OP is fucking long.

BULLY 11-13-2012 08:58 AM

Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by RevolverSnake (Post 12261559)
The OP is fucking long.

That's what she said

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